Top 5 iPhone Video Recovery Software You Need to Know

iMyFone D-Back iMyFone D-Back

If you use an iOS device, the only way Apple allows you to restore is using iTunes or iCloud. In case you misplaced or cause damage to your idevice, it used to be really difficult to get your important video and image files back. Now, thanks to some really good iPhone video recovery software options you can now recover your important data without any hassles!

Check out these top 5 really cool iPhone video deleted recovery software options you can install to ensure that you never lose your videos again!

Let’s start with Number 5 and work our way down to the top!

5. iPhone Backup Viewer (or iBackup Viewer)

A popular backup tool, iPhone Backup Viewer by iMactools is a simple backup tool that can extract most types of data files from any iPhone backup file, including app data, photos, internet info, messages, call history, and contacts. iBackup viewer makes viewing and scanning your iTunes backup data on computer easy.

Some Pros:

  • It has an easy-to-use and simple interface
  • It can easily locate all the iPhone backup files on a computer
  • Allows you to go through and extract your files from a backup

Some Cons:

  • Sometimes, it cannot scan all iTunes backup files fully
  • It cannot extract data from iCloud
  • Does not allow you to check and screen encrypted iOS backup files


ibackup viewer

4. iBackup Extractor for iPod/iPhone/iPad

Using iBackup Extrator, one iPhone deleted video recovery app can easily open backup files and check and extract calendar info, bookmarks, call logs, messages in addition to other data from a iTunes backup file.

Some Pros:

  • You can use the free trial to check and extract 50 deleted files from any of your iTunes backups
  • It is available for both Windows and Mac
  • You can use it to view and remove files from any iOS device’s iTunes backup file

Some Cons:

  • There are very few export format options
  • It cannot scan all backup files fully
  • It cannot extract data from iCloud files


ibackup extractor

3. AnyTrans

AnyTrans iPhone video recovery app allows you to access your iTunes/iCloud backup files after you have connected your device to your computer and run the software. With AnyTrans, you can select and then export the data of your choice like app data, bookmarks, notes, call history, emails, voice mails, messages and contacts.

Some Pros:

  • Data extraction from all iOS/iCloud backups/iTunes backups is possible
  • In addition, you can use it to move data between your iTunes library, iOS device and computer
  • Allows you to go through your backups and extract files without restoring your device

Some Cons:

  • When you are trying to access image or video files, it does not allow you to preview your files
  • Requires you to connect your device to your computer before you can extract



2. iPhone Backup Extractor (w/ Expert Mode)

Compatible with most iDevices, iPhone Backup Extractor is available on both PC and Mac formats and can be easily downloaded and installed to extract files from any iTunes backup file.

Some Pros:

  • Features an Expert mode that allows you to extract iPhone backups
  • Available for both Mac and Windows
  • Can extract files from both iCloud and iTunes

Some Cons:

  • Does not allow you to preview files prior to extraction
  • Cannot scan all data fully


iphone backup extractor

And the winner is….. iMyfone D-Back!

1. iMyfone D-Back

If you are looking for an easy-to-use iPhone video recovery tool app that has a simple interface and allows you to restore the most file formats from any iCloud or iTunes backup file, you need to download and install iMyfone D-Back Windows version/iMyfone D-Back Mac version right away! It offers a step by step method to restore your files from any iCloud or iTunes backup with just a few clicks particularly when you use their Smart Recovery feature.

Windows version Mac version

Some Pros:

  • It has an easy to use interface with a step by step Smart Recovery option for new users
  • It has FOUR recovery modes
  • It can recover over 22 file types from any backup including uncommon apps like Kik and Voice Memos

A Con:

  • Though it can open all types of files and recover them, it may take more time in scanning.


select all from smart recovery

The Final Words

These are the top 5 iPhone video recovery software options available out there right now, and they are more than good enough for your daily backup and restore needs. However, if you need something a bit more robust and complex that can restore over 22 file types your only option would be iMyfone D-Back iOS data recovery Windows version and iMyfone D-Back iOS data recovery Mac version. For very basic needs, one could opt for iPhone Backup Extractor as well.

Windows version Mac version

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    Thanks for these tips. I have downloaded the five apps and hope any of them could help.

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      We are glad the article is helpful, Gloria. And hope you will be lucky on recovering your videos.

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