Some people get a new phone every time the latest models are released, other people wait until their contract ends, and some of us wait until our phone is on its last legs. If you fall into the latter group then you might reach a point where your smartphone breaks. This is fine when you already plan to get a new phone but not when you want all of your data. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how to get contacts off a broken phone without USB debugging.

Part 1. Does Phone Insurance Cover a Cracked Screen?

Dropping a smartphone and realising you cracked the screen is never a good feeling. Don’t give up just yet, the first thing to do is check if you have phone insurance, if not, inquire with your provider to find out what their repair charge is.

With phone insurance, you shouldn’t have any problems getting the screen replaced. And depending on the insurance terms, the fees will usually be relatively low.

Without phone insurance, providers typically offer a screen replacement service similar to insurance plans but for a higher charge. Either way, money is going to be involved and the extent of the damage won’t affect how much you pay.

Part 2. How to Deal with Your Broken Android Phone

If It Is Slightly Broken

A slightly damaged smartphone screen could be a small chip in the glass or a spiralling crack, and most people don’t take action and still touch the glass to use the phone.

All it takes is one finger slip and you may cut your finger on the damage, so it’s not worth the risk. If paying for a screen replacement doesn’t interest you, consider a screen protector. The strongest protectors are made from tempered glass which will prevent further cracks.

If It Is Completely Shattered

Maybe you’ve dropped your phone more than a couple of times and the screen is completely shattered. This isn’t something you should ignore, and a basic screen protector isn’t going to cut it – a full screen replacement is definitely necessary in this state.

Avoiding replacing the screen doesn’t just pose harm to yourself, but the device could be damaged even more to the extent of not being fixable. There are a few things you can do here:

  • Purchase a screen replacement kit and attempt to handle this yourself.

  • Ask a tech savvy friend to remove the shattered screen and install a new one.

  • Take your phone to a shop where screen repairs are available.

  • Ideally you should contact a professional who knows what their doing and can carefully replace your screen without damaging the internal mechanisms of the smartphone. However, if you decide to replace it yourself, here’s some advice.

    After buying a kit you must first remove the old screen. To do this, use a hair dryer on the screen to soften the bonding agent that holds the screen in place, and carefully unclip the shattered screen from your device. With the old screen out, insert the new glass (instructions for inserting the glass will come inside your kit).

    Part 3. Possibility of Getting Contacts Off A Broken Android Phone without USB Debugging

    It’s safe to assume that once your smartphone has broken, the data you kept on it will be inaccessible. Thankfully, as common a thought as that is, it isn’t true and it’s very possible to get contacts off of a broken Android phone.

    The reason for this is simple. When you save data (for example, a new contact), the contact’s information is stored in different hard drive cells. If you delete data or the phone is reset, all this does is tell the phone that those hard drive cells are free until overwritten. As you may guess, you can retrieve data until something else overwrites the cells containing contact info.

    Part 4. How to Recover Contacts from A Broken Android Phone

    We have talked about the possibitlity to get contacts off a broken android phone. Then here comes the question: how to do that exactly? Here we will introduce the best and most effective third-party android recovery tool iMyFone D-Back for you, which can retrieve lost contacts under any circumstances like a cakewalk.

    This multipurpose tool is great in any data loss situation, here are some of its key features:



    Features of D-Back Android
    • Extract contacts from broken Android phones and tablets.

    • Preview the scan results and selectively recover contacts.

    • View the information in each contact (name, phone number etc) before recovering it.

    • Recover/extract contacts, text messages, music, videos, and much more.

    • Easy to use, even users who aren’t tech-savvy can recover contacts.

    And if that list isn’t enough to win you over, the simplicity of the process to retrieve contacts will. So, to recover contacts with iMyFone D-Back, follow the steps below.

    Step 1.  Download, install, and launch iMyFone D-Back.

    Step 2. Choose the “Broken Android Data Extraction” mode and use the drop-down menus to choose the correct Device Name and Device Mode.


    This information is used to download the suitable firmware package for your device, so it’s important that you select the exact name and model.

    android data recovery

    select device

    Step 3. Wait for the firmware to be downloaded then connect the smartphone via USB.

    download data package

    connect device

    Step 4. Follow the step-by-step instructions that appear to put your Android into Download Mode.

    Step 5. On the next menu you can choose the data types you want D-Back to scan for. Select “Contacts” for this scenario and click “Next” to start the scan.


    Step 6. After the scan has concluded, browse and select contacts to recover and click “Recover” to save their information to the computer.

    recover contact

    Now that the contact information has been extracted from your broken phone, it can be transferred onto the new Android you purchase. Overall the data extraction technique used by D-Back for Android is convenient.

    FAQs about How to Retrieve Contacts from Android Phone with Broken Screen

    Readers are constantly sending us their questions for help to retrieve contacts from a broken phone, and here are the answers to help you out if you have the same questions.

    Do I need to have a backup from my phone with a broken screen?

    Nope! Some recovery solutions, such as recovering from Samsung Cloud, require a backup. If you use iMyFone D-Back then you won’t need to use a backup.

    How can I restore broken Android contact info from my Google account?

    This is only possible if you enabled the Google sync settings for contacts. After enabling this setting on your broken phone, sign in with the same account on a different smartphone and enable contacts sync to restore contacts.

    Is it actually possible to extract contacts from my broken Android phone?

    Yes. Whether or not you have taken a backup, there are ways to extract contacts from a broken Android device. iMyFone D-Back can recover contacts straight from the broken device and obtain the original data.

    What do I do to import my contacts?

    There are several ways to import contacts. If you are using the same SIM card that was in your broken phone, you may be able to import contacts that were saved to the SIM card.


    We know that losing important contact information because  the phone gets broken is rather annoying. For this reason, having iMyFone D-Back to recover contacts from broken Android phone is a lucky thing for you. The list of features and guide above are proof of how easy the software is to use, and we highly recommend trying it out for yourself.

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