How to Make More Storage on iPhone

Are you thinking that the worst events are about to happen to you because your iPhone memory is full and you definitely have to delete some files or apps to create space? Please relax your nerves and think no such thing again because we are about to share with you some important tricks on how to make more storage on iPhone or even create limitless storage capacity on your iPhone devices.

It is true that running out of storage is the worst think that can happen to your iPhone, and no insurance policy that can compensate for such bad experiences. However, What we are about to share with you is greater than any insurance premium and after following these few tricks and guides, you will marvel at the amount of space you have created on your iPhone device without deleting any useful files.

How to make more storage on iPhone

Tip 1 iCloud Storage Option

iCloud is new and it still excites every iPhone user to backup their files with Apple's iCloud services. However, the reality of things is that iCloud services also offer limited storage space (5 gigabyte) just like your iPhone device. If you exceed the storage plan, you files, photos, videos, apps, emails and other files will stop backing up. The following tips are best ways to address this problem:

  • Manage your iCloud storage plan through upgrade: Buying more backup space on iCloud in order to indirectly create more storage space on your iPhone would cost your $1.99 for 50 gig. Yea, that is huge, and you now have enough space to store your files. Here is how to get this done: Go to your Settings > iClouds > Storage > (for iOS 8 and later) > Manage Storage.
  • Create more space by deleting your less important backed up files: If you are certain that 5 gigabyte will be enough four your extra memory needs, you can manage what is backed up on your iCloud storage. By following the above listed steps, then proceeding to Backup Options to eliminate any files, videos, photos or apps you do not want to backup.


Tip 2 Backup your iPhone using iTunes

One of the solutions that address "how do you make more storage on your iPhone" is using iTunes. However, to use the iTune in backing up your files, photos, videos, music and other files, you have to turn of your iCloud. The following steps will guide you on how to backup your iPhone using iTune:

  • Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your PC using your phone's cable.
  • Step 2: Launch the iTunes.
  • Step 3: From your iTune, click on your iPhone device icon.
  • Step 4: Click on Backup.


Tip 3 Create more storage space using Flash Drive

Another solution on"how can I get more storage on my iPhone" is by utilizing a flash drive to accomplish this aim. It's time to haul that stuff out from the digital closet and into a digital garage. The following steps would guide you on how to accomplish this on different iPhone devices like iPhone 6s, 6, 5s, 5c, 4s, etc.

  • STEP 1: Connect the flash drive to your iPhone through your PC and save your extra files in the flash, then you can delete the files off your iPhone.
  • STEP 2: To access these file in your flash drive through your media hug, you need to first download and install the companion app to the media hub on your iPhone.
  • STEP 3: Run the app on your iPhone, and then connect to the media hub (flash drive reader) through your Wi-Fi. If you has already inserted your flash drive to the media hub, then you are good to view your files on your iPhone.

flash drive get more space 

Tip 4 Delete some of your Needless files

You can also get more storage space on your iPhone 4 or other versions of iPhone by deleting some of the less used apps, music files, video files, photos and email files. This may not be very convenient for you because of the file value. If you are not okay with this tip, you are advised to choose the next tip, which is actually the best amongst all the tips we have discussed so far.


Tip 5 Create more space on your iPhone using iMyFone Umate

As many iPhone users continue to complain that there is not enough storage on iPhone, iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac emerges as the people require. This wonderful software creates marvelous space for your files on your iPhone without even occupying any space on your iPhone. It can be installed on your PC and can analyze and eliminate unused data,  delete error files that could not completely download on your iPhone, clear cookies, caches, browser logs and temporary files, compress pictures losslessly, remove lage files to give you huge memory space where you can save new files and app.  What’s more, it can manage your apps, it willlist all apps to reveal the storage they occupy.You can Selectively uninstall the apps.All this can happen just in one click.
Windows version Mac version
iphone slow

Bottom Line

From our discussions so far, we have been able to fulfill our promises on giving you the best solutions to your iPhone memory needs and problems. What we have not yet mentioned is that iMyFone Umate will have the following positive effects on your phone after usage:

  1. Higher iPhone performance and greater user experience.
  2. You will experience faster browsing experience.
  3. Absence of junk files, temporary files, error logs, caches, cookies, etc.
  4. You did not break a bank to have all these.

In essence, all we are saying is that all we have listed are good ways of creating more storage memory, but iMyFone Umate is a good choice.

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