How to Clean MacBook Pro – 5 Solutions to Do It!

how to clean up macbook pro

Is your MacBook Pro getting the same issue like him? Luckily, it is easy and quick to get in the routine of keeping your MacBook Pro looking as well as feeling like it is brand new. The following guide will tell you how to clean MacBook Pro and make your computer perform better.

Have Your MacBook Pro Encountered the Following Problems?

Some of the problems that you will encounter on your MacBook Pro are listed below:

1. MacBook Pro runs slow 

Perhaps the most annoying thing about having a Mac is their possibility to slow down eventually.

2. MacBook Pro keeps freezing 

When your MacBook Pro freezes, you could hit Command + Option + Escape + Shift to end a frozen application or perform a hard restart by holding the power button, but if the freezes keep occurring, there is a bigger primary concern.

3. MacBook Pro shuts down suddenly

You are working on a project, surfing the internet, or doing an important assignment. All of a sudden, the MacBook Pro shuts down at random and for no reason. Generally, this is a one-time incidence and never occurs again. But in case that you are dealing with a MacBook Pro that usually shuts down without any warning, you might have larger problems. 

If the answer is yes, then you need to find out the reasons for that and do something effective to solve the problem.

You Should Know The Reasons for Those Problems First

You must know the reasons why your Macbook Pro is having the above-mentioned problems at first. Here we have listed some of the reasons. Have a look!

  • Your hard drive is overloaded and in most cases, it is the root cause of all the problems.
  • The Mac OS is outdated as it is hard to catch up with all the Apple’s releases.
  • Other useless and unnecessary applications are running in the background while you are using MacBook Pro.
  • The startup list is overcrowded which means that a lot of apps or processes are launching in the background during the bootup process.
  • The hardware of your MacBook Pro is too old and in some of the cases, it gets difficult to be fixed.

Only the last reason needs a solid financial investment. It means that you could solve other issues by using the methods that are listed below.

Here We Go! Let's Solve the Problems One by One

Actually you can do something according to different reasons. Below we will list best solution for each reason, then you can solve those problems one by one.

Solution 1. Clean up Your MacBook Pro's Hard Drive

Here are twp ways on how to clean MacBook Pro hard drive: One is free way and another is paid way. Let’s talk about the free methods to clean up MacBook Pro first.

1. Clean Caches and Cookies

First, you have to clear all the cache files and cookies. Depending on the system, the caches and cookies could take up from a couple of GB’s to 10 or even 20 GB’s.

clear cache manually

2. Delete Large Files

To free up hard drive space, it is helpful to recognize exactly what’s using the disk space on your MacBook Pro. And most of them are those large size files. Deleting these large files can do a cleanup on your MacBook Pro.

delete large files on macbook pro

3. Empty Your Trash Bin

pThe Trash bin on a Mac is the same as the Recycle Bin on Windows. Before deleting the files permanently, they’re sent to the Trash so you could restore them after some time if you want them again. To totally remove the files and free the disk space they need, you will have to clear the Trash.

empty trash bin

4. Clean Up "Downloads" Folder

This tip is so understandable that you’d believe we don’t have to include it; however it is something that everyone overlooks to cope with, the Downloads folder is full of big files so often that you don’t require, and it  isn’t something that you think about. Just delete everything that you don’t need from the download folder.

clear downloads on mac

5. Uninstall Rarely Used Applications

The apps that you’ve installed on MacBook Pro are using the space, for sure. You must uninstall them if you are not using them, this will free up disk space.

uninstall apps on macbook pro

6. Delete Duplicates

One of the things that might take a lot of drive space are duplicate files littering up your MacBook Pro, this is particularly true if you have been using your MacBook Pro for a long time. 

delete duplicates on mac

If you want to check out more free ways to clean hard drive on your Mac, you can take a look at this article: 12 Quick Tips to Clean Up Hard Drive on Mac.

