If you are a gamer, you must be pretty much aware of League of legends Wild Rift iOS, aka lol iOS. And if you are not a gamer, let us make it easier for you to understand League of legends Wild Rift iOS is a multiplayer battle arena game for iOS and Android available on the App Store and play store.

league of legends wild rift mobile

Unlike League of Legends PC games, this one is a free-to-play version available for mobile devices. The game depends on the abilities and capabilities of different characters and different players’ control, and the goal is to destroy the opponents' Nexus.

When Does LoL: Wild Rift for iOS Release

We know that all the gamers are quite excited about the Wild Rift iOS release to know the Wild Rift iOS release date. Well, you might be surprised to know that there is no date fixed for the full version Wild Rift iOS release.

league of legends wild rift

Riot wants to test the beta versions a little more before the full version of LoL iOS Wild Rift. Some gamers are guessing that the full version will be released in the back half of the year 2021. So, the fingers are crossed, and let's wait and watch when Riot is releasing the full version of the Wild Rift iPhone.

What is LoL: Wild Rift for iOS

Now, this portion is for the new gamers who want to kick start their gaming journey with league of legends Wild Rift iOS. Here, we're going to discuss League of legends Wild Rift iOS in detail and how it can make you upgrade your gaming sessions. We will also discuss the pros and cons of this mobile version of League of Legends PC. So just get started!

league of legends wild rift hero

LoL: Wild Rift for iOS is a multiplayer battle arena game that is based on different characters hold by the players. The players control their respective characters to defeat the opponent's team. The prime target of the game is to destroy the opponents' Nexus.

league of legends wild rift star

Each match in League of legends Wild Rift iOS is different from the previous one in which the players put their abilities in action. The match starts off with everyone weak, but their powers keep on improving throughout the game.

Pros and cons of League of legends iOS

Let's not delay any further in learning about some pros and cons of the games. These points are the reasons why you should get your hands on Wild Rift download iOS. Let's have a look now!


  • League of legends Wild Rift iOS has the same strategic depth that the LoL PC version had.
  • League of legends Wild Rift iOS has faster, mobile-friendly, and more streamlined matches.
  • You will also get helpful tutorial guides to play the game.
  • Cons:

    • You will get a limited number of character roast at the beginning.
    • You may feel that touch controls are lagging and do not always keep up with the action.
    • It has a free-to-play business model.

    Review for League of Legends Wild Rift (iOS)

    Here comes the most important part for the people who have been looking for an honest review about the game that they are still thinking of playing. We are going to discuss different aspects of the Wild Rift iPhone that will help you know whether you should be spending time playing LoL iOS or not.

    league of legends wild rift

    We will be discussing significant details of the game that is more than crucial for you to know. Let's dive into it and learn whether the game lives up to the mark or not.

    Riot Games launched the game's alpha version just a few months ago in 2020, but I happened to play it just a few days ago. After playing the game for several hours, I got to know about some complexities in the game, but the game aimed at the new players.

    5v5 lol

    The first thing that new gamers must know is that Wild Rift takes the gameplay of leagues of legends. By the League of legends gameplay, we mean five-player-making teams, fighting together to destroy the opponent's Nexus.

    League of legends Wild Rift iOS takes this gameplay and changes it somehow to better work on the phone. One of the best things about League of legends Wild Rift iOS is that it works faster on phones than on PCs. Furthermore, the game takes minor time, and the size of the map is also smaller to fit the smaller screen.

    lol ios wild rift maps

    League of Legends is a game known for its competitive gameplay and the complexity of the higher levels of the game. Wild Rift has been an incredible and satisfying experience for most of the league fans because of its simplicity and easy availability. A considerable number of gamers weren't able to play League of legends just because they didn't have a gaming PC. All such gamers are pretty happy to receive a mobile-friendly version of their favorite game.

    lol ios touch controls

    One thing that players must know is that the Wild Rift depends on the players’ learning its touch control. It is easy to handle the control on a gaming PC, but on a mobile phone, you must be able to handle your character, and for this, you need to learn the controls.

    league of legends wild rift hero

    A new player may have to practice several times to set their hand on their champions, aiming and shooting in the right direction. After practicing, you will be able to play more competitive ranked mode easily and get ahead of the game. You can also enjoy voice chat in the game for a better gaming experience. Despite so many incredible features, League of legends Wild Rift iOS should have some other beginner-friendly features.

    league of legends wild rift gameplay

    Guide tutorials should also have some brief guidance about which champions are best for certain roles and how to use a certain skill set. Overall, Wild Rift iOS is a better idea, and people are quite pleased with the beta version and impatiently wait for the full version.

    Difference between PC and iOS of League of Legends

    pc mobile lol

    The first and the foremost difference between both of these versions is the console. Leagues of legends PC version needs you to have a gaming PC with all the necessary equipment to play the game. On the flip card, League of Legends Wild Rift iOS is specifically developed for iPhone users.

    The second most significant difference between the PC and the mobile version is the map size. The developers reduced the map size to fit the mobile screen, which is quite bigger in the PC version. As the map size is shrunk, the distance between the lanes has also reduced.

    turrent lol

    Furthermore, turret protection is also removed in the mobile version of LoL iOS, but it was available in the PC version. Now it is pretty more manageable for the gamers to push away and end the game.

    Protection around the Nexus is also reduced, which makes it easier for the gamers to destroy it and win. There is no inhibitor around the Nexus for added protection.

    lol ios nexus

    You will also see some map changes in Wild Rift iOS, which were not there in the league legends PC version. Some buttons are relocated in the Mobile version. A few new buttons are added in the game for added support. Vector abilities are now just click-and-drag in the LoL iOS.

    Tips: List for Compatible iOS Devices for LoL: Wild Rift

    You would be glad to know that it is not the only iPhone that is compatible with LoL iOS, but some other companies like Oppo, Samsung, and Huawei, Vivo, and Xiaomi models are also compatible with Wild Rift iOS.

    As far as Apple devices are concerned, you can play League of legends iOS on iPhone 5s and above, iPad mini 4 and above, iPad 5th generation and above, iPad 2 and above, and all iPad pro versions. 

    FAQs about LoL: Wild Rift for iOS

    1 Can LoL: Wild Rift (iOS) share the same account information with the PC version?

    The best thing about Wild Rift iPhone is that you can link your Riot games account to Wild Rift iPhone so that you can utilize your various privileges if you have been playing League of Legends on PC.

    2 Do we need a VPN for playing League of Legends Wild Rift iOS?

    We all know that Riot Games hasn't released the full version of League of legends Wild Rift iOS. Its beta version is available in just a few countries. So, currently, you will have to use a VPN to enjoy the beta version in your country if your country is in a restricted location region.

    3 Is LOL Wild Rift developed by Riot or Tencent?

    League of legends Wild Rift iOS is a battle arena game that is developed and published by Riot Games.

    4 Is there a matching problem for Wild Rift? What will it cause?

    Latency is the only factor that may cause matching problems for Wild Rift iOS. Latency can vary depending on the region from which you are playing the game and your internet service provider or local network.


    Overall, the game is a fantastic experience for the gamers who couldn't get their hands on League of legends so far. Despite some minor improvements, the beta version seems to be winning the hearts of gamers. The game depicts the efforts of the developers.

    The incredible performance of the beta version has set the expectations from the Riot Games very high for the full version of League of legends Wild Rift iOS. The fingers are crossed and eyes on the release date. Let's see what the full version is bringing for us!