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How to Keep Data When Restoring Your iPhone?

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Heather Marston

November 24, 2017 (Updated: November 24, 2017)• Filed to: iPhone Tips

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When restoring your iPhone, usually you will lose all data on it. However, before you do another iPhone restore, note that you can do it in a smart way and prevent data loss. Besides, there are ways to do a selective backup and restore for iPhone, even a way to restore the data from popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, WeChat and the like.

We will speak about 3 ways that we feel are currently the best and easiest for restoring your iPhone safely and effectively. All you need is your iPhone and Mac/PC.

Restore iPhone without losing data with iOS Fix Tool

Usually, every Apple user performs the restore process when there is a huge problem. But naturally they want to fix iOS problem meanwhile keep the data on iPhone. The first method to solve this and restore your iPhone with data safely is using iMyFone iOS System Recovery which is from the critically acclaimed iPhone data management software company named iMyFone. See what the program can do for you:

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Key Features:

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Here the exact steps on how to keep the data when restoring your iPhone. Users need to download this iOS fix tool to a PC/Mac and connect your iPhone.

1. Run the program and you will see the 3 modes it offers. You want to keep data when restoring your iPhone, then you should choose Standard Mode.

interface of iMyFone iOS system recovery

2. To allow the program to connect your iPhone, you should put it in DFU or Recovery Mode. First, try putting it in DFU mode (hold power & sleep/wake button for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds release the sleep/wake button & only hold the power button for around 5 seconds).

 enter DFU mode under Standard mode

If it is not successful, put your iPhone in recovery mode (keep sleep/wake button & power button until you see "Connect to iTunes").

 enter Recovery mode under Standard mode

3. Then the program will detect the firmware for your specific iPhone model. Click Download to proceed.

download firmware

4. Follow the verifying process and go to fix issues. This may take a while, just wait until the software finishes the fixing process.

fixing ios issues

Then your iPhone will be restored and able to start without any data loss.

Restoring Your iPhone from Backups to Keep Data

Apple's backup and restore utilities, i.e. iTunes/iCloud, or iMyFone D-Port Pro can also restore iPhone from backups. After restore, the data in backup will be on their iPhone. User can use this method to avoid data loss and fix iOS issues also.

Back Up and Then Restore iPhone via iTunes/iCloud

The following Apple’s links tells how to back up and then restore iPhone from backup to keep data. User can back up iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to iTunes or iCloud first, and then restore the iTunes/iCloud backup to iPhone.

Selectively Back Up and Restore iPhone via iMyFone D-Port Pro

While you can do restore via iTunes or iCloud, iMyFone has another great tool that gives versatile options - iMyFone D-Port Pro. This helpful tool will give you tremendous options while backing and restoring your data. If you have iTunes or iCloud backup, this program can selectively restore your iPhone from backups so that the current data on your iPhone won’t be affected.

With D-Port Pro, you can:

  • Back up and restore messaging apps separately. If you need, you can selectively restore only WhatsApp messages to new iPhone.
  • • Put data from different iTunes/iCloud backups on the new iPhone X/iPhone 8.
  • Make new backups for iPhone that will not overwrite previous backups (another feature that iTunes is lacking).
  • Back up your iPhone with no limit on storage no matter how much data you have on your iPhone, while iCloud only includes 5GB of free space.

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Steps to Restore iPhone from Backup using iMyFone D-Port Pro

1, Download and open iMyFone D-Port Pro and connect your iPhone to the PC/Mac. From the dashboard on the left side pick “Restore Backup to Device” and then you will see all the iTunes backup on your computer. If you need to restore iCloud backup, just click Download iCloud Backup to download them to your computer.

backup list

2, Here we assume that you pick an iTunes backup, D-Port Pro will let you choose to restore the whole backup or only partial data in it. Make a decision according to your need. Here we take Restore Full Backup as example.

choose to restore a full backup

3. Click Restore after you confirm to restore your iPhone from the backup and keep your iPhone connected until the process is finished (this may take time).

restoring the full backup

That's it, iPhone will be restored and you still have the data on it.

Restore iPhone and Keep Data via Reset Settings

In some cases, the problem with your iPhone may be due to some wrong setting and you don't have to loss all data on it to fix. Now reset the settings on iPhone may restore your iPhone without any data loss.

To use this method, go to your Settings app on iPhone and select General. Then from the bottom of the page to pick Reset. Then it is Reset All Settings. You will see that there will be a pop up saying that the iPhone will reset the settings without deleting anything.

Reset Settings

No matter which method you choose, one thing is certain: restoring an iPhone is definitely possible without using any data. While it is possible to do it using Apple methods, there are also software tools like iMyFone that can offer even more options and do it more securely and conveniently. What may surprise you is that the backup function of iMyFone D-Port Pro is totally free and you can use it to back up your iPhone regularly to ensure data safe on iPhone. Just download and try it!

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