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iPhone Won’t Charge or Turn On After Update to iOS 13/12, How to Fix?

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Heather Marston

August 10, 2018 (Updated: August 12, 2019)• Filed to: iOS 12 Issues

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I just updated my iPhone to the latest iOS 13/12 but the update seems to have brought issues with it. My iPhone will not charge or even turn on for three days now. At first, I thought my charger was faulty and went on to purchase a new one but the problem persists. What could be causing iPhone won't charge or turn on after iOS 13/12 update? Is there a fix for it?

Updating your iPhone to a new iOS could cause certain alterations that make the iPhone not to charge or even turn on. If you experience this issue with your iPhone, this article is for you. Read on to see what you can do to solve the problem.

First, Try Some Basic Troubleshooting

Before seeking for complicated alternatives to solve the problem that iPhone won't charge or turn on after iOS 13/12 update, consider trying easy and basic troubleshooting methods that you might haven't tried. These include:

  • Use the USB Power Adapter and USB Cable That Comes with It

If your iPhone will not charge with the charger you are using, consider using the original USB power adapter and USB cable that came with it.

  • Let It Charge for Up to One Hour

When plugged into a power source, some iPhones show the charging icon, which then disappears after a while. If yours does this, let it charge for about an hour and see what happens.

  • Make Sure It's Not a Problem with Your Screen

iPhone won't charge or turn on after screen replacement or water damage but it is the issue with your screen and you need to go to a repair store to fix the screen first. Here we are talking about the system problem and you should ensure that your screen works correctly because your iPhone could be working but the screen does not display anything.

Make sure no problem with your screen

1. Hard Reset Your iPhone to Turn It On

Depending on the issue, doing a hard reset could help turn on your device and make it charge. To do this, you need to follow these steps:

  • Hard Reset iPhone 6s or Older

Press and hold the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons for at least 20 seconds until you see the Apple logo.

  • Hard Reset iPhone 7

Hold the Power and Volume Down buttons for at least 20 seconds until the Apple logo appears.

  • Hard Reset iPhone 8, 8 Plus, or iPhone X series

Quickly hold and release the Volume Up button, then quickly hold and release the Volume Down button, then press and hold the Power/Side button until you see the Apple logo shows.

force restart iPhone 8 and iPhone x

2. Turn On Your iPhone by Refreshing iOS

If the aforementioned fixes do not work, it could mean that your iPhone has iOS issues that need fixing. The best way to go about this is to completely refresh your device using the program, iMyFone Fixppo. This program solves iOS issues such as device stuck on a white screen, device restart loops, and of course, iPhone will not charge or turn on after upgrade to iOS 13/12. It can do this because it has incredible features like:

  • Three modes – Standard Mode, One-click to Exit Recovery Mode, and Advanced Mode which can solve different iOS issues.
  • It allows you to fix iOS issues without losing your data.
  • Compatible with all iPhone models and iOS versions.

Windows version    Mac version

How to Turn on iPhone by Refreshing iOS?

As aforementioned, you can solve the issue where your iPhone will not charge or turn on after updating to iOS 13/12 by refreshing it using the iMyFone Fixppo. Follow these simple steps to solve the issue with Standard Mode of the program, which can secure the data on your iPhone:

  • Install and launch iMyFone on your computer. Connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable. Then choose the Standard Mode.

interface of iMyFone Fixppo

  • The program will ask you to enter DFU or Recovery Mode to start repairing. To put your iPhone in DFU Mode, press and hold the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons for around 8 seconds. Let the Wake/Sleep button go but continue holding the Home button for 5 seconds.

enter DFU mode under Standard mode

  • Once you set your iPhone in DFU Mode, click on Download to install new firmware for your device.

download firmware

  • After the firmware is installed, click ‘Start to Fix' to have the program fix your iPhone automatically.

finished fixing your device

3. Restore Your iPhone to Turn it On

If all the stated methods fail to fix your iPhone, you should try restoring it to factory settings and see whether doing this will solve the problem. This process erases all information and settings on your device and later installs the iOS 13/12 on your iPhone. You can restore your device to factory settings by following these steps:

  • Make a data backup if you want to save the information already on your iPhone.
  • Download and install the latest version of iTunes on your Windows or Mac.
  • Launch iTunes on your computer and connect your iPhone.
  • Select your device when it appears in iTunes.
  • In the Summary section, click Restore iPhone...and then click Restore again to confirm the action.

update ios on itunes

iTunes will delete all data on your device and restore it to factory settings. But you can restore the backup to iPhone and get your data back.

After updating to iOS 13/12, you may notice that your iPhone won't charge or turn on. This can be very frustrating and can make you think your device is broken. This article has provided you with all the methods you can implement to get your iPhone working normally again. Remember that iMyFone Fixppo gives the perfect solution to fix the issue without any data loss on your iPhone/iPad. Give it a try now!

Windows version    Mac version

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