Does anyone know any way to recover Viber messages on iPhone? I accidentally deleted it from my iPhone 11 Pro Max. I haven't made any backup of them! Any ideas?

Viber is a convenient SNS application and it owns increasing users in recent years. For iPhone users who use Viber a lot, the Viber data may include lots of important information. And of course, losing Viber messages, such as mistaken deletion or viral attack, will cause huge trouble for users.

To solve iPhone Viber user’s data loss problem, here the article offers 5 ways on how to recover Viber messages on iPhone without backup. We recommend iMyFone D-Back iPhone data recovery to get back your deleted viber chat history from iPhone, Download iMyFone D-Back free now.

We also introduced how to retrieve your Viber data from Android Phone. Just keep reading!

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Part 1. Comparison Table: Methods Listed in the Post

Before introducing the solutions to recover deleted Viber messages on iPhone, let's take a look at the comparison of them first.

via Reinstalling Viber App via iCloud Restore via iTunes Restore via D-Back via Email
Recover without backup No No No Yes No
RecoverfromiTunes backup No No Restore without viewing Preview before recovery No
RecoverfromiCloud backup Restore without viewing Restore without viewing No Preview before recovery No
Recovery Options Fully restore only Fully restore only Fully restore only Selectively or fully Restore only the messages you've sent
No No Yes No No
Difficulty Easy Complex Complex Easy Easy

Part 2. Restore Deleted iPhone Viber Messages from Backup

In case you have backed up the deleted Viber messages before, then you can directly restore them from backup. The following are the 3 options to restore deleted Viber messages from backup in different situations.

Option 1. Restore Deleted Viber Messages from Viber Backup

If you've backed up the deleted iPhone Viber messages with Viber message backup function, follow these steps to get them back. Note that it requires you to connect your iPhone to a stable WiFi network.

Step 1. Reinstall Viber on your device and link it to the same phone number. Wait until a pop-up message appears.

Step 2. Then tap on "Restore now".

restore viber message from backup

This may take a few minutes. After that, all your Viber messages in the backup will be restored to your iPhone, including the deleted ones.


  • Your Viber account must have been connected to your iCloud account before you could back up your messages (Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive > turn on "Viber").
  • Make sure the Viber messages you deleted are contained in your last backup as the new backup will overwrite the previous one.
  • You can only restore your messages to the same platform (iOS to iOS, Android to Android) with the same phone number.
  • Not all the Viber messages will be restored since Viber does't back up the hidden chat message history, media messages, etc. If you're looking for a way to restore the pictures included in the chat history or any other types of Viber messages, please head to part 3.

Option 2. Recover Deleted Viber Messages from iCloud Backup

For users who have made iCloud backups before losing the Viber messages, this free method is worth a try.

Step 1. Erase all contents and settings on your iPhone.

Navigate to Settings > General > Reset > Erase all Data and Settings.

erase all contents and settings on iPhone

Step 2. Restore iPhone from iCloud backup.

After step 1 is completed, the "Apps & Data" screen will show up, tap Restore from iCloud Backup > Sign in to iCloud account > Choose a backup > select a backup which contains your deleted Viber messages.

restore from iCloud backup


  • The step 1 will erase all contents and settings on your iPhone, it's suggested to back up your device first.
  • It requires a previous iCloud backup to restore Viber messages to your iPhone.
  • It's quite time-consuming, and will cause more data loss since the current data may be replaced by the data in iCloud backup file.
  • You have to connect your iPhone to a stable WiFi network during the process.

Option 3. Retrieve Deleted Viber Messages from iTunes Backup

Have you ever backed up your Viber messages with iTunes before the deletion? If so, you can restore them from a previous iTunes backup. Follow the steps below.

Step 1. Launch iTunes on Windows or Finder on Mac. Connect your iPhone to PC.

Step 2. Select your iPhone when it appears on iTunes.

Step 3. .Choose Restore Backup.

restore backup from iTunes

Step 4. Pick the most relevant backup that includes your deleted Viber messages, click Restore.


  • It won't allow you to view the content within the backup to check whether it includes the Viber messages you want to restore.
  • All data and files will be replaced by the backup file.
  • It also requires you to back up before the deletion/loss.

