Bulk Delete Multiple or All Photos from iPhone 7

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When your iPhone starts running out of storage space due to lots of photos, you may not want to remove them all one-by-one; the best approach to achieving this is delete all photos from iPhone in one go with a onetime click, of course that would be after backing them up on your Mac or iCloud account. Would you like to delete all your photos in one go?

Delete All Photos from iPhone 7 With Mac

If you are a Mac user, then it will be much easier to delete all photos from iPhone 7. You just need to follow the below steps.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone 7 to your Mac using your USB cable and launch your Image Capture.

Step 2. In the Image Capture "Device Column", you will have to select your iPhone or any other iDevice that you are working on.

Step 3. After have selected your device, you will have to select the folder where to backup your photos in your Mac. You can choose folders like Document, Desktop, Image, etc.

Step 4. Once you are done with choosing a folder, you can click on "Import All" button at the bottom right corner of your window. If you have done this, then your photos will be imported to your Mac.

delete iphone photos from mac

This process is effective in backing up and deleting your photos to regain your iPhone 7 storage space. However, if do not want to delete photos from iPhone, iMyfone Umate can help you to losslessly compress your iPhone 7 photos and reclaim over 75% of your iPhone photo storage space without deleting the photos.

Select & Delete Multiple Photos Directly from iPhone

Step 1. Launch the Photos app. Tap on the “Photos” tab at the bottom of your screen.

Step 2. You’ll see that the Photos tab organizes your photos by Years > Collections > Moments. Get into “Moments.”

Step 3. Tap the “Select” button in the upper right corner.

Step 4. Tapping on the Select button of a specific Moment selects all the photos in this Moment.

Step 5. After selecting as many Moments as you want, tap on the Trash icon at the bottom right of the screen. All the photos you’ve selected will be deleted from your photo library.

delete iphone photos

One-Click to Bulk Delete photos from iPhone 7 with iMyfone Umate

iMyfone Umate Pro or iMyfone Umate Pro for Mac can be used to select all the photos in your iPhone 7 and delete or compress all them at once. A preview of the image will be displayed and you can make sure that you are deleting the correct photos. Another option is to compress photos, compression can reclaim about 75% of the photo space. All the original photos will be backed up before compressing and deletion.

iMyfone Umate would also help you to clear unwanted files/videos, delete cookies, temp files, app caches and app logs. With iMyfone Umate, your iPhone will be at its optimum performance always. And for privacy protection, the program also offers the function of permanently erasing iOS data, to make all sensitive data erased cannot be recovered even with the most modern recovery tool.

The process of deleting photos through iMyfone Umate is very simple.
Step 1. Downlaod and run the program, then connect your iOS device to computer.

Windows version Mac version

Step 2. Select "Photos" tab, click "Backup & Delete" or "Compress & Delete".

delete iphone photos

Step 3. Then the photo previews are arranged according to the date, you can select unwanted photos and click "Start" to delete or compress them.

backup and delete photos

Conclusion: One of the most impressive features that you can see in iMyfone Umate is its ability to make automatic backups. This backup will be saved on your computer. Therefore, you will be able to access your original images at any time you want. In other words, you will not have to worry about losing the data that you save on your iPhone 7.

Deleting photos en mass is usually done when space is running low. Imagine having to delete all those memorable travel pictures just because you don’t have enough space. Not cool at all!

Deleting all your photos from your iPhone 7 is a rather time-consuming activity as you have to delete by moments. Imagine having thousands of pictures on your device; how many minutes will you spend scouring the phone for the folder to delete?

Circumvent the tedious procedure of searching through your phone to choose the pictures to delete when iMyfone can:

  • Backup and compress photos for you.
  • ackup and delete photos meaning they won’t be lost forever.
  • Save time and effort by completing your actions in just a few clicks.

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