How to Extract Notes From iPhone Backup on Windows/Mac

Q: “My iPhone 5s was stolen yesterday, I was really upset about it. My iPhone had a lot of notes inside of it, for shopping, appointments etc. Even some of my class notes were in it too. I backed up my data with iTunes before it was stolen, however, it does not offer permission to access the data from the outside. How do I retrieve all my data from my iPhone backup?”

Do you own an iPhone? Do you wish to extract notes from iPhone backup? Have you ever had the need of extracting backup notes from it? Well, I’m sure you have. It is a very common scenario in most Apple forums and other tech forums for people to ask the steps and processes involved with the extraction.

A lot of times our iPhone notes get either deleted or perhaps lost for several reasons whether it is due to damage to the device, mistaken error or anything else; once lost it can cause a lot of trouble. There are several ways to recover lost data but however, we have a specific solution to your problem and it is called iMyfone D-Back.

Tool You'll Need - iMyfone D-Back

iMyfone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery or iPhone Data Recovery for Mac is very handy and easy to use utility software that helps in recovering lost data in a matter of seconds. From data recovery to back-up you can get it all done with the help of iMyfone. iMyfone D-Back iPhone data extractor is supportive of as much as 22 types of files that it can recover from all sorts of iOS devices. If you are worried about your third party app data being lost, well this product is capable of recovering some third party instant messenger app data to such as WhatsApp/Skype/Kik/Wechat messages.

Following are details of 4 recovery modes of iMyfone D-Back. Some of the added advantages of iMyfone are:

  • Smart recovery – Relocating your lost data and recovery of important files is its primary proposition.
  • Recovery from iOS devices – It doesn’t matter even if you have lost your iPhone or any apple device, iMyfone can recollect all of the data that was stored in it in minutes.
  • iTunes backup recovery – Without even connecting to iDevice, your data from your broken, damaged or lost phone can be got via iTunes.
  • iCloud backup recovery – The D-backup application of the software can extract all the data via iCloud from your iDevice with ease.

Windows version Mac version

We will introduce 2 ways to extract notes from iPhone backup, one is to extract from iTunes backup and the other is from iCloud backup.

Steps to preview and extract notes from iTunes backup

1 Choose iTunes backup and scan from it.

Click the start button from the visible tab that says “Recover from iTunes backup”. You then have an option to even select the type of file that you want to recover.

Recover from iTunes backup

Now you have to choose the exact iTunes back up that you want. This will enable data recovery and following this you have to select ‘scan’. It typically takes a couple of minutes to scan. Please wait for the scanning to happen.

choose the exact iTunes back up that you want

2 Previewing and Recovery

The results of the scan will be displayed and you need to browse through the content accordingly. Pick between “Select all” or “choose only the deleted files” and select the ones you need.Hit “recover”. Make a recovery folder and a path that links to the recovery. All the files recovered by iMyfone D-back will be recovered to that folder. Check the folder after recovery.

 Previewing and Recovery

Steps to preview and extract notes from iCloud backup:

1 Login to your iCloud account and download all your backup files

Click the start tab on the screen after selecting “Recover from iCloud Backup”

selecting “Recover from iCloud Backup”

Fill up all the necessary data and log in to your account. You will find all your backup files into your account. Choose the iCloud back up that you want the data to recover from. Hit “next” on the lower corner of the screen and wait for a couple of minutes. It takes a while to download all the backup files.

log in to your account

2 Preview and Recovery:

After the scan is completed, the results will appear on the screen. Choose the ones that you want and select Recover. Browse to the location for file recovery for all the files to recover to. You’re done.

 Preview and Recovery


The steps for recovery of data over a Mac system are very similar to that of a Windows one. However, do ensure to duplicate and install the iMyfone D-Back in one of your applications folder rather than just double clicking it on your Macintosh system. The scan will display all the file types that you’ve chosen instead of all files in your Macintosh system.

Now download iMyfone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery or iPhone Data Recovery for Mac to extract notes from iPhone backup!

Windows version Mac version

  • Joe Edens

    I have one iTunes backup three months ago, but my notes were lost after i made the backup, what should I do?

    • iMyfone D-Back can also recover lost notes from iOS device directly, provided that your deleted notes are not overwritten. And you can try the free trial version to detect whether your deleted notes can be found.

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