How to Recover Deleted Safari History from iPhone 11/8/X without Backup

For iPhone users, Safari is the most frequently used broswer. Like other web browsers, Safari also stores the history when you use it to access internet. The benefit of the history is you can anytime access the previously visited pages if you want them again. But, in case you have deleted the Safari history and unable to find the desired page or in case there's an accidental deletion of it and you want it back now, this article will be of help. Also, before you wonder if it is possible to recover the Safari history when you have no backup, let us tell you that it is possible. Just keep calm and read this article to find why and how you can recover deleted Safari history from iPhone 11/8/X without backup or from any other iPhone models as well.

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1. Can You Recover Deleted Safari History from iPhone 8/X without Backup?

Yes, you can recover deleted Safari history from iPhone 11/8/X without backup easily. To make it clearer, we would like to explain data recovery principle. iPhone uses SQLite technology to store data in it. When you delete anything from your iPhone 11/8/X such as Safari history in this case, it doesn't get erased at once. It is still there in the device in the hidden state. The SQLite database set the space of the deleted data as available for the new data to enter in the device. Therefore it is possible to recover the deleted data including Safari history directly from iPhone 8/X without any backup. Unless, the new data overwrites the deleted or hidden data, you can recover them easily. Therefore, it is suggested to take actions immediately after data gets deleted.

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2. Tool to Recover Deleted Safari History from iPhone 11/8/X without Backup

Apple has no tool to recover deleted Safari history from iPhone 11/8/X without backup, so you will need the help of a third-party tool. You can use iMyFone D-Back which is one of the most popular data recovery tools but is comparatively cheaper than the other tools.

This smart tool is designed to support more than 20 types of iOS data and can recover them effortlessly no matter under what circumstance that file was lost.

There are 4 modes through which the users can easily recovery their data. The modes include 'Smart Recovery', 'Recover from iOS device', 'Recovery from iTunes Backup and 'Recover from iCloud Backup'. So, it doesn't matter you have backup or not, this tool will always save you from data loss situation.

Let us now learn the easy steps on how you can recover your Safari history from iPhone 11/8/X without backup using this tool.

How to Recover Safari History using iMyFone D-Back

Step 1 – Download the software in your PC and launch it afterwards. When you launch, click on the 'Recover from iOS Device' option from the left panel. Now, click on 'Start' to begin the process.

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Step 2 –Plug in your device to the PC and then click on 'Next' button.

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You will see data types on the screen. From there, choose 'Safari History' option in order to recover it. Subsequently, hit on 'Scan' button.

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Step 3 – Then the selected data can be scanned properly by the program. You could preview your Safari history once the scanning gets completed. Select what you want and lastly hit on 'Recover' to get the deleted ones back to you.

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3. Tips for You When Losing Safari History or Other Data on iPhone 11/8/X

Now that you have learnt how you can recover deleted safari history directly from your iPhone 11/8/X, we would like to share you some tips that are worth knowing when your data gets accidentally deleted or lost. Knowing these will help you get your lost data back easily.

3.1. Stop Using Your iPhone 11/8/X

First and the most vital thing you should be aware of is to cease the device usage immediately when you discover that a specific data type has been lost. If you continue to use your iPhone 11/8/X or any other device, it will lead to data overwritten and your deleted data like Safari history will be deleted permanently. Hence the first tip is to don't use your iPhone when data gets lost.

3.2. Do Not Turn Off Your iPhone 11/8/X

Secondly, make sure not to turn off your device. This is important because while operating the device, the opened apps or any other stuff (unsaved/temporary actions) goes under nonvolatile memory or you can say temporary memory. So when you switch the phone off or it gets turned off on its own due to (say) dead battery, there will be increased chances of losing the data permanently.

3.3. Make a Backup of Your iPhone 11/8/X As Soon As Possible

It is highly recommended to backup your device in the first place using iTunes whenever you realize that the data is deleted from your device. It's because iTunes is able to backup the deleted data. So, once you back it up, you'll later be able to recover your deleted data from the backup using data recovery tool mentioned above.

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