How To Fix iPhone App Store Not Working: Loading Forever or Being Blank

I recently heard about an App and wanted to download it so I opened App Store on my iPhone running iOS 11 but something really strange happened. The screen went white and App Store did not load. I tried again but the same problem persisted. What should I do?

This is a typical situation of iPhone App Store not working. Some people meet this problem after they update their device to iOS 11. If you also see iPhone App Store loading forever or being blank, then this article will help you understand why App Store does not work properly on opening it. Read on and find out more about the probable causes behind iPhone’s Apps Store not working.

Firstly, there could be minor glitches with App Store which prevent it from functioning smoothly. These errors are not because of any virus attack but only related to day-to-day software issues which can be solved by closing and reopening App Store.

Secondly, your internet connection could be blamed for the problem of iPhone App Store loading forever. App Store doesn't open on an unstable Wi-Fi connection or a slow data plan.

If you are on a high-speed internet and App Store doesn't open even after closing it once, then here is what you need to do to fix this problem.

apple store is blank

9 Tips to Fix iPhone App Store Not Working (iOS 11 Supported)

1. Check Apple System Status

Sometimes App Store does not load or it is blank because the Apple’s servers are experiencing a downtime. There could be an ongoing server maintenance which disrupts the working of App Store. You may visit Apple System Status to check for Apple System Updates. This webpage will immediately show you if certain Apple operations are experiencing a technical glitch. 

Check Apple System Status

Once you do this and the problem still exists, move on to the possible solutions to fix the problem of iPhone App Store loading forever or being blank.

2. Close and Reopen App Store

This sounds like a simple trick but is very effective when it comes to resolving minor software errors. In order to close and reopen App Store, just double click on iPhone Home button, then swipe up all Apps which are currently open. Now open App Store and check if it loads properly.

3. Change iPhone Language and Then Check App Store

If the problem persists, change your iPhone’s language by going to “Settings” and then “General”. Now select “iPhone Language” in “Language & Region” to switch to any other language. This might help you and if it does, i.e., if App Store opens normally now, do not forget to revert to the original language.

Change iPhone Language

4. Log Out of Your Apple ID and Then Log In Again

This is a useful tip which has helped many users to resolve the problem of iPhone App Store not working. First, tap on your name in “Settings” and then scroll down to hit the “Sign Out” button. Wait for a few minutes before signing back in and then try to open App Store.

Log Out of Your Apple ID

5. Clear App Store Cache

Another effective way to overcome the problem is to clear cache stored on your App Store. Just tap on an icon appearing on your App Store’s screen’s bottom for ten times. App Store will automatically reload and work smoothly.

For example, tap on “Featured” / “Categories” / “Top Charts” / “Search” / “Updates” on the main screen of App Store for ten times to clear cache.

Clear App Store Cache

6. Force Restart Your iPhone

This sounds unusual but works wonders especially on Apple devices. All you need to do is press the Home button and Power Off button simultaneously for about three to five second. For iPhone 7 you may hold the Home button and volume down button to force restart. Your iPhone now reboots instantly. Wait till it connects to a Wi-Fi network or cellular data and try opening App Store once again. Hopefully the problem would have been solved.

Force Restart Your iPhone

7. Check If Port 80 and Port 443 Are Open

This might sound technical, nevertheless, easy to understand. Port 80 and 443 are for connecting to App Store and iTunes via internet. To check that both the ports are working you may search the via “" or try opening a website. If you are able search on and open the other websites, then the ports work fine. If you are unable to do so, read on to know more about resetting network settings to fix the problem.

8. Reset All Settings

It is time to reset all settings on your iPhone if App Store doesn't load even after trying all the steps explained above.
Here is how to do it:

  1. Go to “Settings” and tap on “General”
  2. Now go to “Reset” and tap on “Reset All Settings”

However if you wish to only reset the network settings, tap on “Reset Network Settings” instead. This will erase all saved Wi-Fi networks and solve all internet connectivity problems.

Reset All Settings

9. System Issue: Use Third-party Tool to Fix the Problem (iOS 11 Supported)

The above mentioned solutions help in fixing the iPhone App Store not working error most of the times. In case there is a glitch in the iOS software (even when you just update it to iOS 11, this problem could also happen), consider using a third-party tool to get rid of the problem.

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To wrap up, we’ve seen, there are multiple reasons why App Store may not work and you’re not the only one experiencing such a problem. So DO NOT panic and with a bit of patience fix the problem by following the instructions given above.