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iPhone Battery Dies Fast: Causes and Solution

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Tata Davis

September 8, 2016 (Updated: November 27, 2017)• Filed to: Erase iPhone

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iPhone 7 battery draining faster than you can count one to five is not funny to any average user. Ideally, your iPhone should still have enough juice by the time you return home in the evening. Sadly though, some iPhone users are already looking for their chargers and power outlets because the iPhone 7 battery meter is on critical. Before getting to how you can reverse your iPhone battery dying fast, here are the top reasons for battery drain in most iPhones:

Top Reasons for Battery Drain in Most iPhones

1. Bad network signal: Whenever you’re in an area where the network coverage is really bad, your device uses extra resources to connect to a network. In this situation, the best thing to do is to turn on airplane mode if you can excuse using network till you get to a better network reception.

2. Location tracking:If location tracking is turned on all the time and for every app, it’s going to take a lot of effort to connect to GPS per time. This effort translates to more battery drain for your device.

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3. Push Mail: Except your work requires dealing with emails all the time, then having push email turned on is not the best thing for your battery. It takes a lot of system resources to connect to your email server(s) talk more 24/7.

4. Diagnostics and Usage Data: Apple and other third-party app developers need data to improve the iPhone 7 experience. It collects such directly from iPhone users in the form of Diagnostics and Usage Data”. However, turning this on all the time will be a drain on your battery.

5. You’re not closing the apps you don’t need:Apps need resources to be launched and ran. Not closing an App when not in use is using battery power that could have been otherwise conserved.

6. Bright Screen: The brighter your screen, the more power is required to produce such a glow. Moreover, most users don’t need the screen as bright as they set it.

7. Automatic downloads:Downloads use data to update, and when cellular data or Wi-Fi is on, it’s also a drain on resources. While automatic updates are not bad in themselves, the timing of the updates might work against you and make your battery low when you least expect it.

8. Push notification is on for many apps: You don’t need every app to alert you when there’s something new. You can turn off push notification on apps you don’t need information from regularly like games and documents app.

9. Junk and temporary files: Junk and temporary files clog the space regular and good files ought to be thus increasing the work it takes for the internal processes to access files when they need them, which in turn affects battery life.

How to Fix iPhone 7 Battery Quick Drain

1. Change Push email settings:To change push email settings, go into Settings > “Mail, Contacts and calendar” > Fetch New Data. You can set it off totally or change the interval your device connects to email servers.

2. Change your location settings:You can change your location settings the following way:

  • Settings > Privacy > Location Services
  • If you want to turn location services off for every application, toggle the “Location Services” at the top of the page off. If not, navigate to each app installed on your device and select “Never” for “Allow Location Access”.

3. Free up enough storage space: As explained above, junk files and temporary files causes your iPhone to do more work. More work equals more power usage. iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac is an iPhone utility that offers a one-click solution to data privacy and space savings. It will clear your temporary and junk files in one click and permanently at that.

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iPhone Battery Dies Fast

4. Toggle off Diagnostic and Usage Data:Sending data to Apple is not mandatory. To avoid sending data to Apple, go into Settings > Privacy > Diagnostics and Usage Data > Select “Don’t send”.

5. Change Push Notification settings for most apps:For applications not needing your attention for every alert, change the push notification settings by going into Settings, look through each app and toggle “Allow Notification” off for applications you don’t need alerts for all the time.

6. Close out apps: To close out apps you do not need for the immediate time being, double tap the “Home” button and scroll to the apps you don’t need, dragging them upwards to close the apps.

7. Reduce screen brightness: To reduce the screen brightness, tap the “Home” button, underneath the “Slide to Unlock”, drag the “Control Center” button up. Slide the brightness scale till the screen brightness is comfortable for you.

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