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4 Solutions for Fixing “iTunes Stuck on Extracting Software” Error

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Kevin Walker

October 10, 2018 (Updated: April 17, 2020)• Filed to: Repair iTunes

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Sometimes, it’s painful to experience iTunes error and issue, especially the one is “iTunes extracting software” issue that keeps you waiting without any form of error notification. It is worth mentioning that this issue was reported very often since recently iOS 13.4 updating.

So, what does iTunes extracting software mean?

It means the progress bar of iTunes could not move any further or stuck in the between when you’re restoring/updating your iOS devices. For example, you’re using iTunes to update iOS 13.4 on your iPhone 11 device, but you’ve waited over a day for iTunes progress bar to complete, then now you are experiencing an “iTunes extracting software error”. To be more specific, it is called the “extracting software by iTunes without moving error” exactly.

stuck on extracting software

So, let's move forward to how to fix this iTunes error, and how to avoid it from happening again.

“ iTunes stuck on extracting software” is usually caused by few factors such as Windows Firewall blocking iTunes connection, slow network, outdated iTunes version, or lack of storage space in your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Having these reasons in mind, we can now progress to the solutions for fixing the error.

1. Tips Might Be Workable on “iTunes Stuck on Extracting Software”

The following tips can help to fix “iTunes stuck on extracting software” issue.

Tip #1. Temporarily Disable Windows/Mac Firewall or Security Features

We earlier mentioned that one of the factors or reasons why iTunes is stuck to ‘Extracting Software” page is because Mac/Windows security software might be blocking the connection between iTunes and Apple servers. So, you can solve this issue by turning off the Mac/Windows firewall or quitting other third-party security software from operating in the background.

  • To disable Windows Firewall, go to Control Panel and click “System and Security > Windows Firewall > Turn off Windows Firewall”.

    turn off windoes firewall

  • To disabled Mac Firewall, go to “System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Firewall”. Then, click the switch to turn it off. (It is only applied before Mac OS 10.15 Version, since after iTunes has combined to "Finder" feature.)

    disable mac firewall

Tip #2. Update iTunes Software

Check to know of your version of iTunes is outdated, and then update it to the latest version. The steps to update iTunes on Mac or PC are outlined below:

  • Update iTunes on Mac: Launch iTunes and go to “Help > Check for Update”.
  • Update iTunes on Windows PC: Open App Store and click “Updates” to check if there are available updates.

    itunes latest version update

Tip #3. Update iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch from OTA

If iTunes is not able to update your iOS device, then you can update your iPhone from the Settings app in your device.

  • Go to “Settings > General > Software Update”.
  • Download and install the iOS firmware by clicking “Install”.

    update iphone setting from ota

2. Use the 100% Workable iTunes Error Fixing Solutionhot

If the tips above can’t help you or it doesn’t work? Don’t worry, this best iTunes trouble fixer can help you out of this concern!

The best iTunes error solution – iMyFone TunesFix can easily fix “iTunes stuck on extracting software” without you conducting any research on what caused the error. iTunes users, media/review sites, and tech authorities generally acclaim and praise TunesFix for fixing unknown and known iTunes errors and issues.

Therefore, if you’re facing iTunes errors and issues, then employ TunesFix now to take care of this error instantly.

iMyFone TunesFix

1,000,000+ Downloads

Products Advantages:

  • TunesFix can repair iTunes connection without bypass firewall.
  • Repair iTunes issues and error without distorting your PC operations or messing the original components files of iTunes,one click to fix “iTunes stuck on extracting software” issue.
  • Fix over 100 iTunes errors and issues such as install, connect, restore, backup, and other known and unknown errors.
  • Scan and clear iTunes library to free up storage space thus speeding up your iTunes loading.
  • Over 95% successful rate to recover your iTunes!

Windows version Mac version

Steps to fix “iTunes stuck on extracting software” error using TunesFix:

  1. Install iMyFone TunesFix on your PC/Mac and launch it.

    auto detect and repair

  2. When it is Launched, it will automatically detect your iTunes and it’s component. If no iTunes issue found, TunesFix will redirect to the Home interface.

    fix other itunes problem

  3. Choose “Fix Other iTunes Problems” and click on “Repair” button. TunesFix will repair your iTunes and fix the issue causing iTunes to stick on “Extracting software” page.


If you want to avoid issues from repeating itself, then take notes of the following:

  • Clean up your iTunes from time to time and keep it stay effective. Use an iTunes repairer tool – iMyFone TunesFix can help you to manage your iTunes issues from cleaning to repairing.
  • Ensure you always have a strong network connection before embarking on iPhone update.
  • Update your Mac/PC before using iTunes.

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