When the iPhone was first released, iTunes could be used only for managing the music collection. But over the years, iTunes has developed a lot and now it allows you to back up as well as restore the iPhone and fix various iOS issues.

Restoring your iPhone is a better solution when you want to fix different kinds of iOS issues. But very often, when you try to update or restore your iPhone, you may encounter iPhone restore errors.

"My iPhone X was giving me some issues in the morning. So, I thought to restore it via iTunes, but I was getting restore error on iPhone during the process. I don't understand the reason for it and want to fix it as soon as possible. Please help me."

In this article, you will find the top solutions for fixing this error on your iPhone. We will list and explain common restore issues to help you understand this issue in a better way.

Part 1. Possible iPhone Restore Errors

Before going to the solutions, let us see the possible errors that users may face while restoring.

  • iTunes could not connect to this iPhone: An unknown error occurred (0xE8000065). This error occurs because there is an issue with your iPhone. This occurs when you use iTunes in Windows PC for restoring the iPhone.
  • The iPhone could not be restored: An unknown error occurred (9). This error may occur due to corrupt network settings or if the security software in your device is blocking Apple servers.
  • The iPhone could not be restored: An unknown error occurred (4005). You will see this error if iTunes is outdated or the device is low on battery.
  • The iPhone could not be restored: An unknown error occurred (4013). You may encounter this error if you are using an older iTunes version or the firmware is damaged.
  • The iPhone could not be restored: An unknown error occurred (1015). When you encounter this error, you may see this message - "required resource is not found". The users usually see this message when you are trying to modify the iOS or when you are trying to downgrade to the older iOS version.

Part 2. 4 Solutions for iTunes Restore Errors

Now let us see the best four solutions for iTunes Restore Errors.

Solution 1. Update iTunes on Your Computer

If the error is occurring because of outdated or incompatible iTunes software on your computer, then it is time to update iTunes on your computer. Follow the steps given below for updating the software on Windows or Mac.

For Windows: In iTunes window, click on the Menu bar -> Help -> Check for Updates.


For Mac: Select iTunes -> Check for Updates.


Solution 2. Update Your PC/Mac OS

If you want to have a seamless experience while updating or restoring your iPhone via iTunes, you need to make sure that your PC or Mac OS is up to date with the latest version.

The latest OS updates improve the security, performance, and stability of your Windows or Mac. Most of the updates are installed automatically but you can also check for new updates on your computer.

For Mac:

Step 1: In the Apple menu, select System Preferences -> Software Update.

Step 2: Now click "Update Now" if there is an update available for your Mac.


For Windows:

Step 1: Click Start -> Settings -> Update & Security.

Step 2: Now click Check for updates. The updates will download automatically if available.

windows 10 update manually2

Solution 3. Restart Your iPhone

When you restart your iPhone, many iOS issues get fixed automatically.

For iPhone X and later models - Press and hold the Side button with any one of the Volume buttons until you see the slider.

For iPhone 8 and earlier models - Press and hold the Side button or Top button until you see the slider.

Now, drag the slider for turning off the device. Wait for a few minutes. Turn on your iPhone and check if the issue is solved.


Solution 4. Restart Your Computer

If restarting the computer is required after downloading an update, you have to reboot it and apply the effect of the update. Once you restart the PC, open iTunes and check if the issue gets fixed.

Part 3. 3 Solutions for iCloud Restore Errors

The solutions in the previous part should fix the iPhone restore errors. If you are still encountering this error on your device then these three solutions should do the trick.

Solution 1. Force Restart Your iPhone

You can try to fix this issue by force restarting your iPhone.

iPhone 8 and later models: Press and release the volume up button and then volume down button. Now press and hold the power button until your iPhone restarts.


iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: Press and hold the power button and volume down button until you see the Apple logo.


iPhone 6, 6 Plus and earlier: Press and hold the power button and home button until you see the Apple logo.


Solution 2. Log out/in Your iCloud Account

Another way to fix this issue would be to log out and then log back into your iCloud account.

Step 1: Go to Settings -> (your name). Tap Sign Out.

Step 2: Enter the Apple ID password and then choose "Turn off". You can turn on this if you need to keep on your iPhone.

Step 3: Tap Sign Out and again Sign Out to confirm.


Solution 3. Check Wi-Fi Connection

Many times the iOS issues occur because of bad internet connection. So, check your Wi-Fi connection and confirm that this is not the case with you.

Step 1: Go to Settings -> Wi-Fi.

Step 2: Check if the device is connected to the intended Wi-Fi network. If not, enter the correct password and connect to a stable and strong Wi-Fi network.

change to another wifi network

Part 4. The Best Solution for iPhone Restore Errors Due to iOS Issues

Now let us see the best solution among all for fixing the iPhone restore error you may encounter while updating or restoring the iPhone.

Fixppo by iMyFone is an advanced tool that helps to fix various kinds of iOS issues without any loss of data. Within a few minutes, the iOS issues will be fixed by iMyFone Fixppo with 3 clicks.

Fixppo has the fastest repairing rate and a 100% success rate. This software is compatible with all the iPhone models running on any iOS version. A lot of media sites around the world also trust it.

part of tech sites

Windows version      Mac version

These are the steps to fix the iPhone restore error issue using the Standard mode of Fixppo.

Step 1: Select Standard mode on the Home page. Then connect your iPhone and open Fixppo on your computer and click Next.

 connect your device to your computer

Step 2: The iPhone will automatically get detected by iMyFone Fixppo. You need to download the appropriate firmware for fixing this issue. Choose one among the various firmware versions will be displayed and click on Download.

download firmware under Standard Mode

Step 3: Check whether the information is correct and then click on Start to begin the fixing process. You cannot use your device or unplug it from the computer until the process gets over.

finished fixing your device

Fixppo by iMyFone does not require any technical knowledge for fixing many kinds of iOS issues on iPhones and iPads. Download and try the free version today!

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Windows version      Mac version

Part 5. The Best Alternative to Restore Your iPhone Data

If you are finding it difficult to restore your iPhone or getting the iPhone restore error while updating or restoring the device, try another way to restore the iPhone.

The best alternative software to iTunes for restoring your iPhone is iMyFone iTransor. It is a professional iOS data and backup and restore tool that can selectively back up and restore the iOS device.

iTransor can back up contacts, messages, WhatsApp and WeChat data and restore from iTunes, iCloud or iMyFone backups. There is also no loss of data on the target device during the backup and restore process. It is even compatible with all devices and iOS versions.


There is nothing to worry about if you get iPhone restore errors because the solutions given here will help you fix this error with just a few clicks. For any queries, contact us through the comment section.