Why is iOS 7 so slow and how to fix?

If your iPhone 4 with iOS 7 is slow and is making it impossible for you to use the phone then you’ve landed at the right place. If you are suffering from iOS slow problem, we have some amazing tips for you to speed up your slow iOS 7. Continue reading to know more.

Part 1. 3 Most Common Reasons Leading to iOS Slow

1. Running Out of Storage Space
The most common reason for slow iOS 7 is unavailability of storage space. You might have loaded your phone with a lot of apps, games, songs, pictures and videos, and as a result there is no space left in your phone. This has a major effect on the speed of your phone and can make your iOS 7 slow.

2. Apps Running in Background
Many apps in your iPhone keep running even after you close those apps. For instance, if you have Facebook Messenger in your iPhone, even after you exit the app, it will keep on running to

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notify you when you receive a new message. While a lot of apps are developed in a way to have least impact on the speed of your phone when they run in the background, others can have a massive effect.

3. Opening Multiple Apps Together
If you’ve opened multiple apps on your iPhone at a time, it can have a huge impact on the speed of your phone and can result in iOS 7 slow problem. Even when you exit from an app, it stays loaded into the RAM of your iPhone. Thus, when you have multiple apps loaded in your RAM, it can slow down your phone.

Part 2. iMyFone Umate- One Click to Free Up Huge iOS Space and Faster iOS

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iMyFone Umate iPhone Cleaner

One of the easiest ways to tackle the problem of slow iOS is to use iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac. The powerful software with a ‘’One Click’’ Clean feature does an excellent job of analyzing the data of your iPhone and informs you about the unnecessary data in your phone. You can then easily delete the data which is not required, like Junk Files, Temp Files, etc. to free up space in your phone and improve its speed.

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It comes with loads of other features, like compressing images without affecting their quality, creating backup of videos and other data before deleting, etc. to allow you to use the memory of your iPhone effectively and easily eliminate the problem of slow iOS 7.

To use iMyFone Umate to faster iOS, just follow the below 3 easy steps:

1. Download and run the program on your PC. And connect you device with slow iOS.

2. Click “Quick Scan” to give a deep analysis on space saving for your iDevice. The scan result will show how much space you can free up.

3. Click “Clean” to clear up your iPhone/iPad/iPod.

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Part 3. 3 Tips to Make iOS Faster

Apart from using iMyFone Umate, we have some other amazing tips to speed up your iOS 7.

1 Clearing RAM

As mentioned above, a lot of apps stay loaded in the RAM of your iPhone even when you exit from the app. This means that even if you are not using that app, it is still affecting the speed of your iPhone.

Resetting RAM is an ideal way to free the RAM from such apps. Restarting your iPhone can do this for you.

There is a shorter solution as well. Simply press and hold the power button of your iPhone until you see the bar that says "Slide to power off". Now, rather than switching off your phone, release the power switch and press and hold home button until the screen of your iPhone is back on. This will refresh the RAM of your iPhone and will improve the speed of your slow iOS.

Clearing RAM

2 Disable Animations

Parallax was launched with iOS 7. It includes cool animation and motion effects. While they surely look very attractive, they consume a lot of battery and put a good amount of strain on your phone's RAM, to slow down your phone. Thus, it is recommended that you should turn them off.

For doing this, go to Settings, then general and then Accessibility. Now, toggle "Reduce Motion" button to ON. This will reduce the animations or will stop them completely.

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3 Delete iMessages

While you might not believe, but iMessages also consume a lot of space in your phone and can result in the problem of slow iOS 7.

To check how much space our iMessages are consuming, go to Settings-> General-> Storage, and then tap on Storage and iCloud Usage. From these, tap on Manage Storage. If you see that you iMessages are taking more than 1GB of your space, start deleting them.

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Combine iMyFone Umate along with the above mentioned tips and you will be successful in eliminating the problem of iOS 7 slow to a major extent.

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