How to Get the Information from iCloud

Apple introduced iCloud in 2011 to offer a better backup and sync service. With the help of iCloud, users have the opportunity to back up their contents to the iCloud server anywhere and at any time. The downside to the content backed up to the iCloud server is that it is impossible to retrieve content individually. The only means you can look at the files present in the back of is by restoring the device. Many users are wondering about how they can get information from the uploaded iCloud content easily.

It is common for people to retrieve data because they want to restore deleted or lost contents. We present you 2 solutions in the tutorial through which you can get info from iCloud easily.

1 Get Info from iCloud through comes handy when a user wishes to access the content through a web browser because they do not possess either an iPhone or Mac. All the user requires is an Internet connection, a computer, Apple ID, and

If you're willing to get information about the photos present on your iCloud, you can easily log into the account from any web browser.

If you are loading the iCloud photo library on the web for the first time, it will take a while because it needs synchronization to the current state. After furnishing the details and entering the account, you can click the "Photos" to look at all the images.

Get Info from iCloud through

If you're in need of additional information available in your iCloud, you can use the iCloud data extractor without a device to extract contacts, messages, videos, photos, safari history, messages from WhatsApp,WeChat, Kik and much more from iCloud.

2 Get 22+ Files including Photos, Contacts, Messages from iCloud

A data extractor functions efficiently in recognizing over 22 different file formats that make it easy for you to possess enhanced control over the data that you wish to retrieve. IMyfone D-Back excels in this region because of its efficiency in recognizing files and the ability to retrieve them securely. Specially built for the iOS devices, the software package is capable of fulfilling the requirements of the user. The following are the essential features that make it outstanding from the rest of the programs:

imyfone d-back iphone data recovery

iMyfone D-Back iCloud Data Extractor

  • Uses 4 modes to extract 22+ files such as photos, messages, contacts, videos, messages from WhatsApp, Kik from iDevice, iCloud and iTunes backup file.
  • Shows preview of the extractable content before extraction.
  • Helps in fixing bugs in the iOS platform without restoring the device.
  • Compatible with common iDevice such as iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, iPhone 5s and iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10 system version.

download-win download-mac


Steps to get info from iCloud using iMyfone D-Back

Step 1: Download the iMyfone D-Back trial variant for Mac or Windows PC. After completing the installation, launch the program. From the primary window appearing on the screen, pick "Choose from iCloud Backup " option.

choose extraction mode

Step 2: When you press the start button of the main interface, the program will ask you to choose the data that you wish to recover. You can make multiple choices according to your requirement. After marking the data, press the "Next" button at the bottom.

marking the data

Step 3: iMyfone D-Back will ask you to enter your Apple ID. Key in the essential credentials.

enter your Apple ID

Step 4: After gaining access, the program will then scan for available backup files. It will display the available files in order. Now, the pickup a preferable backup file and press the next button at the bottom of the screen.

pickup a preferable backup file

Step 5: iMyfone D-Back will begin scanning for the selected contents from the backup file. It will display the recoverable data in different categories. You can then mark the relevant files of the most important records that you wish to save it on your computer. Once the selection procedure is complete, press the "Recover" button at the bottom of the window.

get info from iCloud using iMyfone D-Back

Step 6: iMyfone D-Back iCloud data extractor Win or iCloud data extractor Mac prompts a small message asking you to decide on the destination folder. You can create one or navigate to an existing folder. Browse the folder only after the software completes the recovery process.

Windows version Mac version

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