Instagram stories are a means of sharing moments with our loved ones who are also registered on the Facebook owned social app, Instagram. Many users used to share their lovely moments from a tour, showcase their talent, gist their followers or advertise their products and services. The usefulness of this feature is almost the same as the traditional sharing of posts on Instagram. However, for one or two reasons, we may wish to mute or unmute an Instagram story, or mute someone on Instagram. This article will teach you how to do both.

mute or unmute someone on instagram

What Happens When You Mute Someone on Instagram?

It is presumed that a user understands what he or she is doing when they click the mute or unmute icon on their Instagram app or website to perform the intended actions. But then, some of us may not even know what exactly happens when we mute or unmute someone on Instagram.

What really happens when you mute someone on Instagram is very simple. It simply means that you have asked Instagram to give less priority to their (story) posts and send them to the bottom of the (story) list so they will not bug you for any reason. Simply put, Instagram pushes their posts down to the list where you would have to be intentional about viewing them before you can view them; meaning you cannot mistakenly view muted Instagram stories.

Muting vs. Blocking on Instagram

Many may confuse muting with blocking; many even use the words interchangeably. While they share some similarities, they are actually two different things on Instagram. Even in their literal sense, they do not mean the same thing. Let's check some similarities between muting and blocking.

block instagram vs. mute instagram


When you mute or block a user on Instagram:

  • They will not be notified about your action of blocking or muting them.

  • You will not be able to view their story unless you are intentional about viewing it.

  • They are both measures of privacy on Instagram.


Even though these two terms share some similarities, they share more differences than similarities actually. When you block someone on Instagram:

They will not be able to see your Instagram feeds, and you will also not be able to see theirs.

  • They will not be able to view your Instagram stories, and you will not be able to see theirs.

  • They will not be able to leave a comment on your post.

  • They will not be able to message you, just as much as you will not be able to message them.

  • They will be removed from your followers and followings.

  • They will not be able to use the search option to search for your handle on Instagram.

  • Depending on the severity of the block, they may not be able to follow or message you even when they create a new account.

  • Unless you block them, there is absolutely nothing they can do to reach you on Instagram.

Steps to Mute or Unmute Someone/Instagram Story on Instagram

The first step to take when you decide to mute or unmute someone is to take the decision. After all, your emotional health matters a lot to you, and you wouldn't let any disturbance in the guise of an Instagram story affect it. Assuming you have decided to hide someone on Instagram, below are the steps to follow:

Mute Someone OR Someone's story on Instagram

Step 1.Open your Instagram app and scroll through the stories at the top of the screen to see if they have an active story.

Step 2.If they have an active story that you can see on the story list, that makes everything easier. Simply click and hold on the thumbnail of the story.

Step 3.A pop-up will appear at the bottom of the screen showing you the option to either view their profile or mute their story. Simply click on "Mute".

mute someone on instagram

Step 4.You will be asked if you want to mute just their story, or story and post. Select the one that suits you.


If you mute someone's stories, you won't see their story at the top of your feed. Muting someone's story is different from unfollowing them and from muting their profile. You'll still see their posts in the feed.
 What if they don't have an active story?

Step 1: Open your Instagram app and go to their profile by searching their username.

Step 2: On the page of their profile, you will see "following" with a drop-down icon; click on it to see the options that will pop up.

Step 3: Click on "Mute" and you will have the option to mute their story and feed. Choose the one that suits you.


Can I Mute Other's Instagram Story without Unfollowing?

Unmuting someone's Instagram story does not in any way make you unfollow them. The steps above have shown how to mute and unmute someone and their story without unfollowing them.

Unmute Someone on Instagram

Unmuting someone on Instagram is not tricky too:

Step 1.Open your Instagram app.

Step 2.Search for their profile.

Step 3.On their profile, select the "Following" icon with the drop-down symbol.

Step 4.From the pop-up option at the bottom of the screen, select "Mute".

Step 5.In the next screen, toggle the options as it suits your preference. You can unmute their story or post, or both of them.

unmute someone on instagram

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Mute Someone's Posts/Messages on Instagram

Steps to Mute Someone's Posts on Instagram

If a user's posts on Instagram are not in line with your values, or they seem to be more of a disturbance than entertainment to you, don't worry; it is very possible for those posts to disappear from your feeds so you won't be bothered by them anymore in the future.

Step 1.Open your Instagram app. Scroll through your Instagram feeds if you can find one of their posts.

Step 2.Click on the three dots on the top of the post and a drop-down menu will appear.

Step 3.Click on mute and you will have the option of muting only their posts or their posts as well as their story.

*Another method

Step 1: Open your Instagram app and search for their profile.

Step 2: On the profile page, click "following".

Step 3: From the drop-down menu, select "mute".

unmute someone on instagram

Step 4: In the next page, you will have the option to mute their posts or their story, or both.

Steps to Mute Someone's Messages on Instagram

Step 1.Open your Instagram app.

Step 2.At the top right corner of the screen, you will see an arrow icon. Click on it to display your message list.

Step 3.Locate the chat, press and hold it and a pop-up will appear at the bottom of the screen

Step 4.Click "mute" and that is it.

Do the same process to unmute a message as well.

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FAQs: More Mute Tips for Instagram

1 How to tell if someone has muted you on Instagram?

Instagram will not inform a user if another user has muted or unmuted them. Therefore, there's no plausible way to tell if someone has muted you on Instagram. You can only take a wild guess if you noticed they haven't been engaging your posts and stories.

2When you mute someone on Instagram, can they see your posts?

Yes, they can see your posts, unless they, just like you have muted you. Your action of muting them does not affect the visibility of your posts to them. However, there are options to stop them from seeing your posts. You can restrict them or outrightly block them.


Instagram is a very fun and interactive social app where we share our beautiful moments to inspire and entertain our followers. However, we can decide to limit the scope of the content that graces our feeds and story wall. This article has done justice to that and we hope that you find it very helpful.

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