With a USB-OTG adapter?

it is easy to transfer WhatsApp data across platforms two methods for you to connect your Android and iPhone devices together. One is USB-OTG Adapter, the other is iTransor desktop toolkit. Both ways will help you transfer WhatsApp data between two devices faster and safer than wireless transfer.

With a USB-OTG adapter?

Without a USB-OTG adapter? Transfer WhatsApp Data with iTransor for WhatsApp Desktop Software

If you do not have an OTG adapter, use iTransor for WhatsApp desktop toolkit to connect your Android device and iPhone to computer.

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Transfer all data in your WhatsApp

iTransor Go WhatsApp transfer app can transfer not only chat history, but also WhatsApp videos, images, emoji, docs, and audio that everything is important to your iPhone/Android device.

  • Texts



  • Photos



  • Audios



  • Videos



  • Files



  • Emojis



  • Location



  • GIF



  • Voice



How iTransor Go WhatsApp Transfer Works

iTransor Go WhatsApp Transfer App can transfer WhatsApp from old phone to new phone in 4 steps.

From Android to iPhone

From Android to iPhone Step1

step 1

From Android to iPhone Step2

step 2

From Android to iPhone Step3

step 3

From Android to iPhone Step4

step 4

From iPhone to Android Step1

step 1

From iPhone to Android Step2

step 2

From iPhone to Android Step3

step 3

From iPhone to Android Step4

step 4

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FAQS about iTransor Go WhatsApp Transfer App
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FAQS about iTransor Go WhatsApp Transfer App
  • What is an OTG adapter? What if I don't have one?

    The OTG adapter can help you connect USB A cable to your phone or tablet through the Micro USB or USB-C charging port. You may have got one when you buy your smartphone, and you can also purchase it on Amazon by yourself if it is missing. Or you can try iTransor for WhatsApp desktop toolkit to connect your devices to the computer with a USB cable.

  • What If My SD card says insufficient storage space when transferring WhatsApp?

    You can try to clear space on the SD card or delete unuseful attachments. If you still cannot transfer WhatsApp backup, please install and use iTransor for WhatsApp (desktop version).

  • What are the differences between iTransor Go and iTransor for WhatsApp desktop software

    Firstly, iTransor Go is an Android app installed on your smartphone, while iTransor for WhatsApp (desktop version) is a desktop software installed on a Windows or Mac computer. Secondly, apart from transferring WhatsApp from Android to iPhone like iTransor Go, iTransor for WhatsApp (desktop version) enables you to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android, Android to Android, and iPhone to iPhone. Lastly, iTransor for WhatsApp (desktop version) can help you backup WhatsApp data to the computer and restore WhatsApp from google drive.

  • Not support MDM devices

    As a third party tool, the sync might malfunction in some devices equipped with MDM(Mobile Device Manager Plus).

  • How long does it take to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone?

    Generally speaking, the transfer speed depends on the size of WhatsApp backup file and Internet environment. The larger the backup file, the slower the transfer speed. iTransor Go WhatsApp Transfer app has optimized the transfer speed, which enables you to transfer without any worries.

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