Imagine the time when you decide to backup your data in your iCloud knowing that you have lots of storage in it and when proceeding, you get warned, "This iPhone cannot be backed up because there is not enough iCloud storage available". How irritating that moment could be!

iCloud has not enough storage

What would you do if you are tolded no sufficient storage message but actually you do have ? If you are in such situation, this article is worth reading. We've brought you some tips you should try when iCloud says not enough storage but there is plenty of it available.

1. Check with Apple

When iCloud says not enough storage but there is, please ensure if there is a problem with iCloud server. Check with your Apple server and get to know about any problem. If there is a problem with the iCloud server or iCloud server is under maintenance, the iCloud storage information will not be updated in time or updated correctly.

2. Delete the Unnecessary Data using iCloud Storage

When there is a lot of space and still iCloud says not enough storage, the next tip is to check the iCloud storage and see what data type is consuming more space. Delete that particular data and make space. To execute this, open 'Settings' > 'Apple ID (your name)' > 'iCloud' > 'Manage Storage'. Now check the data types and delete accordingly.

manage iCloud storage

3. Check the Used Storage on Your iPhone

It is possible that your iPhone is using more storage than iCloud available storage and that's why iCloud says not enough storage when there is. For this, it is suggested to erase some unwanted data and apps in your device. Go to 'Settings' > 'General' > 'iPhone Storage' and check what apps are eating more storage and how much. Remove them accordingly. If you want to make it easy, use this iPhone data erase tool to directly clear up the junk and temorary files in your iPhone for free.

check the used storage on iPhone

4. Delete iCloud Backup

If iCloud says not enough storage although there is sufficient storage, here is an idea you can follow. You can export important data from your old iCloud backups and then delete the backup to leave more space for your new backup without any worry.

If you like this method, we would recommend that you use iMyFone D-Port. It is the best data exporter tool that one can ever use. With the help of this tool, one gets the power to export more than 18 types of data (such as contacts, notes, photos, videos, WhatsApp, Kik, WeChat and more) from their iOS device or iTunes/iCloud backup. Here is how you can export your data from iCloud backup when iCloud says not enough storage.

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4.1. How to export important data from your old iCloud backup

Step 1 鈥 To begin with, download iMyFone D-Port and install it on your PC. Launch it subsequently and click on 'Extract Data from Backup' from the main interface's left panel. For the first time you use this program, you can click on 'Download iCloud Backup' hyperlink below the list and from their download the backup you need.

Extract Data from an iCloud Backup

Step 2 鈥 Login to the iCloud account now and choose the file you need. Click on 'Next' now so that the file will get scanned by the program.

 log in to your iCloud account

choose an icloud backup

Step 3 鈥 The program will now display the data types you can export on the screen. You need to select the ones you want to export.

choose the data you would like to export

Step 4 鈥 Now, preview your data and choose the item you need to export. At the end, click on 'Extract' and get your data exported.

select the content you want extract

4.2. How to delete an old iCloud Backup

  • Get your iOS device and open 'Settings' on it.
  • Go to your Apple ID located at the top and tap on 'iCloud'.
  • Tap on 'Manage Storage' followed by 'Backups'.
  • Choose your device name under the Backups section and hit on 'Delete Backup'.
  • Lastly, end the process by tapping on 'Turn Off & Delete'.

delete iCloud backup

5. Try a Free Way to Selectively Backup Your iPhone

iMyFone D-Port can also making backup of your data. When iCloud shows no enough storage even when you have, you can use this alternative to backup your data and that too freely and selectively. The steps are given below.

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Step 1 鈥 Launch iMyFone D-Port and click on 'Back Up & Export from Device' from the left panel. Now, choose the one you want to backup. We will choose 'Back Up Messages' as an example.

Back Up Messages on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

Step 2 鈥 Now, hit on 'Back Up' and keep the device connected until you get the notification that backup is successfully done.

 back up your Messages

Messages have been backed up successfully