User Guide of iMyFone AnyTo

iMyFone AnyTo (Windows version) & (Mac version) now supports Android devices, with gaming mode and social mode. Here's the guide for Android users.


Part 1. Get Started

Step 1: Launch iMyFone AnyTo

Install and launch iMyFone AnyTo, and click on Get Started.

start iMyFone AnyTo

Step 2: Connect Your Device

You can choose USB connection or Wifi connection.

USB connection: Connect your Android device to the computer via a USB data cable to select the USB connection.

WiFi connection: Make sure the Android device and computer are connected to the same WiFi network, then you can choose WiFi connection.

choose your device

Step 3: Open USB Debugging

After choosing the device, please open USB debugging according to the guide in the program.

Ensure that the mobile phone's USB connection mode is Media Transfer Protocol (for LG mobile phones, it should be set as Picture Transfer Protocol). The steps to set USB connection mode maybe different among different phone brands. Generally speaking, you can fall out of the notification bar, and then find the USB connection mode option.

media transfer protocol

Step 4: Follow the Guide in the Program

Tap 7 times Build Number (or "System versions") to open the developer mode, and then enter Developer option, find and open USB debugging (Some Android phones will also need to turn on "Allow to install apps via USB").

follow the guide

Step 5: Allow USB Debugging

Confirm Allow USB debugging on your mobile phone.

Allow USB Debugging

If the popup is not shown on your device, click Show Again and you can see it.

Show Again

Step 6: Select the Mode

After success, you will enter the mode selection interface, and choose you want to use.

Gaming Mode

Note: Gaming Mode can only support Pokémon GO game accessories.

Step 1: Check the Disclaimer

Check the disclaimer, and then click Gaming Mode entrance into the gaming mode.

select gaming mode

Note: Gaming mode is not always available. When the server is being maintained or updated, users will see a text prompt, and unable to enter Gaming mode. In this case, please wait for a few minutes to several hours, to see it again.

Step 2: Select the Mode

Then the program will start the loading process and provide the progress bar. At this time, please wait for a moment. Some mobile phones need to confirm and give some permissions, so please keep a close watch on your mobile phone.


Step 3: You're All Set!

After the loading is completed, if you see a popup You're All Set! , you may need to login to your game account on your phone. Generally, the popup only appears when you start the game for the first time. And it will disappear automatically when you sign in with your account and enter the map.

Your're All Set


1. In very rare cases, the user may encounter into a map but can't see any of the items in game. Just click Refresh Now below, and directly restart the game.

refresh now

2. Click the close button “X” on the device to disconnect the device. Click Disconnect All to disconnect all devices and return to the Home page.

anyto android switch mode

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Social Mode

Note: Social Mode can work with most location-based apps, such as Google Map, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

Step 1: Select the Mode

Click Social Mode entrance into the social mode.

select social mode

Step 2: Install GPS Assistant

Wait a moment, the program will installed GPS Assistant on your mobile phones. (GPS Assistant will not appear on the mobile phone under Android 10. It doesn't need to manually start or operate at any time. Just keep on the phone.)

After the installation is completed, find Select mock location app in Developer Options, and select GPS Assistant.

install GPS assistant

Step 3: Start to Move

Then you're good to go! For your convenience, please keep these permission Settings for next time.


Part 2: Change GPS Location

Step 1: Select a Destination on the Map

Choose Teleport Mode at the upper right corner. Now you can zoom in and out the map by scrolling the mouse, and select a destination. Or you can enter the address/GPS coordinates at the upper left corner to search your destination, for example, Vancouver.

select destination

Step 2: Change GPS Location with 1-Click

As you select a destination, the sidebar will pop up. It shows you the destination information including the place name, coordinates, and the distance. Click Move.

change location with 1 click

Your location will be changed to Vancouver immediately. The all location-based applications on your Android devices will be changed to Vancouver as well.

If you want to recover your location, you can just restart your Android device to acquire the real location.


