iPhone Stuck on Connect to iTunes? Here Is the Fix

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We have our iPhone moment when our device has literally made us cry. From getting stuck on connect to iTunes on the screen to blackening it out. The venerable iPhone has given us nightmares, and with everything technological and primarily electronics it is to be expected.

There could be quite a few reasons leading to such a scenario: updating the OS, jailbreaking the iPhone, restoring your iPhone from iTunes or iCloud or installing an update or restoration. We will introduce 3 possible methods to get your iPhone out of "stuck on connect to iTunes" issue.

Apple suggests that you restart your phone to get rid of connect to iTunes screen. If that does not solve your problem, then you need to reinstall iOS on your device.

1 Restart Your iPhone

Try to turn your iPhone off by pressing wake/sleep key simultaneously and keeping holding them till you see "slide to power off" is displayed on the screen. Slide to power off your iPhone. This should help to remove the iPhone stuck on connect to iTunes issue. If the screen still appears faulty, you have to reinstall the OS on your phone.

Restart Your iPhone

2 Reinstall iOS on iPhone

If the restart method doesn't work, you may need to reinstall iOS. Follow these simple steps to reinstall it again, so that your iPhone works as good as ever.

Step 1: Establish a connection between iPhone and computer using the USB cable that was provided with your device. If iTunes can't recognize your iPhone. Try to uninstall it and reinstall the lastest version. The following message should appear “The software on [your iPhone name] needs to be restored to factory settings or updated."

 Reinstall iOS on iPhone

Step 2: Now just click on Update which will lead to reinstall iOS on your phone. Your personal data is preserved.

More details: If you see the connect to iTunes screen on your iPhone.

If the above-mentioned 2 methods still won't work, you can have a look at the new function "Fix iOS System" of iMyfone iOS System Recovery to fix iPhone stuck on connect to iTunes issue without data loss.

3 Fix iPhone Stuck on Connect to iTunes via 3rd-Party Tool

The latest feature from iMyfone iOS System Recovery fixes a wide range of iOS problems that are related to the OS. It can bring an iOS device out of black screens, iPhones stuck on connect to iTunes screen and other frozen screen issues. It can also keep your data secured from all non-backed up changes loss scenarios due to iCloud and iTunes restoring.

Windows version Mac version

Steps to Fix iPhone Stuck on Connect to iTunes

Step 1: Set up Your iPhone

Open the iMyfone iOS System Recovery from your desktop and click start button.

Choose the fix ios system

Now using the USB cable connect your iPhone and computer. The software is programmed to automatically identify your iPhone. After that you need to click “Start” to proceed.

connect iphone to computer

Step 2: Initiate Download of Firmware

To fix your phone, iMyfone iOS System Recovery will install the latest iOS version on your iPhone. The program identifies your device and tracks the latest and compatible version of OS required for your phone. All you have to do is press “Download” after the firmware is detected.

download firmware for iphone

The firmware will take some time to be downloaded so you have to be patient.

wait for the download

Step 3: Make Your iPhone Functional

After the OS is downloaded, iMyfone iOS System Recovery will start running the repair process to make your iPhone working again.

start running the repair process

You iPhone will be booted after repairing to make it functional. You can now use your iPhone with all data preserved accurately.

Make Your iPhone Functional

Now download iMyfone iOS System Recovery to give it a shot.

Windows version Mac version

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