Question: 鈥淚 lost my Verizon iPhone running iOS 11 yesterday and that is my best connection to people I do business with because I use chats for correspondence not email. Is it possible to see and reply my messages online?鈥

Luckily, there are ways for you to read messages on your Verizon phone online. Verizon offers a service you can use to read messages sent to you through their network.

Why Is It Possible To View Verizon Messages Online

Verizon provides various Internet services. When you register, you gain access to the Verizon wireless site which also comes with an option for text messaging. You can use this service to view the messages which were sent through Verizon network.

How to View Verizon Messages Online

Step 1: Before starting, you need to register a verizon account, you have to either:

  • Create an account using the Verizon website and obtain a username and password
  • or call their customer care service and follow the instructions given.

Step 2: Enter your User ID or Mobile Number to sign in to Verizon wireless site.

choose a recovery mode

Step 3: Then verify your security image and enter your password.

Step 4: Click Text Status and now you can check your text messages in the web UI. Keep in mind that the messages are stored for only 5 days.

However, there are some limitations to this service. The messages you can see are those sent only via text messages using Verizon, and you can鈥檛 go as far back in history as you would like. The only messages available to read online are those that have been sent or received within the past week. Beyond that, Verizon will not give you access to your messages.

How to Read Older Verizon Text Messages on iPhone (iOS 12/11 Supported)

You can go as far back in your message history as you want and can even recover deleted messages using iMyFone D-Back iOS data recovery software. This software is also an effective and secure iTunes and iCloud data extractor. It works with iPhones, iPads and iPods touches runing different system including iOS 12/11 and supports various data types such as text messages, photos, contacts, videos, notes ,Messages on WhatsApp, Viber, Kik and more.

How to Read Verizon Messages using iMyFone D-Back

There are 3 ways to recover the messages you want - from iOS device, iTunes Backup, and iCloud Backup. First, purchase and download the iMyFone D-Back on your computer.

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Read Verizon Messages by Connecting the iOS Device:

Step 1: Launch the software and connect your iOS device to your computer using a USB cable. Once your device has been detected, click 鈥楽can鈥.

 Connect your iOS device to your computer

Step 2: Then select the files you want to recover. In this case, you will select 鈥楳essages鈥 and click 鈥楴ext鈥.

choose a recovery mode

Step 3: Once the scan is finished, all the recoverable data will be shown. Click on the tabs you want to recover then click 鈥楻ecover鈥 at the bottom. Your recovery will be completed in a few minutes.

Read Verizon Messages by Connecting the iOS Device

Read Verizon Messages by Scanning iTunes Backup:

Step 1: Launch the software, click on 鈥楻ecover from iTunes鈥 and choose the iTunes backup you want to recover from and click 鈥楽can鈥.

Select an iTunes Backup

Step 2:You will be shown the different data files available. You need choose data types you want to extract and click 鈥楽can鈥.

select file types

Step 3: When you鈥檙e done, click 鈥楻ecover鈥 and your data will be restored in a few minutes.

Select an iTunes Backup

Read Verizon Messages by Downloading iCloud Backup:

Step 1: Launch the software, select Recover from 鈥榠Cloud Backup鈥 and click 鈥楽tart鈥.

RRead Verizon Messages by Downloading iCloud Backup

Step 2: Fill in the iCloud login details (iMyFone does not retail personal details such as this).

sign in to iCloud

Step 3: You will be shown all your backup files and then, you can select which you will like to download from the iCloud backup file.

Select an iCloud Backup

Then select the files you wish to recover.

Select the files you wish to recover

Step 4: Then it will start to download the backup file. Once it is done, select the files you wish to recover and click 鈥楻ecover鈥 Your files will be downloaded in a few minutes.

view messages from iCloud backup

Whichever option you choose will give you unlimited access to your messages on your Verizon phone, with no problem.

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