Bulk Delete Multiple / All Photos from iPhone 7

iPhone 7 photos have really big size and they can eat up your iPhone storage quickly. But remove them one-by-one may be boring, imagine having thousands of pictures on your device; how many minutes will you spend scouring the phone for the folder to delete? The best approach is deleting all photos from iPhone 7 in one go with a onetime click, of course that would be after backing them up on your Mac or iCloud account. Let's check the quick methods to delete photos from iPhone 7.

1 Delete All Photos from iPhone 7 With Mac

If you are a Mac user, then it will be much easier to delete all photos from iPhone 7. You just need to follow the below steps.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone 7 to your Mac using your USB cable and launch your Image Capture.

Step 2. In the Image Capture "Device Column", you will have to select your iPhone or other iDevice that you are working on.

Step 3. After selecting your device, you will have to choose the folder where to back up your photos in your Mac. You can choose folders like Document, Desktop, Image, etc.

Step 4. Once you are done with choosing a folder, you can click on "Import All" button at the bottom right corner of your window. If you have done this, then your photos will be imported to your Mac.

delete iphone 7 photos

This process is effective in backing up and deleting your photos to regain your iPhone 7 storage space. However, if do not want to delete photos from iPhone, iMyFone Umate can help you to losslessly compress your iPhone 7 photos and reclaim over 75% of your iPhone photo storage space without deleting the photos.

2 Directly Select & Delete Multiple iPhone 7 Photos

Step 1. Open Photos app. Go to “Photos” tab at the bottom of iPhone screen.

Step 2. You’ll find that your photos are organized by Years > Collections > Moments. You should tap on “Moments”.

Step 3. In the upper right corner, click “Select”.

Step 4. Select all the photos in a Moment by tapping on "Select" button of a specific Moment .

Step 5. After selecting as many Moments as you want, go to the bottom right of the screen and click the Trash icon . All the photos you’ve selected will be deleted from your photo library.

delete iphone photos

3 One-Click to Delete All Photos from iPhone 7 with Backup

iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac can be used to select all the photos in your iPhone 7 and delete all them at once. A preview of the image will be displayed and you can make sure that you are deleting the correct photos. Another option is to compress iPhone photos, compression can reclaim about 75% of the photo space. All the original photos will be backed up on your Mac or Windows PC before compression and deletion.

And for privacy protection, the program also offers the function of permanently erasing iPhone photos, the erased sensitive photos cannot be recovered even with the most modern recovery tool. In addition, you'll also have the option to erase photos that you have deleted in normal ways in the past, as these photos can be easily recovered if not being totally erased.

The process of deleting all photos from iPhone 7 through iMyFone Umate Pro is very simple.
Step 1. Download and run the program, then connect your iOS device to computer.

Windows version Mac version

Step 2. Select "Photos" tab from the mode of "1-Click Free Up Space". If want to permanently erase iPhone 7 photos, you should choose the erasing mode: "Erase Deleted Files" and "Erase Private Data".

delete iphone photos

Step 3. Then the photo previews are arranged according to the date, you can select unwanted photos and click "Backup & Delete" or "Compress & Delete" to delete or compress them.

backup and delete photos

One of the most impressive features that you can see in iMyFone Umate Pro is its ability to make automatic backups. This backup will be saved on your computer. Therefore, you will be able to access your original images at any time you want. In other words, you will not have to worry about losing meaningful photos that you have saved on your iPhone 7.


We strongly suggest you to erase your previously deleted files. Even the photos that you have deleted long time ago may still exist on your device, taking up storage space and leading to privacy leak if they are recovered by wrong hands.

You can download the free trial version of Umate Pro and scan the deleted files for your device with the "Erase Deleted Files" mode, then preview and check if your sensitive files still exist on your iPhone.

backup and delete iphone 7 photos

With iMyFone Umate Pro, your iPhone will be at its optimum performance always, iMyFone Umate Pro would also help you to:

  • Clear up junk & temporary files, such hidden files including photo cache, cookies, app caches, crash logs, temp files, user storage files and corrupted files. iMyFone offers "Junk Files" as free trial.
  • Mass delete videos and Apps in one-click, this can recover huge space at once and it's rather time saving.
  • Erase private data, such data including personal messages, photos, videos, call histories, notes etc.
  • Erase deleted files - before selling iPhone or sending it to repair, we'd better erase sensitive files to avoid privacy leak.
  • Erase all data, all-in-one solution to permanently clean everything from your iDevice & all types of iOS files and password are supported here.
  • Erase WhatsApp data, such data including current data and previously deleted data, both WhatsApp messages and attachments can be erased completely.

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