WhatsApp is a chat application that is being used all over the world because of its diversity on multiple operating systems. You can use it to chat with anyone around the world for free.

WhatsApp messages can get deleted due to various reasons. Most of the time, you want to recover those messages because you cannot afford to lose them.

Undoubtedly, WhatsApp recovery is possible, and there are various ways to do it. In this article, we will discuss how you can use a professional WhatsApp recovery tool to restore deleted WhatsApp messages.

Part 1. Can Forensic Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages?

Yes. Forensics has the authority to recover and access deleted WhatsApp messages for any investigation. With the help of the proper tool, it is very easy for forensics to recover deleted WhatsApp messages.

On an Android device, any deleted content remains unchanged and can be recovered with the help of a powerful recovery tool. However, not everyone can get access to these tools. iMyFone has made it easy for users to recover their deleted messages. You can use the iMyFone ChatsBack App for Android.

Forensics normally uses two ways of data recovery. One is chip-level recovery, and the other is software-level recovery. Software-level recovery allows you to get your hand on all of the data stored on the Android device with the proper tools. These tools are not free. If you buy the premium tools like iMyFone ChatsBack, then you can easily recover deleted WhatsApp Messages.

Part 2. How to Restore and Analyze Forensic WhatsApp Messages on Android Phone

If you want to restore and analyze forensic WhatsApp messages on an Android phone, then you can use iMyFone ChatsBack. It is a WhatsApp chat recovery tool that you can use on your Android device. It allows you to restore WhatsApp messages no matter how you lost, and it has a very high success rate of recovery. iMyFone ChatsBack has different price plans according to the needs of the user.

Step 1: Download the iMyFone ChatsBack and install it on your Windows or Mac. Then connect your Android phone to your PC. Launch the application. Hit the “Next” button.

 connect your Android phone to PC

Step 2: As it is a third-party app, you need to grant the permission to verify your phone number. After verification, iMyFone ChatsBack will analyze your data. You can then go straight to Preview and Recover Data after that.

imyfone chatsback data recovery

Step 3: Now, iMyFone ChatsBack will start to recover your deleted WhatsApp messages. You can easily read them through the app. However, as of now, you can see chats, photos, videos, and documents with this tool. Download the tool and start the recovery of your deleted WhatsApp messages.

imyfone chatsback recover chat

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Part 3. FAQs

1 Can WhatsApp Web Retrieve WhatsApp Forensics Data?

No. WhatsApp Web is nothing but an extension of WhatsApp on computers. It doesn’t have any additional features. What you can do on your WhatsApp application on your phone, you can do it on WhatsApp Web. It has no additional privileges and cannot help you retrieve WhatsApp Forensics data. But if you download any other WhatsApp Recovery tool, then you can recover WhatsApp deleted data.

2 Can Forensic Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages on iPhone?

Yes. Forensics can recover deleted WhatsApp messages on iPhone, just like on Android. However, iMyFone ChatsBack has a desktop version compatible with Windows and macOS. With this tool, you forensic can recover deleted WhatsApp messages on your iPhone. But there is no dedicated phone application for iOS users.

3 Can WhatsApp Chat History Be Tracked?

The answer to this question is highly controversial. It is because it depends on the security and vulnerability of your device and not on the service provider. However, some tech companies, agencies, and forensics could monitor your regular phone calls and messages. However, WhatsApp calls and messages are encrypted end-to-end, they cannot be tracked or intercepted. So, in simple words, tracking chat history on WhatsApp is close to impossible.


In this article, we have discussed how forensics can recover deleted WhatsApp messages with proper forensic tools. iMyFone ChatsBack is a tool that you can use to recover your deleted WhatsApp messages in no time. It allows you to see all the deleted chats, photos, videos, and documents on your WhatsApp.

iMyFone ChatsBack has a desktop file you can download on your PC and install it. It has a very simple interface that performs all the recovery by itself. It has different price plans that you can buy according to your need and requirement. It has a very high success rate of recovery and allows you to read WhatsApp messages without the sender knowing.

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