Caller ID Not Working in iOS 12/11? Check Solutions Here!

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"Hi! I got a problem with caller ID after update to iOS 11. I cannot see the name linked to the number that is calling me. Anyone with this issue? Is it a system issue or anything else? Please tell me how can I deal with this? Thanks in advance!

We have received many mails and comments akin to this query. iOS 12/11 is all the rage these days and many iPhone users have updated the iOS for the new features. However, many times a problem occurs at the time of or after installation of a new iOS. Some users complain that they can only see the phone number when they receive a phone call, although they have a contact of the person who is calling. This article will tell you what to do when caller ID is not working in iOS 12/11. Let us begin to learn some potential solutions.

6 Tips to Fix Caller ID not Working in iOS 11 (iOS 12/11.4/11.3 Included)

1. Update Carrier Settings

The first biggest reason behind the caller ID stopped working problem can be outdated carrier settings. Make sure to update your carrier settings in order to get rid of caller ID not showing in iOS 12/11 problem. Most of the times, you get the notification that there is an update available. And you are required to tap on "Update". However, if you have skipped this, you can check the update availability. To do this, simply follow the below-listed steps.

  • Go to "Settings" and tap on "General".
  • Now, go to "About" and then you will be able to find if any update will be available.

update carrier settings

2. Call Your Carrier

In case the above method doesn’t prove fruitful in your situation, you should then try to call your carrier for assistance. It is because some carriers do charge for the Caller ID service i.e. showing or hiding the caller ID, so make sure if you have a paid service or not, and also check if the service is activated or disabled. What's more, check with them if any service outage is halting your service.

3. Set Correct Date and Time in Settings

When the caller ID is not working in iOS 12/11, try setting the appropriate date and time in your device. For this, just head to "Settings" > "General" > "Date & Time" > "Set Automatically" and turn it on.

set correct time and date in settings

4. Reset Network Settings

Resetting the network settings may help you when caller ID not showing in iOS 12/11 problem occurs if the above solutions didn’t work. For this, the steps are given below.

  • Open "Settings" and go to "General".
  • Now, tap on "Reset" and then "Reset Network Settings".
  • After this, enter the passcode and confirm resetting by clicking again on "Reset Network Settings".

reset network settings

5. Check If the Person Calling Disabled 'Show My Caller ID'

If caller ID is not showing after update to iOS 12/11, there could be a problem on the other end. Chances are that the person who calls you has disabled "Show my Caller ID" option. Therefore, ask that person to look over this thing by going to "Settings" > "Phone" > "Show My Caller ID", and turn it on if it is off.

show my caller ID

6. Fix Caller ID not Working in iOS 12/11 without Data Loss (iOS 12/11.4/11.3 Included)

It is possible that there is an iOS issue and for this reason, you got a problem with caller ID after updating to iOS 12/11. This can be resolved with the help of iMyFone D-Back which is not only a professional iOS recovery tool but also a data recovery tool for iOS devices. It goes well with iOS 12/11 and iPhone 8/iPhone X. The program contains a remarkable feature called "Fix iOS System" that is powerful enough to repair all common iOS issues without any data loss.

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Key Features:

  • The feature "Fix iOS System" has three different modes which are "Standard Mode", "Advanced Mode" and "Exit Recovery Mode". No data will be lost of affected under the "Standard Mode".
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  • There is 100% security assurance with this program.

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How to Fix the Problem with Caller ID after Updating to iOS 12/11 with iMyFone D-Back

Step 1 – Open iMyFone D-Back in your PC and go to "Fix iOS System". Now connect your iOS device and choose "Standard Mode" from the given three modes on the main screen.

Choose the mode to fix iOS

Step 2 – Subsequently, hit on "Start" and begin following the instructions coming on the screen to put your device into DFU mode.

DFU mode under Standard mode

Step 3 – After putting the device in DFU mode, the program will recognize your device. Click on "Download" button and iMyFone D-Back will automatically download the latest firmware.

download firmware package

Step 4 – At last, hit on the "Start to Fix" button to get the problem fixed. The program will fix your problem on its own.

Fixing caller ID not working problem


We are finishing the discussion here with a hope that you are now relieved after reading this post and the problem has been resolved. Caller ID not working in iOS 12/11, including iOS 11.4/11.3, has been reported by many users as we also mentioned in the beginning, but those few simple ways can sort out the issue easily without technical knowledge required. Give us your feedback below if you loved this post and found it helpful.