From time to time, a quick restart of your iPhone is needed to eradicate any persistent bugs and have it performing at its best again. But, if you鈥檝e managed to break your power button, how on earth are you meant to reset your iPhone? After all, it requires you to hold down two buttons simultaneously, with one of them being the power button.

It might seem impossible, but trust us, we've got some solutions for you to reset iPhone with broken power button. Whether you're able to use your screen, or if your screen is unresponsive, we've got methods to suit you. Let's begin with the responsive screen.

Reset iPhone with Broken Power Button (Usable iPhone Screen)

1. Reset iPhone by Resetting the Network

This first method relates to your network settings and will result in you losing your paired Wi-Fi connections. But, you'll need to head into the Settings app, tap on 'General', then 'Reset', and then choose 'Reset Network Settings'. After inputting your password, your iPhone will delete all of the network settings that are currently on your device. But, the great part is, it will finish by resetting your iPhone.

reset network settings

2. Reset iPhone by Activating Bold Text

Bizarrely, you can even restart your iPhone by activating one of the in-built functions 鈥 Bold Text. If you go into your settings app, hit 'General', then 'Accessibility', and then turn the 'Bold text' feature on. As soon as you slide the toggle, you'll receive a popup that states it will restart your iPhone 鈥 just tap 'Continue' and your phone will restart.

bold text on iPhone

3. Reset iPhone using AssistiveTouch

The last method is all about utilizing AssistiveTouch. After ensuring it鈥檚 been activated by heading into Settings, 'General鈥 and then 'Accessibility鈥, you can then open it up by tapping the little box on your screen. When it opens, tap on 'Device鈥, and then hold your finger down on 'Lock Screen鈥; you鈥檒l be able to turn it off then restart it by connecting a cable.

assistivetouch on iPhone

Reset iPhone with Broken Power Button (Unresponsive Screen)

Moving on, let's discuss how to reset an iPhone with both a broken power button and a frozen screen. We'll tell you straight away that it's not possible via an Apple function, but you can use an external tool for a solution. So, instead of fixing an issue by restarting, you can fix the issue via the software.

The one we'd recommend is iMyFone iOS System Recovery. Of course, this is for iOS issues, so if your problem is strictly to do with hardware, the software won't be able to assist. Anyway, iMyFone iOS System Recovery is a comprehensive tool that allows you to fix any issue 鈥 from minor to severe 鈥 within a matter of minutes.

Try It FreeTry It Free

Whether it's a black screen, an Apple logo freeze or in this case a restart problem, it'll be able to help. Plus, there's a Standard Mode, which prevents any data loss during the procedure.

Reset iPhone with Broken Power Button by iMyFone iOS System Recovery

Resetting your iPhone with broken power button with iMyFone iOS repair tool is simple enough for even those who know little about technology. Its interface is straightforward and easy to follow. Jus download the software and launch it.

  • Choose Standard Mode as the repair mode and it won鈥檛 cause any data loss on your device.

interface of iMyFone iOS system recovery

  • Before starting, you need to put your phone into DFU mode. To do this, you can hold down the sleep/wake and the home buttons together for around 10 seconds. Release the sleep button and keep holding down the home button for another 5 seconds.

 enter DFU mode under Standard mode

Note: we know that your power button (which is also called sleep/wake button is broken) is broken but you don't have to worry about this. Just give it a try to confirm whether the program can detect your iPhone.

  • When it鈥檚 entered DFU mode, you鈥檒l then need to download the firmware for your particular device. Once the software has detected which one you need, begin the process by selecting 'Download鈥.

download firmware

  • Following that, you'll need to hit 'Start to Fix', and the software will start repairing any issues.

fixing ios issues

Alongside the Standard Mode, iMyFone iOS System Recovery also have an Advanced Mode, which will enable you to wipe your device clean and return it to a brand-new type state. Through Advanced Mode, all of the data and settings from your iPhone will be completely cleaned and erased and we think it is better for those who want to clean their devices before selling or discarding them.

So, there you have it, some effective tips to help you out when you're iPhone is suffering from problems and you're unable to reset iPhone with broken power button. Try them and tell us which one works for you!