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Monster Hunter Now presents an augmented reality RPG experience crafted by Niantic. Within this immersive world, you'll venture through your own neighborhood, embarking on thrilling hunts for iconic monsters from the renowned Monster Hunter franchise.

Although this iteration of the franchise is designed to be more accessible to newcomers, there's still a considerable learning curve for those stepping into the shoes of a monster hunter for the first time.

monster hunter now tips and tricks

The game doesn't provide the most comprehensive guidance, leaving many players grappling with its intricacies. To assist those in need, we've compiled a set of valuable Monster Hunter Now tips and tricks.

These insights aim to provide struggling players with the knowledge they require for a successful start in the world of Monster Hunter Now. In the following sections, we'll delve into some essential advice tailored specifically for beginners, equipping them with the best practices to kick off their monster-hunting journey on the right foot.

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In this article:

Part 1: What You Should Know about Monster Hunter Now

Monster Hunter Now is an augmented reality RPG published by Niantic, Inc., the creators behind the immensely popular Pokémon GO. In this thrilling game, players have the opportunity to defeat a wide range of monsters, amass diverse loot, and form parties with fellow players, all based on their real-time, real-world location.

monster hunter now niantic capcom

By harnessing advanced geolocation technology, adventurers can embark on quests to track and battle colossal monsters worldwide, progressively enhancing their weaponry and armor to face even more formidable challenges. Monster Hunter Now is conveniently accessible for download on both the App Store and Play Store.

Part 2: Objectives for Beginners in Monster Hunter Now

Uncertain about where to begin with your adventures in Monster Hunter Now? No need to fret! Here are the top three crucial tasks that should be your priority as a newcomer in the game.

1 Focus on Clearing Quests

To swiftly advance your character in Monster Hunter Now, prioritizing character ranking is paramount from the outset. You can accumulate Hunter Rank Points (HRP) by engaging in monster hunts or by successfully completing quests and special quests.

monster hunter now get start

The most effective method is to focus on quest completion, as it not only rewards you with HRP but also grants you substantial amounts of Zennies and essential consumable items. Additionally, quest completion can yield rare materials, making it a highly rewarding endeavor.

Your initial objective should be to attain Hunter Rank 11 as quickly as possible. This milestone unlocks access to higher-tier monsters and makes you eligible for the referral code reward, which becomes available at Hunter Rank 6.

2 Collect Materials for Weapon & Armor Upgrades

To level up your weapons and armor, collecting materials is essential. You can obtain these materials as rewards from quests or by hunting specific monsters known for dropping relevant materials.

monster hunter now weapon upgrade

Weapon Overboosts offer unique upgrades and skills at various grades:

  • Grade 2: Special Skill Unlocked
  • Grade 4: Equipment Skill Unlocked
  • Grade 8: Equipment Skill Unlocked

Armor Sets, on the other hand, unlock Special Skills at varying levels based on the set. Regularly upgrading both weapons and armor is highly recommended. This enhances your ability to face stronger monsters, resulting in better loot and increased Hunter Rank Points (HRP) per hunt.

3 Find Your Prefered Playstyle

The ultimate priority in the game is discovering your preferred playstyle. While you'll accumulate more resources as you progress, early on, deciding on your primary weapon type and armor set is vital. This choice enables you to conserve Zennies and materials

monster hunter now play style

It's crucial to channel your investments into equipment that aligns with your preferred playstyle. Doing so concentrates your resources on one weapon, preventing them from becoming spread too thin and potentially hindering your long-term progress.



Concentrating your resources on one or, at most, two weapons is advantageous for new players. However, consider diversifying your armor investments to gain protection against various attack types.

Part 3: Guide of Monster Hunter Now

1 Monsters List: Locations , Materials They Drop & Weakness

Great Jagras

Locations: Forest, Desert, Swamp

Weaknesses: Fire/Poison

mhn great jagras

  • 1 Star - Great Jagras Scale, Great Jagras Hide, Great Jagras Claw
  • 2 Star - Great Jagras Mane, Great Jagras Scale, Great Jagras Hide, Great Jagras Claw
  • 3 Star - Great Jagras Mane, Great Jagras Scale, Great Jagras Hide, Great Jagras Claw


