The iPhone 7 loop disease is known to many people but there is a surge in the number of users facing this problem. This disease can affect both iPhone 7 as well as iPhone 7 Plus users.

The main disappointment for many people is that it affects their device almost at the end of the warranty period. So, it becomes expensive for them to fix.

Basic Knowledge of Loop Disease

According to some experts, the phones start getting affected by this disease as they age. The iPhone 7 loop disease is responsible for various issues in the device. But before that, let’s see what the loop disease is.


What is the iPhone 7 Loop Disease?

This disease is similar to the touch disease that affected the iPhone 6 models. But in this case, the audio chip on the motherboard loosens. This might be an audio-related problem but many normal functions get affected by it.

What are the Symptoms of iPhone 7 Loop Disease?

The iPhone 7 users facing this issue will face poor audio quality issues like an unusual speaker or audio behaviors. They might also face microphone problems in which the other person cannot hear your voice.

Because of this issue, you will not be able to access the speakerphone button during the call.

Many users have also reported issues like grayed out speaker icon or voice memo icon during calls. This disease also slows down and freezes the iPhone 7.

However, in the later stages, the device will get stuck on boot up. Your device will get stuck on an infinite loop displaying the Apple logo until you reset it. This is the reason it is called loop disease.

Top Solutions to Fix iPhone 7 Loop Disease

Is your iPhone 7 suffering from a loop disease? When you make calls, is the speaker button grayed out?

Some users may experience the problems due to loop disease after the iPhone 7 comes out of warranty period. However, before you give for iPhone 7 loop disease repair, let’s talk about the top solutions for fixing this issue.

Option #1. Try to Fix iPhone 7 Loop Disease in One Click

Here you’d better use one of the most advanced and safest tools to fix this issue. iMyFone Fixppo is developed using the latest technology.

  • The standard mode of Fixppo can be effective for iPhone 7 loop disease fix without data loss.
  • It is capable to solve various kinds of iOS issues like bricked phone, iPhone stuck on boot loop, iPhone keeps shutting off, etc.
  • It has full compatibility. All iOS version (iOS16 supported) and iOS devices are supported.
  • It has been recommended by Macworld, Cult of Mac, Payetteforward, Makeuseof and so on.

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Step 1.Open Fixppo on your computer and click “Standard Mode”.

choose Standard Mode

Step 2.Connect the iPhone 7 to your computer and click “Next”. Your iPhone 7 will be detected automatically and proceed to the next step. If it is not detected, you have to put your device in DFU or Recovery Mode.

connect your device to your computer

Step 3.Fixppo will detect your device automatically and the latest iOS versions will be shown for download. Select the most relevant version for your iPhone and click on “Download”.

download firmware under Standard Mode

Step 4.Now, click the “Start” button. The tool will start fixing iOS issues immediately. Don’t use the iPhone 7 or unplug it from the computer until the process gets over. Check if the iPhone 7 restarts normally. After restarting, the issue will get fixed.

finished fixing your device

Windows version Mac version

Option #2. Contact Apple Support Center

If the loop disease issue is not fixed after using the above method, there is probably something wrong with the hardware. So you need to contact Apple Support Center to have a check. The executives will guide you according to your problem. If you are lucky and your device is under warranty, you might also get it replaced for free.

Tip. Recover Lost Data after iPhone 7 Loop Disease Repair

The loss of data is a concern for most users. If your iPhone 7 data get lost after fixing, you can try iMyFone D-Back software.

It is very safe to use the D-Back tool for data recovery on your device. It doesn’t matter what kind of file type you lost, you can easily recover them within a few minutes.

Step 1.Open iMyFone D-Back and choose “Recover from iOS Device” on your computer. Click on “Start”. Connect your iPhone 7 to the computer. Click “Next” when your iPhone gets detected.

connect your device

Step 2.Various file types will be displayed. Choose the ones you want to recover and click “Scan”.

select data types

Step 3. After scanning, all the recoverable files will be displayed. Preview and select what you need to recover. You need to create a new folder or choose an existing one to store the recovered data.

Preview File from iOS Tab


You can also restore the full backup via the official iTunes and iCloud way. However, all the previous data of your iPhone 7 will be replaced by the restored data.
Luckily, if you want to selectively recover data from iTunes or iCloud backup, do not hesitate to try iMyFone D-Back.

Why Choose D-Back?

  • It has been recommended by CNET, TechRadar, PCWorld and other professional websites.
  • D-Back applies advanced technology to search for lost data in the SQLite database which makes it the best notes recovery tool with the highest recovery rate in the market.
  • It supports to recover data without backup.
  • Extract and recover data you need from iTunes or iCloud without having to restore the whole backup.
  • It supports other 18 file types from iPhone such as photos, contacts, messages, voice memos, WhatsApp, etc.
  • It is compatible with all iOS devices and iOS versions (iOS16 supported).


Windows version Mac version


For iPhone 7 loop disease repair, you need to view all the methods above carefully. Choose the one you trust to fix the issue. Let us know in the comments section below the symptoms that you experience in the iPhone 7 loop disease.