My iPhone screen is broken and I can't unlock my phone as the touch screen is unresponsive. The phone is still alive. I can not click “Trust” on it, so when I plug it in computer, iTunes cannot recognize it. Is there any way to unlock a screen cracked iPhone without passcode?

Having iPhone screen broken/cracked can't unlock is a common problem that many iPhone users experience and one that you cannot trust to carry out processes. But don't worry, we'll share 3 effective methods to help you to unlock a screen cracked iPhone without passcode.

Unlock Broken/Cracked Screen iPhone without Passcode

The best way to unlock a screen broken/cracked iPhone is by using unlocking tool. iMyFone Lockwiper Unlock iPhone Passcode is a wonderful tool that will enable you to have access to your phone without passcode. This tool is easy to use and simple that will let you have access to your phone within few minutes.

lockwiper unlock iPhone passcode

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LockWiper Unlock iPhone without Passcode

  • It easily unlocks not only broken/cracked screen passcode, but also locked or disabled iOS devices.
  • It supports all kinds of passcodes, like 4 digits and 6 digits passcodes, Touch ID and Face ID locked iPhones.
  • You can use it to easily remove iPhone screen lock without a passcode just in a few minutes.
  • It removes Apple ID on all activated devices when you forgot yout iCloud account or password.
  • It is compatible with all iPhones and iOS 12, iPad and iPod.

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Here are the steps to unlock a screen cracked iPhone with iMyFone LockWiper:

Step 1: Download, install and launch iMyFone LockWiper on your computer. Choose Unlock Screen Lock mode.

remove iphone screen lock

Step 2: Click Start and connect your device to the PC.

dfu mode

Step 3: Check if your device model is correct or correct it manually if it is wrong before downloading the firmware package then click Download.

download firmware package

Step 4: After the download is complete, click Start to Extract.

verify firmware package

Step 5: Once Extraction is successful, click Start unlock for the unlocking process to commence.

verification success

Step 6: Enter 000000 after reading carefully to confirm you are agreeing to unlock your device, then click Unlock and wait for a few minutes for the unlocking process to be complete.

confirm unlock

removing screen lock

Erase iPhone via Find My Phone

These are the steps to follow if your iPhone screen broken can't unlock.

A point to note is that this way will only work if you had sign up iCloud account and enable Find My Phone on your phone.

Step 1: On your computer go to iCloud website and sign in to your iCloud account with your Apple ID and password.

Step 2: In your iCloud account click on the Find iPhone tab.


Step 3: At the top of your screen click on All devices tab then click on your device.

find my iphone

Step 4: Click on Erase iPhone once your device is selected.


Step 5: A pop-up will appear, click on Erase to confirm you want to erase the data on your phone.

Restore iPhones via iTunes

You can use iTunes to restore backup in your iPhone if you had synced your iPhone with iTunes on your computer.
Limitations: With this way you have to connect to the same computer which was trusted before, so you won't need to enter a passcode to access the backup.

Step 1: Connect your broken iPhone to the synced computer with your device. And launch iTunes then click Summary at the top of the screen.

Step 2: Click Check for updates. iTunes will display any new available versions of iPhone software.


Step 3: Click Restore and follow the onscreen directions to complete the process. When prompted it is advisable to back up your iPhone.

Step 4: Select Restore from iTunes backup when iOS setup assistant asks to set up your iPhone.


Using Siri to Help You Get into Your Device

Siri feature can also be used to fix the problem of iPhone screen cracked cant unlock. It was marked "Helpful" by Apple, so why not have a try?

Step 1: Connect to Siri by pressing and holding the "Home" button.

Step 2: Tell Siri to "Turn on VoiceOver" which allows you to have a different kind of access to your iPhone with cracked screen.

Step 3: Hit the "Home" button again to turn off Siri and open the unlock screen again.

Step 4: Swipe in either direction to select the "Slide to Unlock" button and double click.

Step 5: When the passcode page opens, swipe to the sides until the right number is highlighted and then double click to choose it. Do this one at a time.

Step 6: Once you're done, swipe until you select the "Enter" button and then double click again.

Using External Keyboard to Unlock iPhone

Another solution to enter passcode on iPhone with broken screen is by plugging in your iPhone's lightning adapter to a wired USB keyboard and connecting it with the iPhone. This solution is best for those that their screen broken iPhone doesn't have any part that responds to touch. You can get a simple Dell USB Keyboard from Amazon or eBay; it usually costs about $14 to $20.

Step 1. Connect the external keyboard to your iPhone using the original Apple lightning cable.
Step 2. Double click the Spacebar to launch the lock screen.
Step 3. Enter your passcode, and at the point of entering the 4th or 6th digit, your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch will open.

You can also use a Bluetooth keyboard to achieve the same result.

Step 1. If your iPhone is Bluetooth enabled, then turn on the keyboard and wait for it to connect to your iPhone.
Step 2. Double click the Spacebar to launch the lock screen.
Step 3. Enter your passcode, and at the point of entering the 4th or 6th digit, your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch will open.

Can You Trust Computer With A Cracked Screen?

The simple answer to this question is No. You cannot click on the Trust button on your iPhone or even restore your backups if your phone screen is broken and completely unusable. The only solution for this is to repair, replace the screen or buy a new iPhone.