Locations: Forest, Desert, Swamp

Weaknesses: Water

mhn kulu ya ku

  • 1 Star - Kulu-Ya-Ku Scale, Kulu-Ya-Ku Hide, Kulu-Ya-Ku Beak
  • 2 Star - Kulu-Ya-Ku Scale, Kulu-Ya-Ku Hide, Kulu-Ya-Ku Beak, Kulu-Ya-Ku Plume
  • 3 Star - Kulu-Ya-Ku Scale, Kulu-Ya-Ku Hide, Kulu-Ya-Ku Beak, Kulu-Ya-Ku Plume
  • 4 Star - Kulu-Ya-Ku Primescale, Kulu-Ya-Ku Scale, Kulu-Ya-Ku Hide, Kulu-Ya-Ku Beak, Kulu-Ya-Ku Plume


Locations: Forest, Desert, Swamp

Element: Poison

Weaknesses: Thunder

mhn Pukei Pukei

  • 1 Star - Pukei-Pukei Scale, Pukei-Pukei Shell, Pukei-Pukei Tail
  • 2 Star - Pukei-Pukei Scale, Pukei-Pukei Shell, Pukei-Pukei Tail, Pukei-Pukei Sac
  • 3 Star - Pukei-Pukei Scale, Pukei-Pukei Shell, Pukei-Pukei Tail, Pukei-Pukei Sac
  • 4 Star - Pukei-Pukei Scale, Pukei-Pukei Shell, Pukei-Pukei Tail, Pukei-Pukei Sac, Pukei-Pukei Quill


Locations: Desert, Swamp

Element: Water

Weaknesses: Fire/Poison

mhn barroth

  • 1 Star - Barroth Shell, Barroth Claw, Barroth Tail
  • 2 Star - Barroth Shell, Barroth Claw, Barroth Tail, Barroth Scalp
  • 3 Star - Barroth Shell, Barroth Claw, Barroth Tail, Barroth Scalp
  • 4 Star - Barroth Shell, Barroth Claw, Barroth Tail, Barroth Scalp, Barroth Ridge


Locations: Forest, Swamp

Element: Thunder

Weaknesses: Water/Poison

mhn Tobi Kadachi

  • 2 Star - Tobi Kadachi Scale, Tobi Kadachi Claw, Tobi Kadachi Pelt, Tobi Kadachi Membrane
  • 3 Star - Tobi Kadachi Scale, Tobi Kadachi Claw, Tobi Kadachi Pelt, Tobi Kadachi Membrane
  • 4 Star - Tobi Kadachi Scale, Tobi Kadachi Claw, Tobi Kadachi Pelt, Tobi Kadachi Membrane, Tobi Kadachi Primescale

Great Girros

Locations: Forest, Swamp

Element: Paralysis

Weaknesses: Water

mhn Great girros

  • 2 Star - Great Girros Scale, Great Girros Fang, Great Girros Tail, Great Girros Hood
  • 3 Star - Great Girros Scale, Great Girros Fang, Great Girros Tail, Great Girros Hood
  • 4 Star - Great Girros Scale, Great Girros Fang, Great Girros Tail, Great Girros Hood, Great Girros Primescale


Locations: Desert, Swamp

Weaknesses: Fire

mhn Paolumu

  • 3 Star - Paoluma Scale, Paoluma Pelt, Paoluma Webbing, Paoluma Shell
  • 4 Star - Paoluma Scale, Paoluma Pelt, Paoluma Webbing, Paoluma Shell, Paoluma Primescale


Locations: Swamp

Element: Water

Weaknesses: Thunder

mhn Jyuratodus

  • 3 Star - Jyuratodus Shell, Jyuratodus Scale, Jyuratodus Fang, Jyuratodus Fin


Locations: Forest, Desert

Element: Fire

Weaknesses: Water

mhn Anjanath

  • 4 Star - Anjanath Scale, Anjanath Fang, Tail, Anjanath Nosebone, Anjanath Primescale


Locations: Forest, Desert

Element: Fire, Poison

Weaknesses: Thunder, Dragon

mhn Rathian

  • 4 Star - Rathian Scale, Rathian Shell, Rathian Webbing, Rathian Spike, Rathian Primescale


Locations: Forest, Desert

Element: Ice

Weaknesses: Thunder, Fire, Poison

mhn legiana

  • 4 Star - Legiana Hide, Legiana Tail Webbing, Legiana Plate, Legiana Gem


Locations: Forest

Element: Fire, Poison

Weaknesses: Thunder, Dragon

mhn Rathalos

  • 3 Star - Rathalos Shard, Large Wyvern Tear IconLarge Wyvern Tear, Rathalos Cortex, Wingripper IconRath Wingripper


Locations: Wildspire Waste

Element: Water, Ice

Weaknesses: Fire

mhn Diablos

  • 4 Star - Diablos Ridge, Diablos Tailcase, Diablos Marrow, Diablos Fang, Diablos Shell

2 Habitats

In Monster Hunter Now, there are three distinct Habitats:

Weapon Overboosts offer unique upgrades and skills at various grades:

  • Desert
  • Swamp
  • Forest

mhn Habitats

You can easily identify your current Habitat by checking the icon in the upper-left corner of your screen while walking. Each Habitat offers unique monsters and loot exclusively found within that area.

