iTunes is the home for Apple Music, a sophisticated multimedia content manager, a hardware synchronization manager, and an e-commerce platform. More so, the iTunes software is a digital media player that is used by millions of Apple device users to download media contents, play media files, organize and create playlists, manage, backup, restore or synchronize media content, update iOS devices, and purchase media files via the iTunes Store.

Nevertheless, getting the right version of iTunes for your computer operating system can sometimes be a big challenge, and when you even get one, it may come with some cost. Hence, we are going to list the different versions of iTunes, make available links for iTunes free download, and proffer solutions for fixing faulty iTunes software.

How Many iTunes Versions are there?

Ever since the inception of iTunes on January 9, 2001 (i.e. 17 years ago), Apple has released 11 more versions of iTunes with a variety of upgrades to each version.

Version 1.

  • Original version
  • Improved virtual effect
  • Available in 7 languages

Version 2.

  • iPod support and synching
  • AppleScript

Version 3.

  • Smart playlists
  • More songs were added

Version 4.

  • Music Store
  • Support for AAC audio codec
  • DVD burning
  • AOL accounts
  • iMix
  • AirTunes
  • Photo transfer
  • Video support

Version 5.

  • GUI and Search bar refinements
  • Introduction of parental control and playlist folders
  • Bonjour for Windows

Version 6.

  • Major bug fixes and improvements
  • Nike+iPod support and Nike Sport

Version 7.

  • Video Playback
  • iPod games
  • sync purchased content
  • Apple TV support
  • iTunes U
  • Support for iPhone activation and syncing
  • Movie renting
  • New App Store that features application download for iPhone and iPod

Version 8.

  • Genius Sidebar and playlist
  • Summary tab
  • The voiceover on Mac and Windows computer
  • Support for renting HD movies
  • Full support for Macs with G3 processors

Version 9.

  • New UI and redevelopment of iTunes Store using WebKit
  • Genius Mixes
  • Support for iPad
  • Support for iBooks 1.1

Version 10.

  • Social networking layer
  • Ping
  • Support for iPad 2 and iOS 4.3 & 5
  • Wi-Fi syncing
  • QuickTime for Windows
  • iTunes Match

Version 11.

  • Complete redesign
  • New Store
  • Play Purchases from iCloud
  • iTunes Radio
  • Added Hebrew and Arabic languages
  • Sync for iOS device contacts and calendar

Version 12.

  • Family Sharing
  • Apple Music support
  • iTunes Connect
  • New iTunes icon
  • iOS 12 support
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

Is it Possible to Download iTunes Free?

Yes, you can download iTunes free from the official Apple website for Windows and Linus users, but for Mac users, it comes pre-installed in the computer. However, if you want to get iTunes from a CD or DVD, which may not be possible because iTunes is only available for download.

The Links to Download Different Versions of iTunes

Here are the links to download the latest and older versions of iTunes for Windows computer:

Here are the links to download the latest and older versions of iTunes for Mac computer:

iTunes Version
Mac OS X Versions (the latest version)

What If Your iTunes Cannot be Used?

Encountering errors and issues in iTunes after downloading it from Microsoft Store or Apple official website can be painful, and in some instances, iTunes may be useless and unresponsive. However, iMyFone TunesFix can help you fix all iTunes update or installation issues and errors.

You can take advantage of TunesFix to repair your iTunes, clean up caches, temp files, or cookies causing errors in iTunes, or set any Windows system registry errors that can stop iTunes from working properly.

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Key Features:

  • Fully uninstall a faulty version of iTunes with its related software components, and reinstall an updated version of iTunes.
  • Fix all Windows registry errors and issues that can stop iTunes from working.
  • Erase unneeded iTunes files to create space in your computer storage.
  • Completely fixes any version of iTunes and offer you improved iTunes performance, speed, and stability.

Windows version      Mac version

Step to fully uninstall and reinstall iTunes using TunesFix:

Step 1. Launch iMyFone TunesFix on your Mac or Windows PC, and click “Full Uninstall”.

full uninstall

Step 2. Click the “Uninstall” tab, and check “Also delete user data…” if you want to clean up your backup files.

completely uninstall

Step 3. Tap on the tab “Click here” to reinstall iTunes.

click here

iTunes free download is possible, but you need an iTunes repairer tool to get the best out your iTunes software. Therefore, get iMyFone TunesFix now.