Could Not Activate iPhone/iPad after iOS 11.3 Update? Find Solutions Here!

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Hi, I’m here because I wanted to fix a problem. Actually I could not activate iPhone just after updating it to iOS 11.3. I found this weird. My phone shows ‘Could Not Activate iPhone' and I don’t know what to do. Is there any possible fix? Help needed!

could not activate iPhone

You must be relieved to know that you are not the only one who got this sort of activation problem. Some people also got the "Activation Error" shown as the picture below.

activation error

Some users may get the message "SIM Not Supported." It says the SIM card that they currently have installed in this iPhone is from a carrier that is not supported under the activation server.

SIM Not Supported error

There are many users who recently faced such issues when updating iPhone/iPad to the iOS 11.3. Well! To be honest, you are lucky that you jumped to this post since it is going to tell you some ways that you can try when you could not activate iPhone or iPad and get the problem fixed. Before that, we would like to explain why you could not activate your iPhone or iPad when upgrading to iOS 11.3 .

The Causes of iPhone/iPad Activation Errors after iOS 11.3 Update

If you experience the above errors while activating your iOS device you’re probably having a bad day. Generally, such problems rarely occur, but if it has happened, it could be caused by many reasons. Possible reasons behind the activation issue are listed below:

  • Probably, Apple service is experiencing a high up time, a high volume of traffic can make the server busy enough. As a result the activation error pops up.
  • Unstable connection can also make this happen. Check your WiFi connection if it isn’t working properly.
  • Jailbreaking iPhone (tampering it, hacking it or even modifying it anyway other than what is permitted by Apple) can also increase the chances of causing the activation error.
  • Unlocking the SIM of a locked device could also elevate the problems and cause activation error. This is because your previous carrier may not have permitted you to unlock that iPhone.

6 Tips Offered If You Could Not Activate iPhone/ iPad after iOS 11.3 Update

1 Hard Reboot iPhone/iPad

This is a well known fact that most issues after upgrading to iOS 11.3 can be resolved just by performing hard reboot. Try it once and check if it proves beneficial in your case or still could not activate iPad or iPhone. Here’s how to do a hard reboot it:

  • On an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, hold down the Volume Down button and Sleep/Wake button at the same time, or Home and Sleep/Wake button if you own iPhone 6 or earlier, for no less than 8-10 seconds. Let go the buttons, as soon as you see Apple Logo is appearing on the screen.

Hard Reboot iPhone

2 Restart Router

Sometimes, an unstable WiFi connection can also make this issue to come up. Restarting your WiFi router would clear some sort of unstability with the connection. Simply plug out the power cord of the router, wait for 5-10 seconds and plug it back in.

Restart Router

3 Wait for a While & Try Again

If you’ve experienced the activation error for first time, wait for a while and then try again! Apple servers are probably pretty much busy handling a large volume of traffic which, in turn, ain’t letting the activation to go through. While waiting, remove the SIM card, plug it back in after few minutes and try again.

4 Contact Your Carrier

If in case, none of the solutions works, it is recommended to contact your carrier then. Maybe the problem could be because of the SIM card if you’re activating a locked iOS device with a different carrier, you’ll certainly get this error.

5 An Efficient Tool to Fix iPhone Activation Issues (iOS 11.3 Supported)

There is a program namely iMyFone iOS System Recovery that helps in repairing the iOS issues. If you could not activate iPhone, there could be some problem with the newly installed iOS 11.3 . Therefore your can try this program which is a pretty easy and efficient software. Many users have admired it for its safety and no data loss feature when fixing the issue. Highly appreciated by the users, it has achieved a mind-blowing success rate.

iMyFone iOS System Recovery

  • Not just when you could not activate iPhone, you can use it to fix numerous iOS issues like when iPhone is stuck in recovery mode, black screen of death, etc.
  • You can also use it to fix your iPhone if there is some problem with certain feature on your device. For example, iPhone Wi-Fi not working, iPhone GPS not working, iPhone not sending picture messages, and so on.
  • It doesn’t harm any of the existing data in the device under the Standard Mode.
  • It is not a rocket science to use it since it offers some very simple steps and a user-friendly interface.
  • It is able to work perfectly with almost all the iOS devices running different iOS versions, including iOS 11.3.

Try It FreeTry It Free

Steps on How to Fix the Problem

Step 1 – Download, Install & Launch the Software

Launch the software after installing it on your computer. iMyFone iOS System Recovery’s home-screen will come up, meanwhile, make a connection between your iPhone and computer. Now, tap on the option that says “Standard Mode” out of the options available.

  Launch the program

Step 2 – Put Your Device in DFU Mode

Now, you have to reboot your iOS device into DFU Mode to proceed to fix up your issues. Follow the instructions provide on the screen and the program will automatically identify your device.

Put Your Device in DFU Mode

Step 3 – Download Latest Firmware

Moving forward, the next step is getting the latest firmware version suitable for your iOS device. Just go to the “Download” option and you will get it by the program. Alternatively, if in case your device is not identified by the program, just put your device model and download the version yourself.

Download Latest Firmware

Step 4 – Solve the Issue

Final step is to hit on “Start to Fix” button. This will start solving your problem in the device. On completion, start your iPhone/iPad/iPod and check it.

begin to fix the iOS

Try It FreeTry It Free

6 Restore iPhone/iPad with iTunes

Restoring with iTunes is the last resort if nothing works. Buck up and try restoring your iOS device with an older backup when it was working fine.

  • Launch iTunes on your computer and turn off your iPhone.
  • Now, connect the device to the computer and turn on your iPhone. iTunes will detect your device. Once detected, go through the restoring process and check if still could activate iPad/iPhone or not.

Restore iPhone/iPad with iTunes

That’s all about it! The above solutions were not complicated and we hope one of them worked for you. Of course, you could not activate iPad or iPhone after iOS 11.3 update due to different reasons. When these kinds of problems occur, don’t get nervous so easily but work for fixing it. If you are lucky to have read this article, just grab your device and get it back to normal with the instructions above.