Did you send an email to someone on Yahoo and you still haven't received a reply a few weeks later? Do you think the person may have blocked you from sending him/her emails? Everyone knows how bad it feels to sit and wait for a reply from our friends. It is nice to know for sure if the person has blocked you from sending her/him emails - this way you can stop waiting and surmising whether they are mad at us. But could that be possible?

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1. How to Tell If Someone Has Blocked Your Yahoo Email?

However, unfortunately the problem is, it is impossible to tell if someone has blocked your Email on Yahoo. There is no way to be 100% sure that someone has blocked you from sending him/her emails. When you send an email to someone who has blocked you, you will not receive a failure notice confirming your message was not delivered. Besides, the email you send will never arrive to their inbox and they will not know you have sent them a message.


The only way to know is you will notice that the person doesn't reply to your email. So, if the email you send them requires a reply but you don't get a reply, it is possible that the person has blocked your email and as such the email was undelivered.

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2. You May Try Some Psychological Tactics!

So is there any way can help figure out why you have been blocked on Yahoo email? well, at the technology level the answer is a NO but we are human and we can use some psychological tactics to figure this out.

In fact the only way helps to know if a person is receiving your emails is to try and make the email sound more urgent. For example, you can try to tempt the person to open the message by using an very urgent subject like "Urgent! Reply ASAP!" Or, you can try a controversial message header that will provoke the person to open the message. If you don't receive a reply in a few weeks, then it is likely that the person may have blocked you or for some reason they are unable to receive your messages.

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3. Read Receipt? Probably It Cannot Help at All

Yes, someone may think of Read Receipt but Yahoo and web mail accounts lack a "Read Receipt" system. Unless the account is tied to a downloadable mail program like Outlook or Thunderbird, there is no way for you to know the recipient has received the message. To say the least, the person can totally ignore the read receipt if they would not like to reply your emails.

So in some way, it seems that it is meaningless to figure out whether your friends have blocked you or not when you don't get a reply – they just want to ignore your emails.

Additional Tip: How to Delete Emails from Your iPhone

Anyway, in case you just want to delete all the stupid emails you have sent to the person who has blocked you, or you are worried that your email account may have problems and may have been accessed by other people, it may be a good idea to delete all the emails on your iPhone. Click here to see how you can delete all the emails on your iPhone.

It may be impossible to tell if someone has blocked your email on Yahoo except for when they fail to reply to your messages for an extended period of time. If that happens, send them an email on an alternative account, sometimes Yahoo Mail itself may be having issues. In this case, you may need to solve the problem before your message can be sent.