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WhatsApp is a popular social media app. It has about 1.5 billion users from over 180 different countries across the globe. It has made instant texting, audio, and video calling easier for its customers. Mainly, fonts and text styles are most crucial in this regard. There are many different and unique WhatsApp text/font tricks. However, not many people are aware of these tricks. If you are among them and still don’t know about them, scroll down as the competition for guidelines lies here.

whatsapp text font tricks

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Part 1: 8 WhatsApp Text Tricks You Should Try

The WhatsApp text/font trick enables you to use the built-in stylish fonts while using WhatsApp. You can do this by placing symbols before and after your text messages.

There are four WhatsApp font styles available:

  • Bold text
  • Italics text
  • Monospace text
  • Strikethrough text

1 Type Text in Bold

The WhatsApp bold font trick is where the text message will be bold. Sometimes, you may feel the need to emphasize the text. For this purpose, you want your line to be prominent and highlighted. So, this WhatsApp bold trick will help you in this regard. For bolding, you need to add an asterisk(*) before and after the text.

Hence, it will be something like: *Hey, how are you doing?*

whatsapp bold text

2 Make Text Italic

Italics style is meant to highlight the essential and unique part of the text. Additionally, it is intended for adding style to your WhatsApp text, thereby formatting it uniquely. For writing in italics in WhatsApp, all you need to do is prefix the text with an underscore(_) without any space between the text meant for formatting and the underscore. Afterward, you need to type in the text that needs to be formatted.

This method is used universally for Androids as well as iOS counterparts of WhatsApp. It would look like: _Hey, how are you doing?_

whatsapp italics text

3 Strikethrough Message

For adding fun and writing dramatic messages with an emphasis on certain words, you can use the strikethrough WhatsApp text trick, thereby highlighting the points by using symbols. This is a great option that enables you to create a text deletion effect and highlight the specific word.

If you want to strikethrough your message, you can simply prefix the message with a tilde(~) without using any space between the text and tilde. Afterward, you can type your message that you want to be shown with strikethrough formatting. It will be like: ~Hey, how are you doing?

whatsapp strikethrough text

4 Apply Monospace

This aesthetic font is one of the favorite fonts by WhatsApp users. You can write messages in different fonts/typefaces using this monospace text font. There are two ways of using Monospace text. One is by applying shortcuts, and the second is via the WhatsApp formatting option. Following is a complete guide about writing in Monospace font on WhatsApp. This method is also universal for both Android as well as iOS.

For applying this, you can prefix the message with three backticks(''') without using any space between the backticks and the text. After doing this, type the message you want to be shown in Monospace. Once you are done with it, you can enclose the message with the backticks between the backticks and the text that follows. It looks like: '''Hey, how are you doing?'''

whatsapp monospace text

5 Type in Mixed Formatting

If you are wondering about using more than one formatting style in the same text, you need not worry! You can do this by generating the following types of combined formatting by using multiple markdown symbols together. Most people use these combinations:

  • Bold & Italics
  • Italics & Strikethrough
  • Bold & Strikethrough
  • Bold +Italics + Strikethrough

whatsapp mixed text tricks

However, a point to remember is that you can't mix any formatting with the monospace text.

6 Edit with Shortcuts Option

A user can get a quick edit shortcut option when they have typed the message in the chat bar. Long press the message to select what words need to be applied tricks, then the list of option will appear in the bottom toolbar. In this way, a user can make all the desired edits to the message very quick.

whatsapp shortcut text tricks

7 Change Font Size

Suppose you struggle with the font size and want to adjust it according to your comfort. In that case, you can change it by opening WhatsApp, going into tap Settings, then in Chats, thereby selecting Font size. It will enable you to choose small, medium, and large font sizes according to your comfort.

change whatsapp font

8 Colorful Messages and Stylish Font

You can add color to your messages and make them stylish as well, but this isn't a WhatsApp feature. So, for this purpose, you need to download a third-party tool like BlueWords. When you type words in this app, you can select the text you want to use and then change its color.

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FAQs: More About WhatsApp Text Tricks

1 Can I underline messages in WhatsApp?

Officially, you cannot underline messages in WhatsApp. For underlining the text in WhatsApp, you need a third-party app like BlueWords.

2 How do you change the chat bubble color on WhatsApp?

If you're talking about the message bubbles themselves, no, they can't be changed. But the chat background is quite easy to swap.

Go to Settings > Chats and choose something new for your chat. You can choose one of your photos, something from their wallpaper library, or a solid color.


So, these are some WhatsApp text tricks that you can use to add some fun and drama to your text. Moreover, WhatsApp comes with many other unique features. For instance, you can set custom notifications, change the background, set a different tone for groups, and even change the notification color to dark or light. Always keep in mind that WhatsApp data backup is really important.

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