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iMyFone 2018 back to school - rules & regulations

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Promotion period

The contest is scheduled to start at 12:01:00 a.m. Pacific Time ("PT") on August 7, 2018 and ends at 11:59:59 p.m. Pacific Time ("PT") on August 19, 2018.

Who are eligible

People who are from all parts of the world, and above 18 years of age will be provided with the opportunity to take part in this promotion.

How to enter

You will need to submit your personal information, including name and email address to enter the competition. All collected information will be used according to the privacy policy that can be found at Captured user information will never be sold to a third party at any given instance. It is important to keep in mind that no bots or applications are being allowed to be used when taking part in the contest.

How to win

  • 9 winners will be selected out of the competition. The winning chances will increase based on the number of shares and likes that you get for the content you shared about our back-to-school contest on your social media profile. If you have better shares or likes, your chances of winning the Amazon gift card will be high.
  • Make sure the email address you submitted is valid.
  • Potential winners will be announced on our back-to-school page and at our official Facebook page, and will be notified by Email on or around August 20, 2018. Upon receiving the email, the winner will need to go ahead and claim the prize within three business days. Failing to claim the prize within three days will mark the entry as canceled. With that, the second entrant will be selected and notified via email. The second entrant will also need to claim the prize within a period of three business days. If the second entrant also fails to claim the prize, third entrant will be selected and the prize is offered. Even if the third entrant fails to claim the prize within three business days, the prize will not be awarded to any.

Notice: The price offered should be accepted by the winners. iMyFone has all the rights to substitute the gift awarded for the winners and to provide an alternative with the same cash value. The offered prize is not transferable to another person at any given instance.

What the Prize will be

9 gift cards in total.

  • 1st Award: one, $100 Amazon gift card/person
  • 2nd Awards: four, $50 Amazon gift card/person
  • 3rd Awards: four, $25 Amazon gift card/person

General Conditions

All the participants should adhere to the rules and regulations that are implemented on the contest by iMyFone Technology. iMyFone Technology has the power and authority to change the rules and regulations at any given time. No employee from iMyFone Technology will be allowed to take part in the contest. Failing to adhere to the rules will result in the termination of employee. When joining the contest, all the individuals are strongly encouraged to adhere to the iMyFone Technology privacy policy, which is available in

Upon entering contest, all participants adhere to the terms and conditions that iMyFone Technology has implemented. All the personal information submitted will be utilized by iMyFone Technology for contest related activities. If a specific person is disqualified from the contest, he/she should keep in mind that the disqualification took place, either because of a rule or regulation violation, attempting to tamper with the entry process or violating the terms of services. On the other hand, behaving in a disruptive manner can also make the entry ineligible.

iMyFone Technology is not responsible for all the inaccurate and incorrect information, which can arise due to the mistakes done by participants or by the contest errors, due to human or technical errors. iMyFone Technology does not hold the responsibility for any interruption, omission, error, defect, deletion or delay in transmission that can take place. Moreover, iMyFone Technology does not hold the responsibility for the damages or injuries that the participants will have to experience due to computer related issues.

All the rules and regulations implemented in the contest adhere to the laws of China. If there is any dispute, it should be escalated to Shenzhen International Court of arbitration for arbitration.