It's essential to monitor your current Habitat to access specific loot and hunt desired monsters. While less critical in the early game, transitioning between Habitats becomes vital for obtaining Habitat-exclusive loot and ensuring smooth late-game progression.

3 Weapons

Tier Weapon
S Long Sword, Hammer
A Great Sword, Bow
B Sword & Shield, Light Bowgun

Tier - S

Long Sword: A swift weapon, grows in power with each strike, ideal for severing monster parts. It charges a spirit gauge for increased damage and offers the 'spirit helm breaker' aerial attack.

mhn Long Sword

Hammer: If patience and agility aren't your style, the hammer is your go-to. It's a massive weapon that, when it connects, sends monsters packing. Use the 'spinning bludgeon' skill for a whirlwind of power before a crushing blow.

mhn Hammer

Tier - A

Great Sword: The great sword is a formidable weapon for those with mastered skills. It deals massive damage to large creatures but lacks a shield. Timing and evasion are key. Charge attacks carefully and execute the 'true charged slash' for colossal damage.

Great Sword

Bow: The bow combines precision and range, offering medium-range attacks that can be charged for maximum damage. Skilled timing and evasion let you stay safe while firing potent arrows. The 'dragon piercer' special skill pierces any monster's hide, even the mightiest wyverns.

mmhn Bow

Tier - B

Sword & Shield: The sword and shield strikes an ideal balance between offense and defense, making it a superb choice for beginners. Execute a rapid 'perfect rush combo' and maintain defense with your reliable shield. It's an excellent starting point for newcomers to the series.

monster hunter now Sword Shield

Light Bowgun: For distance and customization, the light bowgun offers an entertaining choice. Stay at a distance and shower monsters with a barrage of bullets, each type of ammo having unique effects. Proper ammo selection is key. The 'wyvernblast counter' special skill unleashes a massive explosive shell for obliterating adversaries.

mhn Light Bowgun

4 Armor Sets

As a novice player, it's crucial to pay close attention during the tutorial, where you'll learn how to utilize consumable items, particularly healing items.

Outside of combat, your character gradually regenerates HP. However, in battle, you'll rely on healing items to restore HP and revive from 0 HP.

Armor Sets

The game features a total of six types of consumable items, including the two healing items.

Consumable Items Effects
First-Aid Med +50% HP Restoration (Revives Character at 0 HP)
Potion +50% HP Restoration (Revives Character at 0 HP)
Wander Orb +50% Improved Access Range (30 Minutes)
Wander Droplet +50% Improved Access Range (15 Minutes)
Paintball Allows players to mark monsters, making them available to be hunted whenever regardless of their location for two days.
Palico Paintball The app automatically marks monsters even when it's closed, allowing you to hunt them at your convenience, regardless of their location, for a period of 2 days.

Obtaining consumable items in Monster Hunter Now can be done through two primary methods: earning them as rewards from Quests or Special Quests, or purchasing them from the in-game Shop.

Part 4: Tips & Tricks in Monster Hunter Now

Tips 1 Create or Join Parties for Easier Hunts

In this game, you have two hunt options: solo and multiplayer. Solo mode means you tackle monsters on your own, ideal for beginner-level creatures. But as the game progresses, more formidable monsters appear, potentially overwhelming you.

In such cases, consider multiplayer mode, where you're matched with three fellow hunters. The game randomly forms teams of up to four hunters. Note that multiplayer unlocks at a specific hunter rank level; until then, solo mode is your go-to choice.

Since the MHN game currently cannot join a group remotely, the friend mode is useless (you cannot fight together if you are 200 meters apart). We can use the location spoofer iMyFone AnyTo to spoof your location to play MH Now with friends who not nearby.

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Tips 2 Use Your Paintballs Wisely

Paintballs, introduced in the tutorial, allow you to mark a monster for future hunting when you have the time. These marked creatures remain available for two days.

The game offers 2 types: regular Paintballs (pink) for manual marking and Palico Paintballs (blue) for automatic marking while the app is closed—three free daily.

mhn paintball

Paintballs prove invaluable for time-strapped or underpowered players. Saving them for formidable monsters and teaming up for hunts is the smartest approach, maximizing their utility.

