If you cannot clear the LINE cache, you may become a victim of fraud, and your personal information will leak. As a result, you should remove the LINE cache regularly.

However, many of you who read this post will be in difficulty because you cannot delete the LINE cache. In this article, I will explain why you cannot remove the LINE cache and how to solve this problem.

delete line cache

Part 1: The Reason Why the LINE Cache Cannot Be Deleted

First, to resolve the issue of the LINE cache not being able to remove, you must know why the LINE cache can't delete.

The causes may as shown below:

  • App bug
  • Poor communication environment
  • Old terminal or application version

Let's get in detailed one by one.

  • 1.1 Bug in the app

  • This reason can be said for all applications, not just LINE. It seems that the LINE cache cannot clear owing to a fault in the program. Symptoms of a problem, such as a screen freezing and freezing again or other errors occur.

  • 1.2 Poor communication environment

  • Operating applications that rely on the Internet, such as LINE, is impossible to run in a poor connectivity environment. As a result, it seems that the LINE cache is often unable to be erased due to a lousy communication environment. To resolve this situation, relocate to a favorable connectivity environment and attempt to delete the LINE cache.

  • 1.3 Old terminal or application version

  • LINE operators will not be able to access the LINE cache, and you will also not be able to remove the LINE cache if your terminal is running an older version of the software. Therefore, if the terminal version is outdated, you can't remove the LINE cache. Additionally, not only will the terminal be unable to delete the LINE cache, but so will the previous version of the program as well.

    Part 2: Remedy that LINE Cache Cannot be Deleted

    The following section will describe what to do when you cannot remove the LINE cache once you have determined the cause of the problem. We provide the following remedies to help.

    • Delete cache from the device (Android Only)
    • Turn the screen sideways.
    • Restart the Smartphone

    I'll go into great detail about each one.

    • Delete cache from the device (Android Only)

    • I mentioned before that "the LINE cache cannot be deleted if the version of the terminal or application is old." However, if the cache still cannot be deleted even you update the current version in Android, I recommended you clear the cache from the terminal. Let's get this party started.

      To delete the LINE cache on your Android smartphone, follow the steps below:

      • Step 1: Open the Settings app and choose Apps from the drop-down menu.

      • Step 2: Navigate to and choose LINE from the app's home screen.

      • Step 3: On LINE, go to "Storage" and choose "Clear Cache."

      • Instead of completing the cache deletion within LINE, this ends it on the terminal.

    • Turn the screen sideways

    • Even though the screen to remove the LINE cache has shown, there is an issue with the button to delete not being pressed. In this instance, try rotating the screen to the side.

      Keep the screen flipped sideways and press the Delete button to begin removing the selected items. It seems that there are many issues with the delete button not being able to be pressed; thus, if you are unable to hit the delete button, try flipping the screen sideways.

    • Restart the Smartphone

    • If you cannot clear your LINE cache, please wait a few minutes or restart your device to try again. With the terminal restart, you can start LINE in a fresh state, allowing you to erase the LINE cache without difficulty.

    How to restart the terminal on your iPhone or Android device will be covered in this section.

    [This is for iPhone users only:]

    Following the release of the iPhone X:
    • Step 1: Press and hold the Sight button and the Volume button simultaneously until the power slider appears. When the slider appears, release your grip on the controls and move the slider.

    • Step 2: You may reload the page by pressing the site button once again.

    • For the iPhone 8 and SE:
    • Step 1: You must press and keep holding the side button while dragging the power slider up and down.

    • Step 2: You may reload the page by pressing the site button once again.

    • [For those who utilize Android devices:]

    • Step 1: Press and hold the side button while dragging the power slider up and down.

    • Step 2: Press the site button one more, and the reboot process is complete.

    Bonus Tips: Making a Fast Backup Before Removing Your Cache Files

    If you clear the LINE cache, all previous videos included in the conversation will be destroyed, which means that crucial movies and pictures may be lost. In such a situation, you must take immediate action to recover.

    However, if you continue to use the same cloud for an extended period, issues such as inadequate cloud capacity are common, and backup does not function properly. It is now possible to download and use this excellent LINE data backup application for free and unlimited storage.

    The following is the process to be followed while backing up

    • Step 1: Download and install the iTransor for LINE application from the official website. Connect your gadget to your computer and press the Start button.

    • Step 2: Click Start to start the backup automatically. After a few moments, touch "Finish" to complete the backup.

    Then completes the backup process, and if you wish to create a backup of LINE, you may do it simply. It saves a significant amount of cloud storage space and maybe kept for an indefinite period rather than being saved in the cloud.


In this post, I went through how to do if the LINE cache cannot be deleted for whatever reason. It seems that many issues are preventing the LINE cache from being erased; thus, please read this post and attempt to resolve the issue. At the same time, making a backup before removing the cache is essential, which is why we strongly suggest using a free professional LINE data backup application if possible.