How to Backup and Restore WhatsApp Chats Via Email

Are you searching for the steps to take before you import WhatsApp chat from email? Well, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Many are reluctant to use WhatsApp’s inbuilt backup feature because of its tendency to glitch at the most infuriating moments. Who among us hasn’t spent an agonizing eternity as the backup stood at 99%, only to have it fail the next second?

It is imperative to use another backup method, just in case the first one doesn’t play out so well. Thankfully, you don’t lack for options here! You can use the WhatsApp backup email method, which involves sending a .txt file containing your WhatsApp conversations to your email or you can make use of reliable third-party apps like iTransor For WhatsApp to backup your chats in a seamless manner.

whatsapp email chat backup and restore

The former can involve a few complicated steps and is a time-consuming process. It is also an option of the last resort since it usually doesn’t allow you to view these messages on other smartphones. All you can do is go through the chat backup, which is presented in an unattractive design.

As users may need their data to be accessible across operating systems (If they’re looking to shift from Android to iOS or vice-versa), they may find the official WhatsApp backup method to be insufficient for their needs. The email backup option presents them with a viable alternative to this.

Let’s take a look at how you can use the email chat WhatsApp option to backup your chats in a reliable manner. This way, you can save all the beautiful messages you’ve exchanged with the love of your life without any risk at all!

Why Do You Need to Email WhatsApp Chats For Backup Purposes?

While there are several reasons why email is preferable, we’re going to stick to the top three reasons why email is better:

Reason 1. iCloud/Google Drive will erase your previous chat backup.

itunes and icloud will erase whatsapp backup

Yep, that’s a major downer for most people. We often unwittingly delete important images, videos or conversations from our WhatsApp chat, which we regret later on. Luckily, if you had already backed them up to your Google Cloud/iCloud account, you can get them back.

It is also worth mentioning that iCloud comes with a data cap that does not allow you to store images or videos if you’ve exceeded your limit. People who don’t want to pay for increased iCloud storage may find themselves stuck in a logjam this way.

However, Google Cloud/iCloud comes with a catch – A new backup erases every trace of the previous backup. That means, if you’re looking to back up something new, but have erased a few conversations off your phone, those will be lost forever. Now that doesn’t sound so good, does it?

Reason 2. Transfer your backup from iOS to Android or Android to iOS.

transfer whatsapp iphone to android

WhatsApp backups are dependent on the OS of your smartphone. That means, there is no official method for transferring your chats, images, and videos from your iOS device to your new Android smartphone. This can be a huge problem for people who are fans of upgrading their tech every once in a while, as they have no choice but to get locked into a single ecosystem.

However, since an email backup generates a .txt and a .zip file, they can be accessed on any device, as long as you have an application capable of accessing them. The operating system used is irrelevant here.

Reason 3. You can share your email backup to other people.

share whatsapp chat to people

Sometimes, it may be possible that you delete your conversation with others by accident without having backed up your data via the official or the email method. It could also be that you’ve lost your phone or damaged it in an irreparable manner. In such cases, it is impossible to retrieve your chat logs.

However, you can always ask the other party to send you a copy of their chat messages and save it for your personal use. By following the steps given below and entering your email address instead of theirs, they can send you a copy of your WhatsApp conversation with them.

How Can I Export My WhatsApp Conversations via Email?

The chat export procedure for Android and iOS operating systems are different. However, for both methods, you’ll need a working email address to which you can send the WhatsApp conversation chat. It’s a simple process that will allow you to backup all your chats in a matter of minutes. You will be sent a mail containing your WhatsApp chat in the form of a .txt file and a .zip file, which contains your texts and your media respectively.

Here, we’ve provided information about how to send WhatsApp message to email.

How to Send WhatsApp Conversations to Email from an iOS Device

  1. Launch the WhatsApp application on your iPhone. Select the conversation you wish to email. Tap the chat name to input ‘Contact Info’ details.
  2. Select ‘Export Chat’ and tap the ‘Mail’ option next. You can choose to send the backup either ‘Without Media’ or with media by selecting the ‘Attach Media’ option.