These free methods are complex and might take hours to complete. And they are not so effective in releasing space on MacBook Pro. Another great way to Clean MacBook Pro is using third-party apps. These apps are more efficient, that can greatly save your time. And the most popular Mac cleaning app is called Umate Mac Cleaner, which is widely used by many Mac users.

Best Cleaner for Cleaning MacBook Pro: Umate Mac Cleaner

Let’s have a look at what is Umate Mac Cleaner and why you should use it. It is all-in-one software for cleaning and optimizing your Mac. You can use it to clean up your MacBook Pro with these ways:

Clean Up MacBook Pro with Umate Mac Cleaner:

  • Clean up all the junk files selectively as well as safely.
  • Manage the unused applications as well as extensions with ease.
  • Delete large size files that are over 50MB.
  • Get rid of duplicates and get more space back.

Highlights of Umate Mac Cleaner:

  • Automatic detection for junk files.
  • Supported to clean up 40+ types of junk files.
  • Scanning and cleaning speed is very fast.
  • Completely delete apps along with their associated files.
  • Provides individual or in-bulk removal for unwanted extensions.

You can use the app by following the simple steps below:

Step 1. Download, install and launch Umate Mac Cleaner.

Mac version

Step 2. Select a desired feature according to your needs, and hit Scan button for scanning your MacBook Pro.

umate clean up junk

Step 3. After scanning, you can follow the on-screen prompts to choose and delete those items you want to get rid of.

umate deep clean

Solution 2. Upgrade Your Operating System

If your Mac OS is outdated and we advise you to upgrade. That is a great way to refresh your MacBook Pro and make it perform better.

You can follow the steps below to upgrade OS to clean MacBook Pro.

  1. Click on Apple icon. 
  2. then click on About This Mac. 
  3. now click on Overview.
  4. Finally, click on Software Update.

macos software update

Solution 3: Force Quit Those Applications Running in Background

As we mentioned above, there are some unnecessary applications are running in the background while you are using MacBook Pro. And you can force quit them with these steps:

  1. Launch Applications Folder and choose Utilities.
  2. Launch the Activity Monitor.
  3. Observe the list of applications and processes that are occurring on your MacBook Pro in real-time.
  4. Go to the Memory tab a Memory filter.
  5. End the particular application by clicking it in the inventory and then push the gray “x” icon to terminate the process.

force quit items on mac

Solution 4: Manage Startup Items

The first thing you might notice is a slow startup when your MacBook Pro begins to age. It is usually caused by the applications that automatically launches when you start a computer. After many years of using a system, you possibly have unintentionally installed a number of these auto-starting applications. It is very simple to remove or change these apps.

  1. In the Apple menu, click on System Preferences, then go to Users & Groups. Depending on the number of users that you have, you might have to repeat these steps many times.
  2. Go to the “Login Items” tab. When you’ve opened it, you will notice a list of items that start automatically when you log in. You can hide these apps, however that will not boost the speed of your system. You should select every item that you want to remove, click on the (-) minus sign at the bottom of window.

remove startup items on mac

You can also do this job by Umate Mac Cleaner. It has a feature called “Speed Up Your Mac” and one of its functions is to Disable Startup items. You can easily disable all of the startup items with a single click.

Solution 5: Upgrade Your Hardware on MacBook Pro

If your Mac is slow and any of the suggestions didn’t work, you might need to upgrade the physical components or consider the cost of doing this with the cost of buying a new machine.

Two of the major hardware updates that will help you optimize the speed are switching to an SSD or upgrading the RAM. If the RAM doesn’t have enough space, you will not be able to do multiple tasks at a good speed.

SSDs are nearly 5 times faster than the HDD hard drives. You can also replace your hard drive or add an SSD while keeping the original hard drive for more storage space.


Now your question, “How to clean my MacBook Pro” is answered and you can follow the above-mentioned ways to easily clean your MacBook Pro. All of the mentioned ways can be followed, but you should follow the instructions carefully. Out of all the above-mentioned ways, Umate Mac Cleaner is the best choice as it eases the work.

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