How to Sync Music from iTunes to iPhone

"I want to sync my music from iTunes to my iPhone, but each time I got an error message. Is there anything I can do?" if you can relate to this challenge, you are not alone. But, that is not to pacify or make you accept the situation. We simply have a tested solution that can sync your music from iTunes to iPhone as quickly as you want. But, what can this solution sync from iTunes?

Part 1: What Can You Sync with iTunes

  • Music: Various songs can be synced with iTunes. If you use any iOS devices, you can move your music around.
  • Video: Movies can be synced with iTunes as well.
  • Playlist: Playlist too can be synced with iTunes.

In addition to the above, you can also sync podcasts, album, etc. with iTunes. Some iOS users often use various methods to sync with iTunes. However, experience has shown that using a reliable third-party application is better.

Part 2: How to Sync Music from iTunes to iPhone

If you want to sync music from iTunes to your iPhone, Apple has easiest steps you can follow. Follow the steps below to get it done.

    • Switch on your PC and connect your iPhone.
    • Go to iTunes library.
    • Choose the songs you want to sync to your iPhone.
    • Then drag the songs to your iPhone at the left sidebar.

The above steps will help you sync music from iTunes to iPhone. However, you may not be able to sync all songs at the same time. Some users have experienced difficulties when trying the above for other purposes such as trying to sync some playlists or free and paid music. But, there is a software application that is not limited by any iTunes challenge. The application we are talking about is iMyfone TunesMate.

Part 3: How to Sync Music from iTunes to iPhone with TunesMate

iMyFone TunesMate is a software application developed to address iTunes issues and let iTunes users enjoy the platform better. TunesMate can help sync all music and movies whether free or purchased. And you can do so by first previewing music you want to sync and then transfer them between your iOS devices selectively. There are more things you can carry out with TunesMate. Below are some of its other features.

Key features of iMyFone TunesMate:

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  • Free 2-Way Transfer: Easily transfer your media files between various iOS devices and PCs.
  • Support Free and Paid Music: Both free and paid music in iTunes can be transferred using TunesMate. You will not need your password.
  • Preview and Selectively Transfer: As stated above, you can preview the song or movie you want to move and select them for transfer.
  • Retain Old Data: Old data are kept and will not be lost while transferring.
  • Unlimited iDevices: TunesMate also enables you to transfer data from unlimited iDevices to unlimited iTunes libraries and vice visa.

Windows version    Mac version

Here is the method for how to sync music from iTunes to iPhone with iMyfone TunesMate.

    1. Run TunesMate and connect your device.

    1. • Click “Transfer iTunes Media to iDevice” to enjoy simple 1-click transfer.

    1. Now, choose the music to transfer from iTunes to your iDevice.

With the above, it is easy to move your media files from iTunes to your device and back. However, you may think it is not necessary to use TunesMate since one can follow the iTunes method to sync media files. Yes, you can follow, but not all features you see in TunesMate can be performed using iTunes method.


Pro of using iTunes

The major advantage of syncing media with iTunes is that the steps are not complicated and you can get Apple support.

Cons of using iTunes

There is no 2-way transfer. Old data can get lost. No preview and selection of any sort.

TunesMate is the big thing

With TunesMate, there is no disadvantage. Not only to sync music from iTunes to iPhone, you can enjoy every bit of features we explained above once you have the application. So, which should you choose? We will not hesitate to recommend TunesMate, and did we tell you that TunesMate can rebuild iTunes when it breaks down?

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