5 Ways to Solve Apple Error 1671

Most of the people find themselves in many problems that occur when they attempt to restore, update, sync or backup their iOS device. Some unknown errors do pop up on the screen obstructing your work and leave your work unfinished. One of them is the error code 1671 that occurs during restoring or updating iOS devices. This problem is frequently complained when they updating their devices to the latest iOS 11. This error takes place due to various reasons that include outdated OS version of your computer or iTunes version, unacceptable Anti-Virus or perhaps when there are many USB devices plug in with the computer at the same time.When you encounter Apple error 1671 and need some solid fixes, try the following methods to resolve the issue.

Apple error 1671

1 Hard Restart iPhone

For fixing Apple error 1671 or any other error, you should firstly attempt a hard restart. Restarting a device to fix an iOS issue is a primary step one should take. Here are the steps involved in a hard reset.

  • Press “Sleep/Wake” button and hold it.
  • While pressing it, press “Volume Down” button too, if you have iPhone 7 or 7 Plus and press “Home” button if you have earlier models.
  • Keep holding the buttons till nearly 10 seconds.
  • When Apple logo appears, release them.
  • Hard Restart iPhone

2 Factory Reset iPhone

Another fix for Apple error 1671 is to factory reset the iOS device. Although taking this step clears all data from the device, it is useful and a necessary step that provides a new start to the device, ultimately taking you out of the problem. Go to the following steps to perform this method.

  • Choose “Settings” and tap on “General”.
  • From the screen that comes, tap on “Reset” which you will find at the bottom.
  • Now go to “Erase All Content and Settings” and then tap on “Erase iPhone”.
  • This will take your device to the original settings and your iPhone will get restart.

Factory Reset iPhone

Hope this will end your problem.

3 Update iOS to Fix Apple Error 1671

If you meet this the erro code when updating to iOS 11, please ignore this solution. But if you are restoring your device, you can keep reading.

There’s a need to update your iOS when you get a notification saying an update is available. Or check your device if the device has an update or not. You need to follow the steps given below.

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Go to “General”.
  • Tap on “Software Update”. Now tap on “Download and Install”. You will be asked to remove apps temporarily (which will automatically reinstall after updating the device) in order to create space in the device. Choose “Continue”.
  • Choose “Install” and it will begin to update the iOS device.
  • At the end, it will ask your passcode. Enter it and get your iOS update.

Update iOS software

4 Solve Apple Error 1671 without Data Loss

You can also fix Apple error 1671 without losing any data no matter it is caused during updating to iOS 11 or when you are restoring your devic . Amazing! Isn’t it? For that, you need to go for iMyFone iOS System Recovery. This is the most advantageous software with top-notch features that provides you certain outcomes. Before we budge up to its tutorial, it’s essential to be knowledgeable about its features.

iMyFone iOS System Recovery

  • iMyFone is a skillful software as it fixes almost all kinds of difficulty in iOS devices like being stuck in DFU mode, white/black screen or Apple logo, and so on. It can also fix the problems you may meet when you update your device to iOS 11, for example, iPhone WiFi grayed out after iOS 11, iPhone freezes during iOS 11 update, and more.
  • This software is simply not removing any of your existing data when you choose the Standard Mode. The data is not going to lose.
  • iMyFone is safe all the way and doesn’t let your information get leaked.
  • The software doesn’t demand any technical knowledge and exceptionally easy to use.
  • The Money-back guarantee feature allows you to get your money back within 30 days.

Try It FreeTry It Free

Steps to Fix Apple Error 1671 Using iMyFone iOS System Recovery

1. Choose a Mode

Download iMyFone iOS System Recovery, then install and launch it on the computer. Now plug in the iOS device to the computer with a USB cable. Subsequently, choose a suitable mode to fix the problem. Usually we choose the Standard Mode.

Choose a Mode

2. Download Firmware

Next you need put your device into DFU mode or Recovery mode manually. After your device is detected, you can tap “Download” and the program will download the suitable version for your device. Wait for some time to get the firmware.

Download Firmware

3. Fix iOS Issues

Your device will go through a fixing process after you click "Start to Fix" when the firmware is ready. Once it finishes the process, your device will restart normally.

fix iOS device to normal

Try It FreeTry It Free

5 Remove Hosts File and Then Restore again through iTunes

The last fix that can help you overcome the Apple error 1671 during updating to iOS 11 or restoring iPhone is you need to remove the hosts file from your computer for a temporary period of time. You may not know where the file is located or how to find it. Not to worry, here is quick guide for both Windows and Mac Operating Systems.


  • First of all, you need to disable all security softwares running on your computer.
  • Navigate to the “Hosts” file. Open “My computer/This PC”. Proceed to “C:/ Drive > Windows > System32 > drivers > etc”.
  • You are then required to either drag drop the “Hosts” file to your desktop or simply cut-paste it on your desktop.
  • Once done, proceed to restoring your iPhone with iTunes. But remember, after completion of restore process, you need to put back the “Hosts” file into the same folder.
  • Now that you’ve retransferred the file back into its original folder, you should now turn on your security softwares to keep you protected again.
  • find hosts file on windows computer


  • Remember… First you need to disable the security softwares, be it malware bytes or antivirus program or any other, before proceeding.
  • Navigate to “Hosts” file using ‘Finder’. Change the search type from the Finder’s Menu Bar, hit “Go” > click on “Go to Folder”.
  • In the coming box punch in the location address provided exactly the same and hit “GO”.
  • A new window will appear on your screen and the “Hosts” file will be highlighted.
  • Drag drop the highlighted “hosts” file on your desktop or you can use the Cut-paste method either.
  • Proceed to restore your iPhone with iTunes now.
  • On restore process completion make sure to move the “hosts” file back to its original folder.

Location Address: /private/etc/hosts

find hosts file on mac

If you have any other solution, please share with us by comment below. That will be greatly appreciated.