iPhone Screen Not Rotating in iOS 12/11.4, How to Fix it with Ease

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After downloading ios 12 to my iPhone X, the screen remains locked in portrait orientation with many apps.  I researched support postings and the only suggestion was to turn the iPhone off and back on.  This did not resolve the problem.  I can’t get the screen to rotate to landscape on apps that previously supported landscape such as my amazon.com page. FIX IT, please!

To guarantee that your iPhone screen orientation after upgrading to iOS 12/11.3/11.2/11.1/ 11 is functioning appropriately, you can hold the device in either direction - vertical and horizontal - and check for the change in the positioning.
There are a few applications as well as contents that only function on a single screen orientation. For instance, few applications operate just in portrait mode while a few are capable of working in both portrait and landscape mode. However, if the home screen, apps, and other contents are not functioning even after rotating the device, then it is a different story.

Part 1. Common Reasons of iPhone Screen Not Rotate

The reasons behind the non-functionality of the portrait and landscape mode on your iPhone could be several. The following could be the possible triggering factors:

  • App malfunctioning
  • Incorrect display settings
  • Defective accelerometer or gyroscope
  • Bad updates
  • Hardware damage

Part 2. How to Fix iPhone Screen Not Rotate Issue

The following factors will be helpful in fixing the iPhone screen rotation problem:

Tip 1. Verifying the display zoom factor

You can check for the Display Zoom feature on the device. If it is on, then it will interfere with the rotation of the screen. When iPhone fails to display even after turning it sideways, users can follow the steps below to fix the rotation problem:

Step 1. Visit the Settings application and choose “Display and Brightness” feature.

Step 2. Under the “Display and Brightness” option, click “Display Zoom” feature. Tap on the view option to check whether the Display Zoom is on or off.

Step 3. If the option is in the status of Zoom condition, then opt for the standard option to turn off the feature. Click on the Set button to save the changes.

Step 4. In the next screen click “Use Standard” to continue with the standard mode.

Step 5. After completion, the phone will restart in the standard mode.

verify display zoom

Tip 2. Calibrate the gyroscope

Calibrating gyroscope will also be helpful in fixing the orientation problem. You can follow the steps below to perform the action.

Step 1. Restart the iPhone, and hold the home button to launch the home screen.

Step 2. Open the compass application and you will see a pop-up message that asks for calibrating the gyroscope. If you do not see the option, double tap on the home screen, and open the compass application again.

Step 3. Use the red ball to roll it around the circle on the calibration screen. Continue it until the calibration is complete. Upon completion, the compass application launches, which tells you that the process is successful.

Calibrate the gyroscope

Tip 3. Rebooting iPhone (Work for iOS 12, Also)

Rebooting iPhone X

Immediately push and release the volume up button at first, and the volume down button secondly. Hold the side button until the device turns off.

reboot iphone x

Rebooting iPhone 8/7

Hold the on/off button and press the volume down key until the screen turns off. Hold the switches until the instrument turns back on.

reboot iphone 7

Tip 4. Fix iPhone System with iOS System Recovery

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How to Fix iPhone Screen Not Rotate with iMyFone iOS System Recovery

Step 1. After connecting the device, launch iMyFone Ios System Recovery.Choose Standard mode and it will ask you to choose between DFU or recovery mode.

choose Standard mode

Step 2. To enter DFU mode, hold sleep/wake button and press home button for 10 seconds. While holding the home button, let go the wake button. If it does not enter DFU mode, you can choose recovery mode.

enter DFU mode

Press the home button and sleep button at the same time, and continue to hold them until you see “connect to iTunes” on the screen.

put in recovery mode

Step 3. After the device enters DFU or recovery mode, the program detects the device automatically, chooses the latest firmware, and installs the same.

download firmware package

Step 4. After installation, click “start to fix” to allow the program to fix the device automatically. If the process fails, you can retry or choose advanced mode.

fix ios system

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