What to Do When iPad Storage Almost Full

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With bigger screen than iPhone and less weight than Mac, iPad is perfect for entertainment to many iOS users. However iPad is always easy to gather tons of melodies and videos, let alone various games. No wonder why lots of people ask “why iPad keeps saying storage almost full?” We should know more about iPad storage issues, and learn how to fix iPad storage full error.

First of all, you should get an idea of what is eating up your iPad storage, so as to identify what should be managed to get back space on iPad. Go to Setting > General > Usage to check your iPad storage. And the following tips are provided to deal with the most common iPad storage problems.

Tip 1 Uninstall Seldom Used Apps

IPad storage full but no Apps installed? Let us face up to reality, among plenty of apps on your iPad, the apps for SNS, entertainment and work are with high use frequency. But quite a few apps are downloaded for following and one-off use, and then forgotten in the corner on iPad. Some of these apps can take up hundreds of MBs in your iPhone with big size of downloaded files and cache data, needless to say the size of the app itself.
delete apps

How to clear full storage on iPad by uninstalling these unnecessary apps? Holding the icons of apps you want to uninstall until all the icons on the Home screen begin to wiggle and tapping on the cross of the upper left corner of the icon.

Tip 2 Remove "Other" Data Stored on iPad

If you check your iPad’s memory usage through iTunes, usually there is a section called “Other” which eats up a huge storage space. Mainly, any file that doesn’t fit into the default categories goes into “Other.” This includes Safari bookmarks and history, Text messages, Calendar entries, Siri cache, Contact photos etc.

To know how much storage the “Other” data stored in apps, you just need to go to Setting > General > Usage, select the app, and see the storage occupied by “Document and Data”. The app itself might be only xxMB, but the “Document and Data” could be several GBs.

It’s easy to remove “Other” from app, just uninstall and reinstall the app, and all the “Document and Data” will be deleted.

ipad other storage

Tip 3 Manage Big Media Files - Photos, Videos, Songs

Media files can easily add up to several GBs on your iPad, especially when you are a music or movie fan. Photos and songs are not noticeably big as videos, but they are easy to accumulate in number, and make your iPad storage almost full. It’s time to manage these big media files now.

For songs no longer in your mood, leave them to iCloud or iTunes for future download. Videos and photos seldom viewed can also be uploaded as a backup. Then delete them in your iPad.


iPad, as a personal tool, always contains many privat information, such as sensitive messages, bank information, all kinds of account and password, personal photos and videos, so here comes iMyfone Umate Pro, this program offers not only the function of 1-click space saving, but also the function of permanently erasing personal data on iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch, if you want to make sure that your deleted sensitive files would not be recovered by any recovery tool, Umate Pro will be the best choice.

Tip 4 Disable automatic download and background apps refresh service

Apps with new features are more eye-catching and convenient while not every app needs constant auto-updating. Downloading apps not only occupy iPad storage, but also slow down your iPad when many apps are running at the same time.

To fix the problem of iPad saying storage almost full, you can disable the automatic download function in Settings > iTunes & App Store > Automatic Downloads and manually update the apps you use frequently later.

Background apps refresh service should be closed for the same reason. You can disable Background apps refresh service in Settings > General > Usage > Background App Refresh.

Tip 5 All-in-One Solution to Fix iPad Storage Full Error

If you want to use a safe and quick way to resolve iPad storage full issue, then you can’t miss iMyfone Umate Pro or iMyfone Umate Pro for Mac . With unique and advanced technique, the space saver can release tremendous space by just one click. In fact iMyfone Umate includ almost all the solutions above, and without troublesome manual operation, the one-click cleaning function will save much time for you.

Windows version Mac version

  • Clean up all kinds of hidden junk files and invisible temporary files, so most "Other" data be removed.
  • Compress photos on iPad to save 75% of iPad’s photo storage.
  • Preview, select and mass delete all unwanted photos to get space back.
  • Detect and list all videos on your iPad, you can preview them and select some or all of the videos to mass delete them.
  • Preview and selectively remove all useless apps by one click to manage app storage on iPad flexibly.
  • Back up automaticly all media files,photos and videos, before deletion and compression.

The space saver is really helpful for the iPad storage full issues, with this powerful tool, clear iPad storage is no longer a trouble for you!
Space saving Analysis Results
And the trial version is available for space analyzing, once junk files cleaning, 5 latest photos' compression and one app's uninstallation. Why not free download and try it now?

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  • It’s really annoying when you have an iPad and want to save more important stuffs in it, but your storage is almost full, usually by some of unimportant stuffs like cache or any other junks.
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