How to Upload Photos from iPhone to PC

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“Hi! This is John, and I am using iPhone for the first time. I wanted to upload all the pictures that I clicked with my iPhone to my PC. I am not sure about using iTunes and wanted to know a simple process, like plug the device and copy pictures. Is there a way out?”

Such instances are becoming common for people who are switching to iPhone from a different mobile operating system. Although Apple provides several options, the one being the use of iTunes, you cannot get it right all the times, if you are a new member of the Apple family. Additionally, the synchronization of iTunes with the device sometimes replaces the previous photos stored in the iTunes library without your notice.

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Losing pictures will be a disaster when there is no availability of a backup. That will undoubtedly frustrate anyone and leave him or her in agony. Therefore, it is essential to learn about a simple procedure that will help any individual on how to upload photos from iPhone to PC with ease.

The one solution that everyone is looking for is here – using iMyfone D-Back, which allows easy upload or transfer of the images present in the iPhone to their PC hard disk.

What is iMyfone D-Back?

iMyfone D-Back (Windows/Mac version) is an iOS data recovery program. Specially crafted for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, the software allows a user to recover data from their iOS device, iTunes, and iCloud backup files in simple ways. The following are the remarkable features of the program:

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Features of iMyfone D-Back

  • Identifies data from an iOS device and retrieves it easily without backup files.
  • Recognizes over 22 different file extensions that make it easy to recover any file.
  • Shows preview of the recoverable content so users can do selective recovery.
  • Fixes different kinds of bugs in the iOS system without restoring or data loss.
  • Supports multiple iOS devices and iOS version, including iPhone 7 and iOS 10.

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How to Upload Pictures from iPhone to Computer using iMyfone D-Back

Step 1. Download, Install, and Option Selection

Visit the official site of iMyfone D-Back to download the trial version for either Mac or Windows. Install the program and launch the same. From the main interface, choose “Retrieve from iOS Device” from the left side.

Recover from iOS Device Tab

Step 2. Connection and File Type Selection

Upon clicking the “Start” button, the program will prompt you to connect the iPhone to the computer. After connection, you need to select the file type that you wish to recover. In this case, it is Photo. Mark the same and press “Next” at the bottom.

Select File Type from iOS Tab

Step 3. Scanning, Preview, and Recovery

Start scanning by clicking “Scan” button as shown in the picture below. After iMyfone D-Back completes the scan, it will display all the recoverable images in its preview screen. You can then mark all the photos or only important ones.

Preview File from iOS Tab

You can then select the files that appear on the list. After the selection is complete, click “Recover” at the bottom of the window to save your photos.

The whole upload time spent depends on the quantity of the pictures and the total number of files selected. It is essential that you leave the program alone until the process is complete. After completion, you can open the folder to see the images stored.

Given the advantage of simple steps in uploading photos from iPhone to PC, using iMyfone D-Back (Windows/Mac version) is the most convenient procedure than other solutions. Remember to download the trial version of the software, and experience the quickest way to move photos in a safe way.

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