Tips 3 Use Your Consumables Wisely

As a novice, acquiring consumable items, especially HP-restoring ones like First Aid-Meds and Potions, can be limited. Therefore, it's wise to use them judiciously, reserving them for challenging boss encounters when absolutely necessary.

mhn Consumables

Keep in mind that your character naturally regenerates HP outside of combat, so sometimes patience is a better choice than immediately using a restorative item.

Additionally, you can claim 5 free First-Aid Meds daily from the Item Shop, which is especially valuable for free-to-play (F2P) players. Don't overlook this opportunity.

Tips 4 Diversify Your Armor Set

Equipment upgrades in Monster Hunter Now are gradual and resource-intensive. Gathering materials and Zennies at each level is a demanding task. To optimize your progress, consider diversifying your armor pieces by mixing parts from different monsters.

For instance, relying solely on Jagras armor necessitates a significant quantity of Jagras materials for upgrades.

mhn Armor- Set

Conversely, combining Jagras, Kulu, and Pukei armor components reduces the reliance on Jagras parts. This approach enables more frequent armor upgrades, preventing repetitive hunting of the same monster for materials.

Tips 5 Experiment with Weapon Types

As a Monster Hunter Now beginner, you'll begin with the Sword and Shield. Upon completing Chapter 2, you'll gain access to the Greatsword, and at Hunter Rank 15, the Long Sword, Light Bowgun, Hammer, and Bow become available.

mhn weapon types

Currently, these are the weapon types in Monster Hunter Now. It's advisable to craft and experiment with them, as weapon choice is pivotal in Monster Hunter. Owning diverse weapons with various elements proves invaluable for exploiting the weaknesses of evolving monsters as you advance.

Tips 6 Prepare Carefully

Preparation is essential before significant hunts in the Monster Hunter series, and Monster Hunter Now is no exception. Advancing through the main quests unlocks higher-star-rated monsters with increased health and damage output, yielding superior materials.

mhn prepare

Before ascending to the next star rating, evaluating your equipment is crucial. If you've been barely meeting time limits, it's wise to prioritize upgrades. Rushing to the next star level prematurely can lead to insurmountable monster encounters.

Tips 7 Gather Everything

In Monster Hunter Now, upgrading weapons and armor requires diverse materials, including large monster parts and common resources like Iron Ore or Sharp Claws. To guarantee a sufficient supply when needed, we advise collecting everything you encounter.

monster hunter now level

Gathering nodes are automatically harvested by your Palico when nearby, while small monsters require manual hunting for their materials. Attacking small monsters can also charge your weapon's SP gauge, simplifying subsequent large monster hunts.

Tips 8 Target Weak Spots

In Monster Hunter Now, each large monster has a breakable weak spot, yielding extra materials upon successful hunts. Upgrading the Kulu Headpiece to Grade 2 unlocks the Lock On skill, allowing precise targeting of monster areas with melee weapons.

mhn Weak Spots

Breaking monster parts is an efficient way to secure additional materials with minimal effort. It also momentarily staggers the monster, providing an opening for extra attacks before it can counter. Utilize this mechanic to streamline your hunts for a smoother experience.

Tips 9 Always Dodge & Block During Combat

To maximize your efficiency as a hunter and conserve healing items for later, employ a strategy of frequent blocking and dodging during your hunts.

monster hunter now Dodges

Blocking involves a tap and hold action on your screen, enabling you to defend against enemy assaults and significantly reduce incoming damage.

Dodging entails swiping in a designated direction on your screen, causing your character to roll in that direction. Mastering Perfect Dodges, executed right before an attack lands, can extend your dodge duration, although certain Special Skills can facilitate timing.



For newcomers, an effective approach to minimize damage is to dodge to the rear of a monster and strike from there. Exercise caution, as some monsters can retaliate even from behind.

Tips 10 Check the Monster Guide Regularly

Beginners should harness a vital aspect of the game: discovering a monster's vulnerabilities, loot, and habitat. Access this information through your Monster Guide by clicking your character portrait at the lower-left screen corner.

monster guide in mhn

Navigate to the Monster Guide button within your character bio options, and presto! You gain access to comprehensive data on monsters you've hunted.

Leverage the Monster Guide to identify the habitat of a specific monster, its drop materials, and its weaknesses, empowering your hunting strategy.

[Bonus Tips] How to Level Up Easily in Monster Hunter Now

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2 Coupon Codes List in MHN

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In 2023, Monster Hunter Now stands out as a premier mobile game, redefining Augmented Reality RPGs. It seamlessly blends virtual adventures with real-world activity, creating an engaging gaming experience that transcends the screen.

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