Part 3: Simulate GPS Movement - by Jump Teleport Mode

Step 1: Choose Jump Teleport Mode

If you want to customize the jumping teleport route, you can select Jump Teleport Mode.

choose jump teleport mode

Step 2: Plan Your Jump Teleport Route

Select different jumping teleport spots one by one on the map that you want to pass by. Or enter address/GPS coordinates to set the spots.

select jumping teleport spots

After selecting a route, click Move to jump to the next point, and you can switch between the previous point and the next point at will.

jump to next point

If you want to end the route, skip to the last point and click End.

end the route

Also, you can tick Auto-jump after cooldown before starting the route, and the checked route will automatically jump to the next point based on the cooldown timer until the route is completed.

tick Auto jump

As it moves on the map, the GPS on your Android devices moves without lag. After completion, there will be a sound and a prompt pop-up window will pop up.

jump teleport route


Part 4: Simulate GPS Movement with Customized Route - by Two-spot Mode

Step 1: Choose Two-spot Mode

If you want to customize a route, you can select Two-spot Mode at the upper right corner.

select two-spot mode

Step 2: Plan Two-spot Route

Pinpoint a location on the map as your destination. You can also choose a destination by entering the address or coordinate in the Search box. The chosen destination will be added in the sidebar. You can see the place names and the coordinates of your current location and the destination.

You can now set up the number of times for the virtual route to move back and forth between the two places. Drag the Speed bar to customize your moving speed.

select destination

When it is all set up, click Move to start simulating the movement. You can see the distance and time change as it moves.

start simulating the movement

As it moves on the map, the GPS on your Android devices moves without lag. After completion, there will be a sound and a prompt pop-up window will pop up.

GPS changed on the map


Part 5: Simulate GPS Movement with Customized Route - by Multi-spot Mode

Step 1: Choose Multi-spot Mode

If you want to plan a route with multiple spots, you can select Multi-spot Mode at the upper right corner.

select multi-spot mode

Step 2: Plan Your Multi-spot Route

Select different spots one by one on the map that you want to pass by. Or enter address/GPS coordinates to set the spots.

Set the number of round trip times by entering the number. And set the speed by dragging the Speed bar. After the Times and Speed are set up, click Move to start the journey.

plan virtual route to move along

iMyFone AnyTo will simulate the movement with the speed that you set. You can enjoy all location-based AR games without any walking!

As it moves on the map, the GPS on your Android devices moves without lag. After completion, there will be a sound and a prompt pop-up window will pop up.

simulate route completed

In order to avoid the game developers thinking that you are spoofing location, you'd better to choose the destinations along the specific roads.

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Part 6: Mock GPS Location - by Joystick Mode

Step 1: Choose Joystick Mode

If you want to mock your GPS location with joystick, you can select Joystick Mode at the upper right corner. One click to Move automatically.

select joystick mode

Step 2: Set the Direction

Set 360-degree directions. Move forward or reverse by clicking the Direction button. You can change the directions in real-time marching. Or you can use keys W, A,S, D, or keys Up, Down, Left, Right to control GPS spot movement.

joystick change location


Part 7: Special Features of iMyFone AnyTo

Feature 1: Circle Route

Under Multi-spot mode, when the starting point and the end point are nearby, the program will automatically ask if you need to create a circle route. Click Yes, it will align the starting point and the end point; click No, the end point will keep the exact coordinates.

Circle Route

Feature 2: Realistic Mode

Check Realistic Mode, and then moving speed will randomly vary in the upper or lower 30% of selected speed range. The speed varies every 5 seconds.

Realistic Mode

Feature 3: Returns or Loops

When the times are greater than 1, the user can choose to return original road (from start to finish, and then return), or loop (from start to finish, from start to finish again) in the form of a repeat this route.

Returns or Loops

Feature 4: Collect Spots and Routes

When using Teleport Mode and searching for a new spot, you can click on the Star icon to collect this spot. Turn on the Star button in the lower right corner to display your favorite spots on the map.

Collect Spots

When creating a multi-spot route or two-spot route, you can also click on the Star icon to collect this route.

Collect Routes

The collected spots and routes will be shown in the Saved Spots and Saved Routes panel.

Tap the Top icon to the left of the Star icon to place your favorites at the top.

Saved Spots and Routes

Feature 5: Support 10 Devices (Include iOS & Android)

iMyFone AnyTo supports changing GPS location of 10 different devices (Include iOS & Android) at the same time.