Part 3. Restore Deleted Viber Chat History on iPhone without Backup

Mostly, the data loss on iPhone is sudden and users may don’t have any preparation for it. What if you accidentally deleted the Viber messages that hadn't been backed up yet? Can you recover them without a backup? Definitely yes! Viber messages can be retrieved from iPhone directly even without any backup. What you need is just one excellent iPhone data recovery tool, such as iMyFone D-Back iOS Data Recovery Tool. The scan and preview functions are free, you can use D-Back first to check if it can find your deleted Viber messages. With powerful features, this tool is your top choice to recover deleted Viber messages on iPhone without backup.

iMyFone D-Back iPhone Viber Message Recovery Tool

Main Features

  • Recover Viber messages lost in different situations even without backup, such as system crash, accidental deletion, etc.
  • Free preview messages in Viber after the scan, selectively choose Viber messages to recover per you needs.
  • Applicable to the latest iPhone models, such as iPhone 15, 14, 13 Pro Max, 12 Pro, 11, etc. Supports running on iOS 17,16, 15, 14, 13 and more.
  • 20+ types of iPhone file such as Viber PhotosWhatsApp, WeChat, Kik can be retrieved.
  • Simple procedures allow users operate it easily, no tech knowledge required.

3.1 Steps to Recover Deleted Viber Messages on iPhone without a Backup

Step 1. Run iMyFone D-Back and choose "Recover from iOS Device". Then click "Start".

iMyFone D Back Choose Recovery Mode

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to PC. Check the data type "Viber" and then click "Next".

iMyFone D Back Choose the data type

Step 3: After scanning, this tool will list all the Viber messages, including the lost for your preview. You can preview all or the deleted data only by choosing "Show only deleted ones". Check what you want to retrieve. Then click "Recover" to choose one folder and store your recovered Viber messages. In this way, your lost Viber messages are back.

iMyFone D Back preview Viber Messages on iOS device

3.2 Selectively Recover Viber Messages on iPhone from iTunes/iCloud Backup

Since restore the deleted Viber messages from iTunes/iCloud backup will cause more data loss and won't allow you to view the backup content, D-Back offers more considerable solutions. D-Back can access your iTunes or iCloud backup file and extract the specific missing Viber messages. Here’s how to do it.

Steps to Extract from iTunes via iMyFone D-Back

iMyFone D Back recover viber messages from iTunes

Steps to Extract from iCloud via iMyFone D-Back

Note: iCloud backup file can not be obtained for now due to Apple server restrictions, our technicians are working on it, please expect.

iMyFone D Back preview the Viber messages

Part 4. Retrieve Deleted Viber Chat History on Android Phone without Backup

Last part, we discussed "how to restore the viber chat history from iPhone without backup". What if you are an Android phone user? How to restore Viber chat from Android phone? Don't worry! iMyFone has another advanced tool to help you recover them - iMyFone D-Back for Android. Its robust features can help you get files back without root. Let's see main features of the program.

iMyFone D-Back A ndroid Phone Viber Message Recovery Tool

Main Features

  • Recover Viber messages in different scenarios, such as system root, screen broken, accidental loss, etc.
  • Recover different types of Android files without backup.
  • Applicable to the latest Android systems, such as Android 13, Android 12, and more.
  • You can choose recover data before free can and preview function.

Steps to Recover Deleted Viber Messages on Android Phone without a Backup

Step 1. Download iMyFone D-Back for Android from the official website and launch it. Then choose "Recover phone data".

d-back for android

Step 2. Connect your Android phone to your pc, and click the "start" button. Now, D-Back for Android will scan and analyze your lost Viber data.

Step 3. After scanning your data, all of them will be displayed on your screen, you can preview and recover them.

recover viber data from android

Part 5. How to Get Back Viber Messages on iPhone from Email

If you have sent Viber messages by email according to Viber’s suggestion in the following directory: Viber > More > Settings > Calls and Messages > Email Message History and send Viber Messages to any email account, you can just log in your email to download the attached file. Your messages’ backup is there for your view.


Note: However, your photos and videos won’t be backed up to your email. And the Viber messages are stored in CSV files and cannot be restored to iPhone.

Final Thoughts

Now you've got 6 methods to recover deleted Viber messages on iPhone/Android phone. You can easily restore deleted messages in Viber through cloud backup such as iCloud, iTunes or Google Drive. Though they are free, both of them have limitations: get data on the Phone overwritten, and require backup. In such case, you can use iMyFone D-Back for iOS/Android to retrieve the deleted messages in Viber without backup.