Two Efficient Methods to Transfer Non-purchased Music from iPod to iTunes

Recently, I got a new iMac and needed to sync my iPod Classic to it since I have about 1000+ tunes on it, and all from CDs. I don’t want to spend hours copying all my music once more. The first time when I sync my iPod, all that appeared is either ‘Erase & Sync,' ‘Cancel,' or 'Transfer Purchases.' So, how can I transfer all non-purchased songs from iPod to iTunes without having to copy again?

There are two efficient ways in this article to let you know how to transfer non-purchased music from iPod to iTunes. A convenient and straightforward way to transfer non-purchased songs is through iMyFone Tunesmate.

iMyFone Tunesmate Data Transfer Software

iMyFone TunesMate Data Transfer Software can transfer your data between your iPhone/iPad/iPod and your PC/iTunes. There are quite some flaws with iPhones such as identification of songs name, and possible solutions are not easy to access; however, Tunesmate is useful software which can solve this problem. All you need to do is open the application and sync your songs with it. Also, Tunesmate supports every file type. You can also transfer and manage all videos and music formats as you please.

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The following are the main features of Tunesmate

  • It can transfer non purchased music from iPod to iTunes, iPod to PC and PC to iPod.
  • It bypasses iTunes limitations easily as you export your videos, music, and other media files without erasing the original files.
  • Two-way transfer! With Tunesmate, you can not only sync music and videos to iPhone but also transfer iPhone media to PC/iTunes.
  • With only a single click, you can transfer the entire playlist to anywhere.
  • With Tunesmate you can share bought music with different Apple's IDs.
  • Effectively manage music playlists by exporting, importing and deleting songs.
  • You can also easily rename songs on Tunesmate.

Transfer All the Songs from iPod to iTunes

TunesMate can transfer all the songs from your iPod to iTunes, there is no doubt that it can transfer non purchased music from iPod to iTunes.
Follow the steps below to transfer all the songs from iPod to iTunes:
Step 1: Open iMyFone TunesMate and connect your iPod with a USB cable.
connect ipod
Step 2: Select “Transfer iDevice Media to iTunes" symbol on the primary interface and let the software scan your device.
click start
Step 3: After that "Start" on the following page to transfer music from iPod to iTunes.
click start


Each of the documents in the device will be scanned and will be noticeable under various sections like Movies, Music, Podcasts and others. Automatically, all sorts of files will be accessed. So, to transfer the music, uncheck the rest of the documents and after that tap "Start." Files will be transferred immediately to iTunes.

Transfer Selected Music from iPod to iTunes

With TunesMate, you can select and transfer non-purchased music from iPod to iTunes without any limitations.
Follow these steps below to transfer selected music from iPod to iTunes:
Step 1: Launch iMyFone TunesMate and connect your iPod with a USB cable.
connect ipod
Step 2: Select the "Music" tab, after that check the ”square” close to the songs to choose the non-purchased music you wish to transfer, or you can move the entire music library from iPod to iTunes by checking the “square” next to Name.
Select the
Step 3: Then you can right-click the files you have selected and click on "Export to > Export to iTunes."
Export to iTunes

Manually Transfer Non-purchased Music from iPod to iTunes with a Computer

This method just asks for a computer, an USB cable and your iPod. The steps is a little difficult than using the software to transfer the non-purchased music from iPod to iTunes.

Step 1: Use the USB link to connect your iPod to PC. Then you iPod should show 'My Computer' window.

Step 2: Snap Tools in the menu bar of Windows adventurer, and select Folder Option > View, at that point check "Show, shrouded concealed records and envelopes."

Step 3: Double tap the iPod symbol in 'My Computer' to launch it. Locate the "iPod Control" file and open it. Look for the Music file after opening the iPod Control file. Afterwards, copy the entire file to PC.

Step 4: Open iTunes and press File > Include Folder to Library to include the music folder to your iTunes Music Library.

After you have included the music files to iTunes library, tap Edit > Preferences > Advanced, then check “Keep iTunes Media Folder Organized."

Disadvantages of This Approach

  • If you use this method, songs will be displayed randomly in your music library.
  • Showing your hidden files may render important system folder vulnerable.
  • The steps are complex for those who have no basic knowledge of IT.


iTunes Music is a music streaming service which provides you numerous catalogs so you can enjoy music more conveniently and freely. However, it has some demerits. These include:

  1. It is expensive for all of the music need to be purchased
  2. Cluttered and Confusing Interface
  3. No Free/Ad-Supported Tier
  4. You may not find some songs you want
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