Click on the panel icon on the right and it will show the connected device. Then click the Plus sign in the upper right corner.

connected device

Choose the Android device that you want to change GPS location at the same time.

choose your device

After trusting the computer, you can see all devices in the device panel, click the switch button for Controling/uncontroling any device at any time, or click the X button to disconnect any device individually. Or you can directly Disconnect All to return to the Home page.

turn off device

When purchasing VIP basic benefits, you can use up to 5 devices. The purchase of SVIP basic rights supports up to 10 devices. If you need to add more devices, you can click the Add button under the list of purchased benefits in the member center to get more devices.

Feature 6: Import/Export GPX File

iMyFone AnyTo can import/export GPX file of single and multiple paths to save your favorite routes now.

Click on the Import icon on the right, and you can import the GPX file.

import GPX file

Click on the Export icon on the left route panel, and you can export the GPX file.

export GPX filee

Feature 7: Fluctuation Mode

In the teleport mode, you can check the wave mode. After checking, the virtual positioning point will fluctuate back and forth within a few meters of the center of the selected position.

Fluctuation Mode

Feature 8: Cooling Timer Function

When you want to use the Teleport Mode or Jump Teleport Mode to modify the position with one key, you can turn on the cooling button in the lower right corner of the product interface, and the cooling timer will appear at this time.

pokemon go Cooling timer

When you select the desired location and click to move, the timer will calculate the corresponding cooling time according to the distance. It is recommended that you do not perform other actions until the countdown is over to avoid being under house arrest by the game.

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In addition, the jump teleportation mode can choose to automatically jump after cooling down.

When you finish selecting points and choose to automatically jump after cooling down, click the move button, and it will automatically jump to the next point according to the cooling down countdown time until the route is completed.

pokemon go Cooling timer

Click Reset, the countdown will be cleared, and the countdown will recalculate the time when you modify the positioning next time.

pokemon go Cooling timer

When you don't want to use the cooldown timer, tap the Cooldown button again to turn it off.

Feature 9: Map Collection - PokéStop & Gym

Added PokéStop & Gym feature in History & Favorites for PokémonGo users. You can choose your favorite region and click to go to the region.

pokemon go map collections

You can see all PokéStops and Gyms in the area in the area. You can simulate movement or modify the virtual location to collect items at PokéStops or fight at Gym according to your needs.

If this feature is not useful to you, you can click the close button and the icon will not be displayed on the map. If you like a certain region, you can click Like.

pokemon go map collections collect

Feature 10: Pokémon Information Search

Click to view the complete tutorial article on how to use the Pokemon Go information function.

Click the information search button on the right sidebar to open the information search function.

Here you can search for the specific location information of Pokémon, raids and missions in real time, and go to the coordinates to catch Pokémon, participate in raids or complete missions. Note that currently only English is supported for searching.

Select Pokémon Search, enter the name of the Pokémon in the search box, and you can add the desired iv value, cp value, and lv value.

Click the search button or press the Enter key on the keyboard to search for relevant Pokémon location information. For example, you can search for "pikachu iv60 cp600 lv26". If no information is found, it is recommended to search with keywords instead.


In addition, when you select Raid Battle Search, enter the name of the boss Pokémon or the level of the raid in the search box, and you can search for relevant raid location information in real time. For example, you can enter "pikachu" or "T1".

information search raid battle search

When you choose Quest Search, enter the name of Pokémon, mega mission or desired item in the search box, and you can search for relevant location information in real time. For example, you could enter "pikachu", "mega", or "pokeball".

pokemon information search quest search

After the search is completed, the information will be displayed in the list. You can click the Copy button to copy the search results.

pokemon information search

Or click the Go button in the result list to reach the destination in the current mode. For example, if you go to the destination in the teleport mode, the left sidebar will expand, and you can click the Move button to reach the destination.

information search 1 click move


Part 8: Android APK

Function 1: Find My Location

Click Find My Location (the first button in the lower right corner), and the map will show your current location.

anyto apk find my location

Function 2: Teleport Mode

You can select the target location by long-pressing the map, or you can search for your target location by entering the address, latitude, and longitude at the top of the page. After selecting the target location, the Change Your Location pop-up window will automatically appear at the bottom of the page. Click Move, you can move to the location wherever you want to.

anyto apk teleport mode

You can also click Teleport Mode(the second button in the lower right corner) to open the Change Your location pop-up window to view the current location, then long-press the map to select the target location, and finally move to the location you want.

anyto apk teleport mode move

That is!

anyto apk teleport mode move success


If you are AnyTo iOS user, click here for iOS Guide.
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