3 Ways to Transfer Music from iTunes to iPhone – iOS 13 Also Supported

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It’s quite common for someone to need to transfer music from iTunes to iPhone. After all, one of the major functions of an iPhone is to serve as a music player. The problem is that iTunes can sometimes make this complicated with random bugs and other issues. Luckily, there’s many different ways to transfer music from iTunes, even without using iTunes itself.

How to Transfer Music from iTunes to iPhone without iTunes?

The best way by far to transfer music from iTunes to iPhone is to use a iPhone transfer tool called iMyFone TunesMate. TunesMate can break through iTunes limits and can give you full control over your iPhone/iPad/iPod. A few of the key features include:

  • One-click sync to transfer iTunes music to iPhone without deleting.
  • Allow you to transfer music to iPhone from different iTunes libraries without erasing.
  • Transfer music from iPhone to iTunes library and restore without data loss.
  • Win thousands of loyal users every year and receive lots of positive reviews

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Here is the guide on how to transfer music quickly and easily with one click:

Step 1: Launch iMyFone TunesMate and plug in your iPhone to your computer.
Step 2: Click “Transfer iTunes Media to iDevice.” Make sure that the “Music” check box is checked (it should be by default), then hit “Transfer.” After that, your iTunes music should automatically transfer to your iPhone.

transfer music from iTunes library to iphone

Apart from transferring music from iTunes to iPhone, iMyFone TunesMate has other great features that make it the perfect iTunes alternative:

  • Restore iTunes Library - It lets you restore your library from different iOS devices whenever computer crashes, iTunes corrupted, iTunes media mistakenly lost, etc.
  • Two-way Sync - Transfer music to iPhone, as well as export iPhone music to iTunes or computer’s file system. This breaks past a huge limitation of iTunes, which can’t transfer music from your iPhone to your PC/iTunes.
  • Smart Management - Manage your iPhone music library at will, including adding/deleting, editing music and playlists.
  • Music Converter - It will automatically convert your music into a format that is supported by your iPhone during the transferring process. This means that you don’t need to add any more steps, and you can listen to the music on your iPhone right away.

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If you use “Transfer iDevice Media to iTunes” and “Transfer iTunes Media to iDevice” on TunesMate together, you can share your purchased music with even different Apple IDs.

  • First, use “Transfer iDevice Media to iTunes” to enrich your iTunes music library from different iDevices (even though they are signed in different Apple IDs).
  • Second, use “Transfer iDevice Media to iTunes” to sync this large music library back to different iDevices.

At this time, you can enjoy your friend’s purchased music.

How to Transfer Music from iTunes to iPhone with iTunes?

01 Transfer Music from iTunes to iPhone by Drag and Drop

You can also to transfer music from iTunes to iPhone manually if you want to use iTunes, as it won't delete the old music on iPhone.

Step 1: Open iTunes and connect your device.
Step 2: Click on your device in iTunes. In the Summary page, make sure that “Manually manage music and videos” is checked.
transfer music from itunes to iphone

Step 3: Go back to “Library” for iTunes music. Click on the songs you want to transfer and drag them to your device name listed on the left.
how to transfer music from iTunes to iphone

02 Use iTunes Sync to Transfer Music from iTunes to iPhone

Of course, you can use iTunes sync feature, though it is not recommended as it will delete previous iPhone music as well.

Step 1: Launch iTunes and connect your iPhone.
Step 2: Click on your iPhone where it is listed in iTunes.
Step 3: Choose “Music” from the left sidebar, make sure “Sync Music” is checked.
Step 4: Select playlists/music you want to sync. Click “Apply” and it should automatically sync.

transfer music from iTunes library to iphone

This is a pretty easy method, too, but there are some limitations. As we discussed above, it can erase previously downloaded or saved music that is on your iPhone. You also can’t sync iPhone with more than one computer/iTunes, or else the files will be erased.