iTunes allows you to sync your iPhone media with your computer for file management and backup/restore purposes. However, in some cases iTunes fails to connect to iPhone for some reasons. One of the reasons is a locked iDevice which you may see the error message “iTunes could not connect to the iPhone because it is locked with a passcode”. This may happen if you are trying to connect an iDevice to your computer which is not the one you normally sync with iTunes. In any case, solutions are needed. Fortunately, there are some available.

How to Fix iTunes Could Not Connect to iPhone Because It is Locked with A Passcode

Following are some solutions to fix “iTunes could not connect to the iPhone because it is locked with a passcode” error.

1. Use TunesFix to Repair iTunes hot

iMyFone TunesFix is a professional repairing tool that has been designed to solve various iTunes issues (just as the one mentioned in this article). Equipped with a lot of advanced features, this software can solve 100+ iTunes problems including backup/repair issue, installation/update problem, iDevice detection issue, etc. Since TunesFix has a user-friendly interface, solving any iTunes issue is very easy, even if you are not tech-savvy. Apart from its automatic scanning feature, TunesFix also has several manual repair modes that allow you to target a specific iTunes problem and solve it quickly.

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Key Features:

  • Automatic scanning of iTunes to identify potential issues.
  • 1-Click repair option to quickly solve an iTunes problem.
  • User-friendly software interface as well as easy navigation.
  • TunesFix also works as a professional iTunes cleaner and allows you to quickly clean up junk files of iTunes to free up disk space and boost iTunes’ performance.
  • TunesFix is safe to use which means your data in iTunes Library is not deleted or modified when attempting iTunes repairs.

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Steps to Fix the Issue with iMyFone TunesFix:

Step 1: Open iMyFone TunesFix on your computer and wait until its automatic scanning process is finished. If an issue is found, then fix it via the Repair button. If no issue is detected, then you will see the home screen of the software.

auto fix

Step 2: Now select ‘Repair iTunes Connect Issues’ from the list of manual repair modes. On the next screen, click Repair button to start the repairing process.

Repair iTunes Connect Issues

Step 3: After the above step, TunesFix will start the repairs. Internet access will be required during the repairing process.

2. Remove Old Devices

iTunes stores data for up to five iDevices. If you connect a sixth iDevice, then the error “iTunes could not connect to the iPhone because it is locked with a passcode” occurs as you have reached the limit. So the solution to this problem is to remove the iDevices that you don’t use.

Follow these instructions:

Step 1: Open iTunes on your Windows PC or Mac.
Step 2: Navigate to Account > View My Account.
Step 3: Input your Apple ID and Password if prompted.
Step 4: Now navigate to Cloud > Manage Devices. There you will see a list of stored devices in your account.
Step 5: Now delete any old device from that list and restart the iTunes. The problem should be solved now.

remove device

3. Other Tips About iTunes Could Not Connect to iPhone Because It is Locked with A Passcode

Here are some additional tips to solve“iTunes could not connect to the iPhone because it is locked with a passcode” issue:

1. Use Recovery Mode of Your iPhone to Set It Up Again

Follow these instructions:

Step 1: Close iTunes and connect your iPhone to your computer via USB cable and then open iTunes.
Step 2: Once your iPhone is connected, force restart the device.
Step 3: Press the Volume Down and Side buttons of your iPhone simultaneously and hold them until you see connection notification on iTunes.
Step 4: Now you will see two options: Update and Restore. Choose the Update option. iTunes will now reinstall the firmware without erasing your data. The download process will take some time. Wait until its completed and then set up the device afterwards.

recovery mode

2. Reinstall iTunes

Some users have reported that reinstalling iTunes fixed “iTunes could not connect to the iPhone because it is locked with a passcode” issue. So it is worth a try.

Follow these instructions:

Step 1: Uninstall iTunes completely. You can use iMyFone TunesFix to do this (choose Full Uninstall mode).
Step 2: Once the uninstallation is completed. Navigate to where iTunes installer is located on your computer. Alternatively, you can also download a new iTunes installer from Apple’s official website.
Step 3: Run the iTunes installer and follow the on-screen instructions to install iTunes. Now you should be able to connect your iPhone and sync it with iTunes without issues.