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Our iPhone 5 does an excellent job of allowing us to connect to the internet. With a data plan in place, by simply entering the name of a website, we can easily visit websites with the help of a browser.

While Safari is the built-in browser in iPhone, may people use other browsers as well. But no matter which browser you choose, it records all the websites that you visit and saved them in the form of browser history. While the main job of this history is to make it easier for you to get to a particular website, too much of it is not good for your iPhone 5, and we should know how to clear history on iPhone 5.

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How to Clear History on iPhone 5

If you use Safari browser in your iPhone 5, follow the below mentioned steps to delete the browsing history.

  • Tap on Settings.
  • Now, scroll down and search for the Safari icon and tap on it.
  • On the next screen now you will see ‘Clear History and Website Data’ after scrolling down until the end, tap on this button.
  • As soon as you will tap on this button, a popup will ask you for confirmation.
  • Again tap on the ‘Clear History and Data’ button on this popup and the history will be deleted.

how to delete history on iphone 5


You can also block history on browser

If you don’t want the browser to save your browsing history, so you’ll not need to clear search history iPhone 5, follow these steps:

  • Tap on Settings
  • Now, scroll down and search for the Safari icon and tap on it.
  • Now you will see a ‘Do Not Track’ button with a sliding button next to it.
  • Slide this button to the left and your Safari browser will no longer track your browsing history.

How to Permanently Clear History on iPhone 5

Did someone tell you it is possible to retrieve data back even when you delete them from your iPhone? It is totally true. Or you can run iMyFone D-Back, I bet it would find out lots of data you deleted before. Not only history, there are also many other files which may contain your personal information and can eat up your iPhone storage, such as messages, photos, bookmarks, videos etc. To make sure your personal data is secure, simply delete them is not enough, as these deleted files can be recovered by recovery software, so you should erase permanently history on iPhone 5 with iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac .

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iMyFone is highly spoken of by hundreds of users and well-known media.

It has One-Click feature to erase private files from your phone, you can easily erase sensitive data, and the erased data can't be recovered by any software. Follow the below mentioned steps to use iMyFone Umate Pro to clear up your iPhone:

  1. Install the iMyFone Umate Pro in your laptop/PC.
  2. After installation is complete, connect your iPhone 5 to your laptop/PC.
  3. Once connected successfully, open iMyFone Umate Pro and choose the erase mode according to your need.
  4. Now, you can erase your iPhone history and do a lot more!

how to delete history on iphone 5


Which Modes Are Recommended to Clear History?

  • Erase Private Data: Not only the Safari history, but also Safari cache and Safari Cookies on your iPhone 5 can be found out. You can preview first and select unwanted history to permanently erase. Once done, history cannot be got access again.
  • Erase Deleted Files: I suppose you may delete some Safari history before. To make the deleted history 100% safe, you can run this mode to scan out your deleted Safari history. Once you run erasure here, history will be completely destroyed without leaving any trace of recovery.
  • 1-Click Free Up Space: Cleaning "Junk Files" here will help you to clean all useless data from your iPhone and Safari cache is inclusive. This is not permanent but will reclaim free space and boost your iPhone up. It is totally FREE.

While browser history allows you to get to your favourite sites easily, it is still very important to delete history on iPhone 5 periodically to ensure that your iPhone 5 is able to perform at its best, and to make sure that no one else is able to see your browsing history. iMyFone Umate Pro is an excellent tool to delete browser history and other junk from your iPhone 5 which allows you to manage the storage of your phone easily and quickly.


If you want to clear up or delete music on your iPhone, please try this iPhone music transfer, which can freely transfer iPhone music between iPhone and iTunes/PC, as well as delete and export iPhone music.

Why should we clear history on iPhone 5 periodically

1. To protect the iPhone 5 from storage issues

Too much of browser history will start consuming a lot of space in your iPhone. While this history only needs a very small storage space, if your iPhone is already loaded with a lot of content, even the browsing history can have an effect on the phone and can affect its performance. Thus, it is recommended that you should clear the browsing history on iPhone 5 regularly.

2. To ensure that no one else sees your browsing history

You might use your iPhone 5 for banking purposes and might visit the site of your bank through your phone. Information about every website you visit is saved in the history of your browser and thus, deleting the history on iPhone 5 periodically is the only way to make sure that no one else gets to see the websites that you visit.

3. If you are selling your iPhone 5

If you are selling your iPhone to someone, it is important to remove all your data from the phone before selling it. If you forget to delete the history of your browser, the person who purchases the phone will be able to see the websites that you visited with it.

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