As functional as they are, the iPhone is not without their issues. One of the most common ones is that the device may get stuck on the Apple logo and many other system problems. In this article, we are going to show you some iPhone reboot programs.

Part 1. When Do You Need iPhone Reboot Software?

Before we get to the iPhone reboot software you can use, we think it might be useful to detail some of the reasons you might need such a tool. The following are some of the most common.

  • When your device gets stuck in recovery mode or a recovery mode loop after a jailbreak or iOS update.
  • When the device gets stuck on the reboot loop or becomes unresponsive.
  • If the device gets stuck on the white Apple logo.
  • When you forget the lock screen password and you are unable to access or use the device.
  • When iTunes fails to recognize the device.

Part 2. The Best iPhone Reboot Software

The best iPhone reboot software in the business is iMyFone Fixppo and the reason is simple. It is one of the simplest tools to use, allowing even the beginner to repair their device without any problems. It has a simple and clean user interface to improve efficiency and it can be used to fix just about any problem without a data loss.

  • It utilizes the most advanced technology to ensure a 100% success rate of the repair process.
  • It has two modes of recovery: the standard mode that can fix all sorts of errors without data loss and the advanced mode that is useful for more problematic issues.
  • It supports all iOS device models and all versions of the iOS firmware including iOS 16.
  • It has been trusted and recommended by a lot of professional websites around the world.

part of tech sites

Part 3. Reboot iPhone via iPhone Reboot Software without Data Loss

To use Fixppo to reboot your iPhone without data loss, download and install the program on to your computer and then follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Open the program on your computer. Select "Standard Mode" in the main window and then connect the iPhone to the computer using USB cables. Unlock the iPhone to allow the program to recognize the device.

 connect your device to your computer

If the program is unable to detect the device, you may need to put it in DFU/recovery mode. The program will provide the procedure to do this, simply follow the on-screen instructions.

 enter DFU Mode under Standard Mode

Step 2: The program will detect the device's model and present the necessary firmware for the device. Click on "Download" to download the firmware.

download firmware under Standard Mode

Step 3: Once the firmware is downloaded, click on "Start" to begin the repair process. Keep the device connected to the computer until the process is complete.

finished fixing your device

You can download the free trial version of this program to test drive it for yourself and see what it can do for you.

Part 4. Other iPhone Reboot Software in the Market

The following are some of the other iPhone Reboot programs to choose from.


This tool is primarily useful for upgrading and downgrading the iOS system without the restrictions you normally face with the official Apple methods. It is also a great way to fix a device that is stuck on the Apple logo, Recovery mode or in a boot loop and has been proven to be effective most of the time.



  • It can fix a device stuck in recovery mode in a single click.
  • It can be used to easily downgrade or upgrade the iOS.


  • It may fail to detect the device sometimes.
  • It is not an ideal solution for some iPhone stuck issues.


RecBoot is another free iPhone Reboot program that may prove to be very useful when experiencing some of the more common iOS issues. it is particularly helpful when your device is stuck in recovery mode or has failed to update for some reason.



  • It is completely free to use.
  • It is easy to use.


  • It is not compatible with Windows 64-bit operating system.
  • It may not support the latest iOS device models and may not work for devices running iOS 10 or higher.

Part 5. Reviews of The 3 iPhone Reboot Software

These 3 programs are all vastly different in their functionality. To make it easier for you to choose, we've outlined their main differences below.

iPhone Reboot Software Success Rate Upgrade/Downgrade iOS Supported iOS Devices Supported iOS Versions
iMyFone Fixppo 100% Yes All iOS devices including iPhone 14/14 Pro All iOS versions including iOS 16
TinyUmbrella 70% Yes Some iOS devices May not support devices running iOS 9 and higher
RecBoot 50% No Some iOS devices Doesn't work on iOS 9 and higher

A lot of users have sent their feedback on how this tool works.

user feedback


When looking for the best iPhone reboot software, the most effective criteria to use is to choose a tool that is not just very easy to use but also one that will support your device.

In this case, iMyFone Fixppo presents the most ideal solution since it can be used to fix all iOS issues easily and without the risk of data loss. Let us know if the above tools work for you or any other issues you may have with your device in the comments section below and we'll do our best to help.