The Easiest Way to Select All Photos on iPhone 7

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"How to select all photos on iPhone 7? Should I tap on each and every photo while in the selection mode? That’s really a waste of time doing so!" -- Louyse

Most of iPhone users have this problem too! For example, select all photos for the sake of deleting them and freeing up space or sharing them to family and friends. The good thing is that you can take advantage of some useful features and tool, so as to select multiple photos on iPhone 7.

How to Select all iPhone 7 Photos

If you find that your photos are no longer needed or you just want to free up some space, then there is no need tapping all the pictures individually. Imagine if the photos run into hundreds, it becomes a nightmare.

To select all photos without having to tap individually in the photo app, all you need do is a single swipe gesture on your iPhone and all photos of your choice will be selected from your photo app easily. It is just very easy.

Do you want to select and delete all Photos on iPhone 7? It is best to use the iMyfone Umate Pro or iMyfone Umate Pro for Mac to do any of the following

Windows version Mac version

Option 1 Select and bulk delete all iPhone 7 photos with auto back up for original photos

You can use this feature especially in cases where you are dealing with too many photos. After backing up your original photos, you can delete them after selected all photos on iPhone. It is simple to do with the following few steps:

  1. Go to the category of "Photos" and click on "Backup and Delete".
  2. The photos will be previewed and arranged according to date, select all photos and click "Start" to delete them.
  3. After the process, the program shows you how much space has been released.

select all photos iphone

Option 2 Reclaim 75% of Your Phone’s space by compressing your photos

It is important to note that this method will not ruin any of your photos while keeping the quality intact. It has the capability of releasing about 75% of your photo storage space. The compressed photos remain as good as the original photos. And there is an auto backup on PC for your original photos. To select all iPhone photos and compress them, the process is also simple.

  1. Click the "Backup and Compress". When you do this, all original photos is exported to the PC just to assure you have not lost the original photos.
  2. Compression of photos start and 75% of iPhone storage is freed.
  3. After compression, you will see the reclaimed storage on your iPhone 7.

compress all photos iphone

Other Powerful Functions of Imyfone Umate to Free up your iPhone

Delete large Files: You also have the option of deleting large files even after compression with just a simple click on “Clean”. The iPhone cleaner scans your phone, identify larger files, then you select them, backup and delete them.

Remove unused apps: When you click on “Clean” the imyfone Umate lists all your apps according to their space occupation. Then select those unused app and remove them from your iPhone 7.

Clear Junk Files: The imyfone Umate will list all the junk files in your iPhone. Click on “Clean” and begin the process. After the process, you can check how much have been released.

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