How to Backup WhatsApp on iPhone to Google Drive Flexibly (iOS 13 Supported)

Google Drive offers one of the best ways to back up your data. It is easily accessible since it comes with every Google account and offers huge storage space for free, allowing you to back up even larger files like photos and videos. But while Google Drive works seamlessly with the Android device, it may not work so easily with iOS devices. This is because iOS devices will primarily use iCloud as a backup option and the two solutions are vastly different.

Still, most iPhone users would like to be able to backup WhatsApp messages to Google Drive. This is especially true if you envision switching to Android. In this article, we make it possible for you to backup iPhone WhatsApp data to Google Drive.

Can I Backup WhatsApp on iPhone to Google Drive Directly?

There is currently no way to backup WhatsApp messages on your iPhone to Google Drive directly.

Google Drive can only be used to back up photos, contacts, and calendar on your iPhone. The photos can be backed up in Google Photos, the Contacts in Google Contacts and Calendar in Google Calendar. WhatsApp for iPhone only offers you the option to backup messages to iCloud.

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Although there is no official way to back up WhatsApp on iPhone directly to Google Drive, we have found a flexible and alternated way which allows you to transfer WhatsApp messages on iPhone to Android firstly, and then back up the transferred data on your Android to Google Drive.

Backup WhatsApp on iPhone to Google Drive Flexibly

iTransor WhatsApp Transfer is designed to make it easier for you to move WhatsApp data between devices regardless of the operating system. This means that you can move WhatsApp data between iPhone and Android at some clicks. With this tool you can backup iPhone WhatsApp messages to Google Drive by first transferring the WhatsApp from your iPhone to an Android device, and then backup the data on your Android device to Google Drive easily.

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Step 1: Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android Using iTransor

Here’s how you can use iMyfone iTransor to transfer WhatsApp data from iPhone to Android;

Step 1: Install iTransor on to your computer and then launch the program.  On the main window, choose “Transfer WhatsApp between Devices.” Connect both the iPhone and Android device to the computer and then wait for the program to detect the device.

>Directly Restore from Android to iPhone

Step 2: Once both the devices are detected, click on “Transfer” to begin the process. The transfer process will begin immediately and continue until all the WhatsApp data on the iPhone has been transferred to the Android device. Keep the devices connected until the process is complete.

transfer WhatsApp from android to android finished

Step 2: Backup WhatsApp Messages from Android to Google Drive

Now that your iPhone’s WhatsApp messages are in your Android device, you can easily back them up to Google Drive. To ensure that the process goes smoothly, you must make sure that you have Google account that is activated on your Android device, Google Play Services must also be installed on the device and you must have adequate storage space on the device to create the backup.

With those requirements met, follow these simple steps to create a WhatsApp Google Drive backup on your Android device;

Step 1: Open the WhatsApp app on your Android device, tap on Menu (the three dots) > Settings > Chats > Chat Backup to begin the process.

Step 2: Tap on “Backup to Google Drive” and then choose a backup frequency.

Step 3: Select the Google account you want to use. If you are yet to connect a Google account to WhatsApp, tap “Add account” and log in using your login credentials.

Step 4: Tap “Back up over” to choose whether you want to use Wi-Fi or Cellular network and the backup process will begin. Keep the device connected to the network until the process is complete.

Backup WhatsApp Messages from Android to Google Drive


There is no official way to backup iPhone WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Google Drive. The main reason is that the two systems are vastly different in the way the read data. This is also the primary reason why you may not be able to use WhatsApp from iOS on Android. A tool like iTransor for WhatsApp makes the process that much easier, allowing you to move data from iPhone to Android where you can then back up to Google Drive. It may even be more helpful by allowing you to back up WhatsApp to PC where you can easily restore later when you need to. Try iTransor for WhatsApp for free to see how it works for you.

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