We know that WhatsApp has introduced a status feature where people can share pictures and videos just like stories for 24 hours. It is a concept of other social media platforms and has been introduced to WhatsApp. If any user wants to save WhatsApp statuses, whether photos or videos, then we have a solution. Read this article to know how to save WhatsApp status.

save whatsapp status

Part 1. How to Save Photos and Videos from WhatsApp Status [Android & iOS]

Some tools allow the user to save photos and videos from WhatsApp status but are limited to one operating system. In this part of the article, we will discuss such a diverse tool and work for both Android and iOS. iMyFone iTransor for WhatsApp is a third-party WhatsApp data transfer tool. With this tool, anyone can transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iOS and vice versa. Moreover, the user can create a backup on the computer.

The WhatsApp management tool enables the user to restore WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to iPhone as well. This tool has a 100% success rate and directly transfers the data without the intervention of any other tool. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use. It is a secure application, and the user can use it without any reluctance.


  • It can transfer data from iOS to Android and from Android to iOS.
  • It allows the user to create a backup of WhatsApp data.
  • It also allows users to export WhatsApp data in different formats.
  • Enables the user to preview the data before exporting.
  • It has a 100% data transfer success rate.

Step 1.On your computer, download and install iMyFone iTransor. Open the tool. As we want to save photos and videos from WhatsApp status, click on Back Up WhatsApp on Device. Connect your phone to the computer and wait for it to get detected.

connect your device

Step 2.Click on Back Up. For iOS users, the tool will do all the work. But for Android users, the tool will install customized WhatsApp to access your data. Follow the instructions on the screen.

backing up WhatsApp on your device to computer

Step 3.The user will be notified when the backup is complete. When the backup is complete, the user can export this backup to the computer, and it will include all the WhatsApp statuses.

successful WhatsApp backup

Part 2. How to Save WhatsApp Status Photos and Videos on Android with File Manager

As we have discussed how to save WhatsApp status photos and videos using a computer, let us now take a look at how we can do it without any tool. This method is pretty simple. The user just needs to have a good file explorer to navigate through folders. Here are the steps to save WhatsApp status photos and videos on Android with File Manager.

Step 1. To be able to save WhatsApp status, whether photos or videos, the user first need to view the WhatsApp status. Once the WhatsApp statuses are viewed, they will appear in File Manager.

Step 2. After viewing WhatsApp status, open File Manager and navigate to the WhatsApp folder. Click on the Media folders. Here, you will see different folders, including photos, audio, videos, and more. But you won't see the status folder. It is because it is hidden.

find whatsapp media folder

Step 3. Click on the three dots in the top right corner and click on Show hidden folders. A .statuses folder will appear in the location. Open it, and you will see all the WhatsApp photos and videos in this folder that you viewed.

show hidden folders

Step 4. Tap and hold on to the photos and videos that you want to save on your Android device. Tap on More click on Copy and paste it where you want to save it on your phone.

find whatsapp statuses folder

Part 3. How to Save WhatsApp Status on iPhone with Status Saver App

As there is a method to save WhatsApp status on Android, in the same way, we have another method in which the user can save WhatsApp status on iPhone. But with iOS, the user will need to install an app from the AppStore. This app is called Status Saver for WhatsApp. Let us see how we can download and save WhatsApp status on iPhone with Status Saver app.

Step 1. For this app to work, the user needs to have two iPhones. Status Saver App will scan the QR Code from WhatsApp, and all the statuses will appear on the other iPhone with this app.

Step 2. Open WhatsApp on your phone, and go to Settings > Linked Devices > Link A Device. Scan the QR Code on the other phone with the Status Saver app.

link devices in whatsapp

Step 3. You will be logged in to your WhatsApp Account. Here, all the statuses will appear. To download any status, simply open the status and click on the share button. Then tap on Save Video or Save Image to download it on your phone.

Step 4. You can then send the files using Airdrop to the other iPhone.


If the user wants to download or save the WhatsApp status, then he cannot do it with the default WhatsApp app. To save the status, the user needs to follow certain steps. We have discussed a few methods that users can follow, but the best and most effective method is to use iMyFone iTransor for WhatsApp. It is a third-party WhatsApp recovery tool that users can download for free. It is compatible with both iOS and Android.