  3. export whatsapp chat email iphone

  4. Input the email address you want the chat backup to be sent to and tap the ‘Send’ option. You’ll shortly receive an email on this ID, with the chat details attached to it.

  5. email whatsapp chats iphone

Send WhatsApp Conversations to Email from an Android Device

  1. Launch the WhatsApp application on your phone. Tap the three dots present on the screen’s top right corner. Select ‘Chats’, then click on ‘Chat History’. You can then select the ‘Email Chat’ option.
  2. You will be presented with a list of conversations. Select the ones that you’d like to backup via email and whether you would like them to be sent without media or with media.
  3. Proceed to input your email address and click the ‘Send’ button. Once you’ve sent the chats, you can go through your mailbox to download the chat backup.

  4. how to email whatsapp chat android device

How Can I Import WhatsApp Chat History Via Email?

While this may be possible, it is a highly complicated affair that requires expert knowledge and is almost impossible for the common man. The reason is that when your chat is exported as an attachment to an email, two attachments are made – A .txt file containing your messages and a .zip file containing your media content.

restore whatsapp chats from email backup

The attachments are accessible only in a bland, skeletal format owing to the fact that it’s a .txt file. It is difficult to reintegrate them back into a format that is readable by the WhatsApp application in your new device. As a result, most of you have no choice but to lose these messages forever. They will only ever be accessible in this bland format.

The email method was only intended to serve as a last-resort method for people looking for a backup method other than the official WhatsApp chat backup method.

Backup/Transfer your WhatsApp Chats in a More Effective Way

This is where applications like iTransor for WhatsApp can help you out. Here, there are no cumbersome steps to be followed. You can get the transfer completed in a matter of minutes without needing to pause your life. As a matter of fact, it works even between various operating systems in a seamless manner, which is why it is highly preferred by people looking to back up their chats.

iTransor is a safe and reliable third-party application, which you can use with nary a worry. There are a number of unscrupulous applications available on the Internet, which may spoil your entire experience. However, iTransor For WhatsApp is a reputable software application that has been designed by professionals to provide you with a bug-free experience.

itransor for whatsapp

Why Should You Use iTransor for WhatsApp?

  • You can back up your entire data on WhatsApp to your Mac or PC using the iTransor for WhatsApp application without needing to pay a single penny.
  • The iTransor for WhatsApp application is compatible with all versions of Android and iOS. Support is available for all the latest models from both platforms, which makes the transfer a hassle-free experience.
  • The transfer process itself is a thing of beauty. No longer do you have to spend time worrying over every single step that you take – iTransor for WhatsApp uses a brilliant UI and will take care of the entire process.
  • All kinds of media can be sent via the iTransor for WhatsApp application. This means that you can send any photo, video, message and other types of attachments without needing to be worried about potential data loss.
  • All backups are maintained separately aboard your PC or Mac. This way, you can always restore your WhatsApp data, if you were to inadvertently delete any crucial chats.

How to Use iTransor For WhatsApp?

There is no learning curve for operating this app. It consists of three simple steps, which can be done by any smartphone user.

  1. Launch the iTransor for WhatsApp application on your PC. Select the ‘Transfer WhatsApp Between Devices’ option on the left corner.

  2. windows version    Mac version

  3. Connect your devices and select the source and destination smartphones. The names of the devices will be displayed, thus enabling you to distinguish between the two.

  4. connect devices itransor for whatsapp transfer

  5. Click on ‘Transfer’, which will warn you with a prompt that the data on the destination smartphone’s WhatsApp application is about to be rewritten. We recommend that you implement a backup ahead of time to ensure that you don’t miss out on any crucial data.

  6. start transfer itransor for whatsapp

  7. Once you’ve put things into motion, wait until the transfer process is complete. After the transfer is completed, you can view your WhatsApp messages on your destination smartphone.

  8. transfer complete itransor for whatsapp

Now, that wasn’t so hard, was it?


The process to send WhatsApp message to email is an easy one. However, this method comes with a list of significant drawbacks as well, which is why it is better to use a third-party application like iTransor For WhatsApp to help you out here. It utilizes a fast and easy process, which ensures that you can back up your chats without any issues at all.

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