“I newly updated my iTunes to version 12.7 on Windows 10. The new version of iTunes is giving me much headache; each time I connect my iPhone to iTunes and click Browse page, iTunes crashes. I had to cancel my subscription payment since I can’t really use iTunes to search for music or other files with it crashing. I have tried many techniques and solutions to fix iTunes, and here are some of them:

  1. Turn off my Windows 10 antivirus program.
  2. Restarted my Windows 10 computer.
  3. Closed and reopened iTunes.
  4. Changed the user account.
  5. Updated iTunes and its component software.
  6. Launch iTunes with no other program or software running on Windows.

The most painful part is that I can’t even listen to new music as it would crash once I tap the Browse page. How can I fix my iTunes crashing Windows 10? --Michelle1987.”

The Possible Reason for iTunes Crashing Windows 10

There are many reasons why your iTunes software is frozen and crashes when you’re operating it. Some of the reasons for iTunes crashing in Windows 10 are outlined below.

  • iTunes version is buggy and came with many software design errors. So, it’s not Windows 10 fault that it crashes, the fault is from Apple software developers.
  • If you’re not using iTunes but still experiencing “iTunes crashing Windows 10”, then you have to check if other software and Windows antivirus are causing iTunes to crash.
  • It may be that your version of iTunes is not complete, and may be missing some of the components.

How to Fix iTunes Crashing in Windows 10

The following solutions will help you fix iTunes and make it stable permanently.

Using iMyFone TunesFix

The iMyFone TunesFix solution to iTunes crashing in Windows 10 computer is a solution that uses a third-party tool (iMyFone TunesFix) to fix the bugs or issues that are making iTunes crash. As the primary solution to all iTunes errors, TunesFix can fix over 100 iTunes errors such as install errors, connection errors, restore errors, backup errors, and other iTunes issues.

If you want to repair any iTunes issue without data loss, then you have to use the only tool that can help you achieve this – iMyFone TunesFix. If your iTunes is buggy, TunesFix can help you to clear iTunes and free up computer hard drive.

iMyfone TunesFix

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Key Features:

  • It can fix iTunes crashing in Windows 10 computer with just a few clicks.
  • It can fix over 100 iTunes errors, such as iTunes crashing, install, connect, backup and restore errors.
  • It can help you repair iTunes and it’s component to stop iTunes from crashing during operations.
  • It doesn’t overwrite iTunes library files when repairing iTunes so that there won’t be data loss.
  • It is fully compatible with iTunes 12.7 and later versions.

Windows version     

Steps to fix “iTunes crashing Windows 10” problem:

Step 1. Launch TunesFix on your PC and it will auto-detect your iTunes. If it found no issues, you’ll be redirected to the home interface.

Fix Other iTunes Problems

Step 2. Since you don’t have an idea what’s making iTunes crash, then choose “Fix Other iTunes Problems” as your repair mode.

repair itunes

Step 3. Click “Repair” for TunesFix to repair your iTunes crashing on Windows 10 error. Please, keep internet connection stable.

Run iTunes as Administrator on Windows 10

If you’re tired of interruptions from other software while using iTunes, you can run iTunes as admin to stop such interruption. This may fix iTunes crashing on Windows 10 instantly.

Step 1. Close iTunes if it’s still open. Then, right-click the iTunes icon.
Step 2. Select “Run as Administrator”.

Reinstall iTunes

Reinstalling iTunes on Windows 10 can help ix iTunes crashing on Windows 10 issues.

Step 1. Close iTunes if it’s still open in Windows 10 PC.
Step 2. Navigate to the following folders one after another, and rename them to “Apple.old”.
o "C: Drive > Program Files (x86) > Common Files"
o "C: Drive > Program Files (x86)”
o "C: Drive > Program Files”.
Step 3. Now, download a fresh copy of iTunes and install it on your PC.

Run iTunes in Safe Mode

Running iTunes in safe mode will help to isolate iTunes from the interference of third-party plug-ins causing iTunes to crash on Windows 10.

Step 1. Press and hold the Shift and Ctrl keys in your keyboard when launching iTunes.
Step 2. You’ll see the notification “iTunes is running in Safe Mode. Visual plug-ins you have installed have been temporarily disabled.”
If this fixes the iTunes crashing issue, then know that the cause of the problem is third-party plug-ins, and you can choose to remove them. However, why don’t you choose iMyFone TunesFix to fix iTunes crashing on Windows 10 issue fast and start enjoying stability on iTunes? This tool would solve this issue and other iTunes issues permanently.